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35th Annual Lakewood Community Festival Caps Off Summer

Celebrate family, community and cultural heritage at the 35th annual Lakewood Community Festival on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at Madison Park, 13201 Madison Avenue. The day of fun and activities for the entire family will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., rain or shine.

The festival is known for a variety of delicious nationality foods including pierogis, potato pancakes, kielbasa and sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage and more. There will be pizza, of course, and other selections as well. Save room for traditional ethnic pastries, plus ice cream and other desserts.

For the kiddos, the festivities will include costumed characters, crafts, games, bubbles, balloon animals, and a giant inflatable obstacle course.

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Volume 19, Issue 17, Posted 3:28 PM, 09.06.2023

The Sweetest Sloth, Marley

Hello People, I'm back, and with this opportunity I want to share with you this lovely story about my favorite animal in the world, Marley.

When I was still living in Chile, one of my friends got married to a beautiful lady from Costa Rica, and she knew one of the most generous biologists and vets in Santa Ana, CR, his name is Rodolfo. He founded a sanctuary that is also a refugee and Vet clinic, called Animals Refuge of Costa Rica (Refugio de animals Costa Rica). They return more than 75% of the animals back into their wild life which is very high; not all of them can go back into the wild because one the most important promises for the animal is that they will live. They find animals that have been in accidents or some who have lost their family, so there is a whole process because if they have any injury, they should be sure that they are well enough to be back in their natural habitat, or if they lose their families and are babies the refugee staff must make sure that they will be able to survive by themselves. So it's not just a place to have animals stay and keep alive, it's more for training them in how to survive on their own, and they take as long they need to make it happen. Another important thing about this place is how active they are with the community and pre-schools, doing workshops to create a conscience with the people and children. Sometimes, when Rodolfo visits the schools, he brings some of the quiet animal to explain how important it is to protect them for our ecosystem. He also teaches how to react in case that they see any of the animals in danger and how to assist them.

When I arrived there, I was so impressed by the place, it was very clean and organized. Everyone knows what to do, and they were very kind and generous to explain what I could do. 

My first day I was mostly learning and introducing myself. When they realized that I speak English my first job was to learn the whole tour for people and do it in English, most of the the people visiting are foreigners. This part was very helpful to helm me understand all about how the refuge works, like where all the animals were, important facts about each of them, what they eat, and the most important I think, why they are still there and how they ended up in the refuge. 


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Volume 18, Issue 19, Posted 5:28 PM, 10.05.2022

Lakewood Community Festival Set For Madison Park

Celebrate family, community and cultural heritage at the 34th annual Lakewood Community Festival on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at Madison Park, 13029 Madison Avenue. The day of fun and activities for the entire family will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine.

The festival is known for a delicious array of nationality foods including pierogis, potato pancakes, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and more. There will be pizza, of course, and other selections as well. Save room for traditional ethnic pastries, plus ice cream and other desserts.

For the kiddos, the festivities will include an inflatable obstacle course, crafts, games, balloons and giant bubbles.

Keep a look out for the team from the Rocky River Nature Center. They will provide the opportunity to discover and learn about the wild animals who make Ohio their home.

Throughout the day, musical entertainment will be provided by 2 Guys 12 Strings (11 a.m.), Frank Moravcik and the Band (noon), Matt & Jason (1 p.m.), The Newcomers (2 p.m.), Riley & Flanagan (3 p.m.) and The Jobs (4 p.m.).

The festival is traditionally the last event of the summer. The event is sponsored by the Lakewood Community Festival, Inc. and the City of Lakewood.

Karen Karp is a member of the Lakewood Community Festival Committee.

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Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 5:29 PM, 09.07.2022

Rose Show At Church Of The Ascension June 25-26

The Forest City Rose Society will hold its Spring Rose Show on Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26 in Strom Hall at Church of the Ascension, 13216 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood. The show includes 47 classes for horticultural specimens of all types of modern and old garden roses as well as eight classes for arrangements in traditional, modern and East Asian designs.

Entering roses and/or admission to view the show is free, and American Rose Society Certified Consulting Rosarians will be available to discuss questions about roses and their care.

The show will be open for viewing from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and following the 10:30 church service from noon to 1:30 p.m. Sunday. Please take time to stop and smell the roses—the winner of the Fragrance Class will be chosen from visitors’ votes on Saturday!

Exhibitors may prepare and place entries from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 25. Vases will be provided. All horticulture specimen roses must be grown by the exhibitor in their own private, outdoor garden. All roses used in arrangements must be outdoor garden grown and must be the dominant floral element in all designs. There are Novice classes in both horticulture and arrangements. The horticulture section has a class for unidentified roses (“No Name Rose”); all other classes, including arrangements, require entries to use the American Exhibition Name of each rose. For more information or a show schedule of the rules and classes, please email Corky Thacker or call her at 216.371.4693.

The church entrance for the show is from the east side parking lot. There is an elevator inside the door to the lower level, if needed. Otherwise, go down the stairs, turn right and down another flight of stairs into Strom Hall.

Corky Thacker is a parishioner at Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal Church located at 13216 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood.

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Volume 18, Issue 12, Posted 12:51 PM, 06.15.2022

Keeping Lakewood Doggie Doo-Doo Free

I am a long time resident on Edgewater Drive. This area has the highest density population between New York and Chicago, yes? Almost everyone seems to have a dog!! I love animals. However, can we please get some dog waste stands [see photo], installed along Edgewater Drive & Lake Avenue between Cove and West 117th street?? After the recent "big snow melt", walking the sidewalks to avoid dog waste was like hopscotch. We love our pooches. Please can the city provide these stands to residents? Keep Lakewood clean & doo-doo free.

Robert Toth is a senior citizen enjoying the Senior services provided by the City of Lakewood.

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Volume 18, Issue 7, Posted 9:33 AM, 04.06.2022

Lakewood Community Festival Set For Madison Park

Celebrate family, community and cultural heritage at the 33rd annual Lakewood Community Festival on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Madison Park, 13029 Madison Avenue. The day of fun and activities for the entire family will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine.

The festival is known for a delicious array of nationality foods including stuffed cabbage, pierogis, potato pancakes, kielbasa with kraut and more. There will be pizza, of course, and alternative selections as well. Save room for kolaches, baklava and other traditional ethnic pastries, plus ice cream and other desserts.

For the kiddos, the festivities will include an inflatable obstacle course, balloons, crafts, games and hands-on giant bubbles.

Keep a look out for the team from the Rocky River Nature Center. They will provide the opportunity to discover and learn about the wild animals who make Ohio their home.


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Volume 17, Issue 18, Posted 2:41 PM, 09.01.2021

Beers, Bars, & Brewpubs

For anyone that loves good beer, there is nothing more satisfying than brewing your own batch of perfectly crafted ale at home. It’s a great feeling to be able to come home to a cold bottle of your own brew or to be able to entertain and impress guests with your latest batch that you created from nothing more than a few simple ingredients and some patience and hard work. For most of us the thought of working a full day then brewing beer for three hours is a lot. The explosion of breweries and the selection of different styles of beer is overwhelming but glorious all at the same time. My goal with this article is to talk about different styles of beer.

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Volume 16, Issue 22, Posted 12:59 PM, 01.06.2021

COVID-19 From A Child's Viewpoint

These times have certainly been scary, everything in most of everyone’s lives has been affected. People who get groceries are at risk, people who go to the hospital for a personal need are at risk, everything we do is a risk. Things that you may have taken for granted are now dangerous.

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Volume 16, Issue 10, Posted 8:02 PM, 05.19.2020

Physical Distancing Events Made To Stay Home For

Lakewood has a new Facebook group designed to share and learn about upcoming physical distancing events taking place in the city. The group was started on April 9th by the community members who initiated the March 31st Lakewood, OH City-Wide "Porch" Sing-Along, trying to find a way to tie future sing-alongs together and allow other pop-up porch music initiatives to get shared, created or supported as well. It is their hope to encourage the front porch music movement to become a normal staple in our town, even after social distancing has ended, and to provide something to engage in and look forward to while staying home and maintaining physical distancing and avoiding crowd gatherings.

Currently, the group features two Lakewood Porch Music related initiatives. The second round of the Q104 hosted, Lakewood "Porch" Sing-Along is a featured event of the group took place on Tuesday, April 14th. Additionally, a Porch Concert Series is listed, which encourages student musicians and vocalists to perform on their porches on April 9th, April 16th, and April 23rd, between 5 and 5:50 pm according to grade level. Please join the group to help support these movements and others to come. Thanks!

Anna Brown is starting her career fresh right now thanks to the kick in the pants to follow her dreams given to her by her covid layoff. Taking what she's learned after 13 years of working in market research and software development project management, and 3 years of event hosting and looking for opportunities to fine-tune her skills and determining how she can help others meet their life and business goals.

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Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 3:45 PM, 04.15.2020

Giant Eagle Goes Green

Many people are trying to help the environment across the world, and stores around Lakewood have joined in.

Plastic bags release toxic chemicals into the environment and can cause a lot of harm and they cannot be recycled. Paper bags on the other hand are environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable and can be recycled. Plastic bags also harm wildlife and clog sewage systems. Researchers believe that 500 billion plastic bags are used across the globe each year. If everyone pitches in by using paper and reusable bags that number can be reduced. Stores across Lakewood are pitching in to help this issue.

I was at Giant Eagle and realized that they are using paper bags. You can bring your own reusable bags or pay $0.10 per bag. These little things help out the environment a lot. Then I started thinking about what other stores in Lakewood have paper bags. I called several other stores in Lakewood and found out that stores including Walgreens on Madison and CVS on Detroit are also using paper bags. Stores such as Drug Mart and Rite Aid have plastic, but provide paper. Aldi’s doesn’t have bags and so you can bring your own reusable bags!

When going to the store make sure to bring your reusable bags and help the environment! Lakewood is working hard on helping the environment one step at a time and with everyone's help we can help the environment stay clean!

Josie Kavc is a 7th grader at Harding Middle School.

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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 8:04 AM, 01.23.2020

Buy Nothing Lakewood Brings Small Town Feel To Big City

Lakewood is known for being one of the larger cities in Cuyahoga County. In fact, it is the most dense city in the state. The over 50,000 person population of Lakewood is not preventing residents from creating the small town feel by encouraging interactions with their neighbors through sharing goods, services, and experiences. One of the ways they are able to create this environment is through their participation in the global Facebook phenomenon of the Buy Nothing Project.  

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 4:27 PM, 02.18.2020

32nd Annual Community Festival Caps Off Summer

Celebrate family, community and cultural heritage at the 32nd Annual Lakewood Community Festival on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Madison Park, 13029 Madison Avenue. The day of fun and activities for the entire family will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine.

The festival is known for a delicious array of nationality foods including stuffed cabbage, pierogis, potato pancakes kielbasa and more. There will be pizza, of course, and alternative selections as well. Save room for kolaches, baklava and other traditional ethnic pastries, plus ice cream and other desserts.

For the kiddos, the festivities will include a bounce house, an inflatable obstacle course, balloons, crafts, games and hands-on giant bubbles.

Keep a look out for the team from the Rocky River Nature Center. They will provide the opportunity to discover and learn about the wild animals who make Ohio their home.

Studio Go, The Cleveland Museum of Art's mobile art studio, will be ready with a hands-on art experience for all to enjoy. The Studio Go team is making their second visit to the Festival.


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Volume 15, Issue 17, Posted 6:27 PM, 09.04.2019

Lakewood Dog Park Swim Coming To Foster Pool

Got dogs? Got water? Mix the two together and you have a recipe for a tail-wagging good time. Join Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park (FLDP) for the 2019 Dog Swim at Foster Pool in Lakewood Park, 14532 Lake Ave., on Tuesday, September 3 from 5-7 PM.

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Volume 15, Issue 16, Posted 3:19 PM, 08.21.2019

Community Market At Church Of The Ascension

The Church of the Ascension will present an opportunity for members of the Lakewood community to sell or discover local treasures at Ascension Market on the first Saturdays of July (6th), August (3rd) and September (7th). Ascension Market will be held on the front lawn of the church at 13216 Detroit Avenue. In the event of rain, it will be in Strom Hall in the lower level; entrance is at the east-side parking lot.

One might find antiques, collectibles, books, crafts, artwork, clothing, jewelry, one-of-a-kind items and more. It’s amazing what wonderful things need to come out of over-stuffed basements and attics that others can enjoy! Sellers may rent a table for a free-will offering. Hamburgers, hotdogs, soft drinks, etc. will be for sale by the church.

To reserve a table, please call the church office at 216-521-8727.

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Volume 15, Issue 13, Posted 6:32 PM, 07.03.2019

Author Judy McInerney Brings A Renaissance Secret To Lakewood

Coming into the Blue Moon Book Club which already has as a member a published Lakewood resident, Barbara Raymond, author Judy McInerney felt a bit nervous. Her son-in-law Greg Schroeder, whose mother Eleanor Detke had arranged the event had assured her of a warm welcome and an engaged group of enthusiastic readers.

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Volume 15, Issue 3, Posted 3:56 PM, 01.22.2019

Hannukah Havdallah

Jewish Lakewood Alliance along with Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds will be hosting a Hanukkah Havdalah at the Art on Madison gallery on Saturday, December 8, 2018 staring at 5pm.

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Volume 14, Issue 23, Posted 2:28 PM, 12.04.2018

Free* Spay & Neuter Program

Get Your Dog Spayed Or Neutered For Free*!

What: Free spay & neuter program for Lakewood dogs.

When & Where: Transport Day Event (limited space available):

October 25, 2018

Drop off: 7:30 a.m.

Pick up: 3:30 p.m.

Foster Pool, Lakewood Park

14532 Lake Avenue, Lakewood Ohio 44107

Additional Program Appointments:

Dog owners who are unable to take part on transport day – due to limited space on the transport van or scheduling conflicts – are welcome to schedule an additional appointment with PetFix until availability runs out. Appointments outside of the transport day event can be made now for appointment dates beginning on October 26th. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to transport the dog to and from PetFix for additional program appointments.

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Volume 14, Issue 20, Posted 2:25 PM, 10.16.2018

Explore Lake Erie With 'She Collective' This Summer!

Have you always been curious about paddleboarding, but weren’t exactly sure where to turn or how to begin? Look no further than She Collective, a unique space located on the first floor of Good Soil Lutheran Ministries right here in Lakewood! She Collective provides women and girls a safe place for connection, conversation, and community through many class offerings – including paddleboarding (all genders are welcome!). Instructor Ginny Walters wants to spread the word that paddleboarding can be a great way to unwind: “People think that paddleboarding is difficult, but it’s really not. As my neighbor said her first time out, it’s so relaxing it’s like walking down the street!”

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Volume 14, Issue 11, Posted 10:43 PM, 06.05.2018

Jewish Lakewood Alliance Premiere Event- Havdalah

Last summer, poorly-drawn Nazi swastikas were spray painted on the driveway of a house on Belle Avenue. Born out of this hate was a community effort called “Sidewalks of Love.” Lakewood residents spread messages of love, welcome, and acceptance through sidewalk chalk art. Lakewood held a rally just as the momentum peaked, where Rabbi Enid Lader (Beth Israel-West Temple in Cleveland, Ohio) praised the “Sidewalks of Love” effort, sharing her daughter’s experience of anti-Semitism in the Lakewood City Schools when they first moved to Lakewood, 35 years ago.

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Volume 14, Issue 7, Posted 12:07 PM, 04.03.2018

Adventure Guides Hosts Photo Scavenger Hunt

Did you see the banana running down the street? What about people crammed in a bus shelter while all drinking from the same cup? Or someone dressed for the beach while there is still snow on the ground? If so, you may have been witness to the first Lake Trail Nation Photo Scavenger Hunt. Teams were charged with taking ten photos in and around Lakewood while incorporating props like a garden gnome, pajamas, and even total strangers to earn bonus points.

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Volume 14, Issue 6, Posted 7:14 PM, 03.20.2018

From The Archives Of The Lakewood Historical Society

Winton Place was the first apartment building in the area to be accessible by air, land, and water. Pictured here is the first helicopter landing at Winton Place on October 7th, 1963. The helicopter was piloted by Ken Ross of Sundorph Aeronautical Corporation, and was delivering the final bucket of concrete for the “sky closing” of the building the next day. Photograph courtesy of the Special Collections at the Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University.

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Volume 13, Issue 22, Posted 5:56 PM, 11.21.2017

Ice Cream Shop With A Not So Hidden Coffee Surprise!

Exploring around Lakewood recently I'm sure most of you have noticed the uprising in small businesses with a special focus on coffee and treats. With so many chain locations to choose from, it's sometimes hard to break from a tradition or habit and try something new, but here in Lakewood it's a big part of who we are to support local business owners who just might be your neighbor. Personally, I broke a habit of using a larger chain for my morning coffee and tried out a local venue. Now I had already tried this local place for its exciting twist on flavorfully fun ice cream. I specifically tried out this place because like many others, I have food allergies and food preferences that require a place I can safely go to for those delightful treats we all like to enjoy. Now they have those option along with the always exciting traditional Ice cream and coffee options as well.

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Volume 13, Issue 22, Posted 5:56 PM, 11.21.2017

Taking A Gap Year

Before I graduated from high school this year, I decided that I wouldn't go to college right away. Like many other students, I wanted to take a gap year first. In Germany, this is a very common thing to do. Here in the United States, many people have asked me about my plans and showed their approval when I told them about my personal gap year. Their interest is the reason why I'm writing this article.

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Volume 13, Issue 20, Posted 12:05 PM, 10.17.2017

"She Collective" Launches Lakewood's First Community Space Dedicated To Body Empowerment And Education For Women And Girls

"She Collective" is now open at 16511 Hilliard Rd, part of Lakewood Abbey, a community hub at Faith Lutheran Church. Offering yoga, body education, and community support for women and girls, She Collective challenges the culture of silence surrounding women’s bodies and gives women and girls the space and opportunities to learn about themselves and their bodies in new ways.

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Volume 13, Issue 20, Posted 12:05 PM, 10.17.2017

Frankfurter Fridays Are Back!

Now in its fifth year, Frankfurter Fridays offer free 100% beef hotdogs and lemonade as well as intergenerational fun activities every other Friday from June 16 through Sept. 22 on the front lawn of the Church of the Ascension, 13216 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood. All are welcome to enjoy food, fellowship, Frisbee, croquet and other lawn games!

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Volume 13, Issue 11, Posted 12:39 PM, 06.06.2017

It Was Only A Dream

I had a dream the other night. Generally speaking, I find it hard to remember most of the dreams that I dream, but this one was different. This dream was the kind that stays with you long after the day has come and gone again.

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Volume 13, Issue 4, Posted 6:40 PM, 02.21.2017

The Lakewood Animal Shelter - Another Option For Pet Adoption

Let’s be honest…Lakewoodites loves their pets! The companionship, the love, the fun…more and more people are choosing to have a pet become a part of their family. If you are thinking about a new pet you are probably thinking about such things as having enough space for their needs, the time commitment, maybe adopt; the variables are endless but a necessary and important part of the decision-making process. If you have been considering bringing in a new addition to your family, hopefully this article will aid you in that process.

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016

Recipes: A Tale Of Two Carrots

She measured out the butter with a very solemn air,
The milk and sugar also; she took the greatest care
To count the eggs correctly and to add a little bit
Of baking power which, you know, beginners oft omit,

Then she stirred it all together and she baked it full an hour,
But she never quite forgave herself for leaving out the flour.

We're coming up on holiday time and for me that means Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, the works. It's a perfect time for kids and parents to be in the kitchen together, not only making food for each other, but also to give away as gifts to friends and loved ones. With the prospect of spending extra time with kiddos in the kitchen in the next couple of months, it's a good time to revisit some of what helps keep cooking and baking lower-stress.

One of the things that adults who have been cooking for a while can forget is how frustrating recipe instructions can be sometimes. Just how big is a large onion compared to a small onion? Or carrot, or potato? What does "season to taste" mean and how do I know? When a recipe calls for a half a cup of chopped parsley does that mean I stuff a half cup full of sprigs and chop them, or do I chop as many sprigs as I need to until I have a half cup?

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016

Still Time To Register For The CWRCC Fall Classic

Join all the fun for the Fall Classic Half Marathon & 5K on November 20th.
  Join the Cleveland West Road Runners on November 20th in beautiful Bonnie Park Reservation inside the Cleveland Metroparks for the 41st running of the Fall Classic 1/2 marathon and 5K. Over the past 4 decades, thousands of runners have enjoyed this fast scenic course run entirely in the beautiful Cleveland Metroparks. This late autumn race will be the highlight of your Fall running season so sign up now for this great tradition. Full details and registration through the Cleveland West Road Runners websiteCleWestRunningClub.

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016

Solstice Step It Up Challenge

Last year, the City of Lakewood really stepped it up in enhancing our community by installing the Solstice Steps in Lakewood Park. Not only is it a creative use of our shoreline, but it provides a destination for people to gather and furthers our small town feel.

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Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 5:02 PM, 06.07.2016

Bridge The Gap-My Harvest For Hunger Campaign

I recently launched a new campaign at my Lakewood Screw Factory Art Studio in support of Cleveland's Food Bank Harvest for Hunger. My campaign began at the studio during our recent Open Studio on April 8th. I call it "Bridge the Gap."

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Volume 12, Issue 12, Posted 5:02 PM, 06.07.2016

Celebrate Spring With Earth Day And The Great American Cleanup And Keep Lakewood Beautiful

Sunshine and spring have finally arrived here in Lakewood, Ohio and the Keep Lakewood Beautiful organization is celebrating this time of year with its Annual Earth Day and Great American Cleanup on April 30th from 9-11am beginning at City Center Park at the intersection of Cook and Detroit Aves. Come one or come all, and help spruce up the downtown Detroit Ave. commercial district. Learn from arborists, and then we will: plant a tree in observance of Arbor Day in City Center Park, plant flowers, and mulch trees and large planters. Meet at City Center Park, at the intersection of Cook & Detroit Avenues. For more information or optional pre-registration see: Or call 529-6601.

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Volume 12, Issue 9, Posted 3:24 PM, 04.26.2016

Coffee With The Subconscious...Encouraging Spirits...

Tears filled my eyes as I listened to Patty describe her restored vision from Wet Macular Degeneration. The reason for my crying became evident when I returned home from the local television station and saw the picture of my father with his close friend.

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Volume 12, Issue 3, Posted 2:29 PM, 02.02.2016

Coffee With The Subconscious... Peaceful Resolve

I met Esther by chance outside Blackbird Bakery a few years ago. It's almost haunting that this graceful lady from Texas returns to Lakewood and wants to spend time with me. Esther mentioned that it's the honesty that lures her. An indulgence, despite my efforts, I was unable to have with another...

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Volume 11, Issue 25, Posted 2:24 PM, 12.08.2015

Hens In Lakewood: Ward One

Ask long-time Lakewood resident Jan Dregalla why she wanted to be in the Hen Pilot Program and she’ll tell you: “It’s part of a sustainable lifestyle. My family raised chickens when I was growing up and I’d like to share what I know about returning to a balanced lifestyle and away from the need for a factory farm system.” That’s her practical answer for keeping backyard hens. All practicality aside, Jan will tell you she takes great pleasure in watching their charming antics around the coop yard, the way they run to her when called and the flock’s favorite game: chase the rolling blueberries.

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Volume 11, Issue 17, Posted 4:01 PM, 08.18.2015

Lakewood Masonic Temple To Celebrate 100th Anniversary

On Saturday, May 30th, at 9 a.m., freemasons and friends of the Lakewood Masonic Temple will celebrate the Temple's 100th year anniversary with a centennial cornerstone ceremony. The public is also invited to attend this event. Freemasons from around the community and the state plan to gather in support of this occasion.

The historic Lakewood Masonic Temple supports a number of Masonic organizations and community events, and also serves a Lakewood church congregation.

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Volume 11, Issue 10, Posted 4:47 PM, 05.12.2015

Paint Lakewood’s Fresh New Look

It’s almost that time of season again: time to take out those painting clothes and brushes to breathe life into your home from the winter blues. In the past, LakewoodAlive has offered assistance to income qualifying homeowners with the cost of paint and materials. Well folks, we have amped up the Paint Lakewood! program for the 2015 season. The program now includes assistance with the cost of labor! Yes, you read that correctly. LakewoodAlive will now offer assistance to income qualifying homeowners with paint, materials and labor.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:10 PM, 04.14.2015

Lakewood Cyclists Ride In The National Bike Challenge

On May 1st bicyclists nationwide will roll out and log miles in the National Bike Challenge, a friendly event that encourages people to get on their bikes and ride. Last year nearly 50,000 cyclists rode over 23 million miles during the challenge period which ran from May 1st to September 30th. People for Bikes, a bicycling advocacy group, sponsors the challenge and hosts a website that lets participants log rides, chart progress, and view the rankings of individuals (like Bob Bellamy, Lakewood’s top rider in 2014) or teams such as Mind Brain Social Club which was ranked #1 in the nation and based right here in Cleveland. The award winning site is compatible with a host of phone apps which help make tracking rides and mileage a snap and can provide a wealth of data regarding fitness (calories burned) or the environment (CO2 emissions reduced) or money saved by not driving a car.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:10 PM, 04.14.2015

Kauffman Park Friends Snow Sculpting Contest Melts Away

There was plenty of snow for this year’s Kauffman Park Friends Snow Sculpting Contest! Fourteen artists braved below normal temperatures this winter to build eight spectacular sculptures. Individuals, families, teams, businesses and organizations were invited to participate by sculpting snow creations in the park and submitting photos of their work. The first ten artists enjoyed hot beverages compliments of The Root Café and each artist was eligible for a raffle drawing. Prizes included tickets to an upcoming show at Beck Center for the Arts and extra large pizzas from Roman Fountain.

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 7:10 AM, 04.01.2015

Some Lakewood Photoart

As a recent addition to Lakewood from NYC where I was a member of their press corps (WSJournal, NYPost, BXTimes), NYFW photographer, and sports photographer for NIKE Basketball, I bought a beautiful Victorian home on Grace Ave. Needless to say, my wife who was raised here, is thrilled! So I decided to keep a Facebook photoblog/journal entitled "Catching the light in Lakewood". (

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:41 PM, 03.17.2015

Creating The “Wow” Factor Preparing Your Home For Spring Market – Part III

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m taking a Buyer on tour to look at potential homes. The front door is opened and there is an auditory gasp from the Buyer as their eyes take in the view. The tour continues room-by-room, floor-by-floor with various expressions of amazement. The home is quite simply gorgeous. This is the reaction Seller’s should aspire for when listing their home and what Realtor’s call the “Wow” factor.  What is this element that in today’s Lakewood market can sell a home in practically days and result in multiple offers? It is a home that is show ready and has a few elements that clearly sets it apart from the competition.

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 6:07 PM, 03.03.2015

The Weather And Such Things

As of this writing there are a total of 78 single family homes for sale in the city of Lakewood. This is a historically low number. And weather is at historically low temperatures. Some may suggest that these two figures share some cause and effect and they are partially right. After all who wants to get a house ready to sell when it’s below zero outside. Who wants to keep all things pristine and lovely when the daily battle with layer upon layer and where did I leave my gloves and don’t you go tracking snow, mud, and water into my house and it takes five times as long just to get out of the house and where are my GLOVES?

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 6:07 PM, 03.03.2015

Preparing Your Home For Spring Market – Part II Maintenance Before Upgrades

Sellers often fret over what home improvements to invest in in order to get the biggest bang for their buck. The saying "beauty is only skin deep" goes a long way in Real Estate. Before thinking about an exciting kitchen remodel, take care of the mechanicals, structure and energy efficiency of your home FIRST. Without a doubt, updated kitchens and baths sell a home quickly and for a higher value. However, if the roof is leaking, your deal may fall apart despite the lovely granite counter tops. Most buyers in today’s market want what I call the big-ticket items taken care of. These items include: roof, windows, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and dry basements. Buyers want to take the basics for granted and spend their discretionary funds on fun remodeling projects to reflect their personality and make the home theirs. Even a hint that there could be a problem will be reflected in their purchase offer.

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 4:49 PM, 02.17.2015

Dance Lakewood- Good For The Body And Soul

My journey into the dance world started about four years ago at one of the many Lakewood festivals. My daughter, Ava, who was 3 years old at the time, was interested in taking a ballet class. I happened upon a booth for Silhouette Dance, now named Dance Lakewood. At this booth, I met four women who would nurture my daughter’s interest in dance. Up until that point, my only knowledge about dance classes was what I had seen on the show, “Dance Moms.” Despite that, we decided to jump right in and see what happened.

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 4:49 PM, 02.17.2015

Why Is There A Porch Off The Bathroom? Interesting Facets Of Lakewood Homes

Like most who choose to live in Lakewood, I adore my old home with its beautiful character and unique architectural attributes. These features, which may seem unusual now, are a glimpse into the daily lives of our homes Stewards from the past century. As a Realtor, when I am showing homes in Lakewood, Buyer’s often ask me the purpose of some of these features. While I am certainly not a member of “This Old House,” I have learned a thing or two over the years. Here are a few of the most common questions.

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Volume 11, Issue 2, Posted 1:08 PM, 01.20.2015

It Is Litter Too!

Help Keep Lakewood Beautiful get the word out: Cigarette Butts are Litter Too! KLB is joining with Keep America Beautiful to reduce the cigarette butt litter in our city and begin a, It is Litter Too! Cigarette Litter Awareness Campaign. KAB reports that the overall littering rate for cigarette butts is 65%. KLB's chief complaint from our annual Spring Clean-Up volunteers is the "prevalence of cigarette butt litter." On May 3, KLB is sponsoring a sidewalk "sweep" throughout our downtown and night-life districts. Volunteers are picking up litter and cigarette butts and helping to raise awareness that cigarette butts are not biodegradable and need to be properly discarded. KLB is also sharing information about cigarette litter with area businesses and providing them with information about ash receptacles and pocket ashtrays. Cigarette litter prevention programs have been effective in communities. Join us May 3 or contact Keep Lakewood Beautiful through our facebook page or by calling city hall at 529 -6601 for more information or to volunteer. We can all agree, it ain't pretty.

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 11:21 AM, 04.29.2014

Keep Lakewood Beautiful's Annual Earth Day And Great American Cleanup

Keep Lakewood Beautiful invites you to the Great American Cleanup and Earth Day on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 9-11 a.m. Give your spring cleaning a jumpstart by participating in the:

  • Household Recycling Roundup
  • Detroit Ave. Sidewalk Cleanup
  • Tree Planting 10:30 a.m.

All events will take place at the Detroit Ave. entrance of Kauffman Park. For more information see: or call 529-6601.

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 3:06 PM, 04.01.2014

Peace, Sixth Graders, Essays, And Art Come Together In Lakewood Park

The dedication of the World’s Children Peace Monument Sculpture in Lakewood Park occurred on Sept. 21, 2013, also United Nations International Day of Peace. With the kind recommendation of Senator Skindell, Lakewood was suggested to receive the World’s Children Peace Monument. We are honored to have been chosen to receive this sculpture. The dedication ceremony sponsored by Keep Lakewood Beautiful was held adjacent to the sculpture and began outside as the sun finally peeked through the clouds with music performed by Marty Higgins. The World’s Children Peace Monument (WCPM) was wrapped like a large gift with a yellow bow in the sunshine. Indeed, it is a gift to the City of Lakewood from the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) and the children of Berea, Ohio who have donated the Peace Stone for the World’s Children Peace Monument to promote a sustainable global Culture of Peace and Goodwill. The International Center for Environmental Arts is dedicated to assisting in the understanding of the relationship between humans and their environment through the arts to promote a sustainable Culture of Peace.

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Volume 9, Issue 20, Posted 8:12 PM, 10.03.2013

An Evening Under The Trees In Lakewood Park And The Friday Night Flick: The Lorax, Friday, July 26

Come learn about what is happening with the City of Lakewood’s trees from some resident experts and the new City of Lakewood’s Tree Task Force. We will begin with a short family friendly tour and hands on learning of some interesting trees right in Lakewood Park. Then get settled in your lawn chair or blanket and be ready to learn about why we want and need trees in our city from our local experts: John Palmer, Certified Arborist, and Bob Rensel, Horticulturist at Cleveland Botanical Garden. Bring your tree questions! For the Friday Night Flick, the tree theme continues with the popular movie from Dr. Seuss, "The Lorax" that both children and adults can enjoy. Bring the whole family and enjoy this evening under some of our grand trees in Lakewood Park!

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Volume 9, Issue 15, Posted 10:38 PM, 07.24.2013

Lakewoodites Flirt With 1876 Tom Sawyer Style

I have to admit, my mind was a million miles away. I had just gotten back from some meetings in Parma. The differences in the various cities around Cleveland always amaze me, but at the same time every Clevelander and Cleveland neighborhood is so much alike. Each neighborhood straining between new, and old, rich and poor, arts, life, biking, garden, golf, shopping, all starting to blend into an over-homogenized almond double mil latte, while desperately struggling to hang on to the reality we all want and need to believe. We have made the right choice, our neighborhood is...

Three guys from Lakewood living the Tom Sawyer dream.

Suddenly I cannot believe my eyes. I try to use Metro Parks when ever possible for getting around the city. There is no fast way to Parma, so why not take the most relaxing. As I look over between the branches and weeds, I swear I was seeing Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn rafting down Rocky River on hot summer day. I pull the car over stop and grab my camera and sure enough coming around the bend is a raft made of who knows what, with 4 folding chairs attached in some wacky way with 3 teenagers who were living the big adventure, building a raft and taking it to the river, and to the rapids.

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Volume 9, Issue 14, Posted 8:59 AM, 07.10.2013

Lakewood Farmers Market Kicks Off June 29

The Lakewood Farmers Market is kicking off its 4th season on Saturday, June 29. The Lakewood Farmers Market began in 2010 as a grassroots resident initiative and has demonstrated commitment, not just to community, but to collaboration since. The neighborhood market will boast a healthy mix of hand-picked produce, artisanal foods and handmade goods from over 20 area vendors. Shoppers can purchase local farm fresh produce and products such as Ohio-raised meats, eggs, cheeses, honey, baked goods, pasta, spices, oils and soaps and lotions, plus one-of-a-kind handcrafted items.

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Volume 9, Issue 13, Posted 11:03 PM, 06.26.2013

"Painting Your Home: Technique and Color" Workshop To Be Held June 15

LakewoodAlive's Housing Education Series presents "Painting Your Home: Technique and Color," a presentation by Michael Fleenor of the Cleveland Restoration Society.

This program will examine different types of paint failure, highlights what to look for when hiring a painting contractor, reviews historic color schemes and provides tips on selecting and placing appropriate colors on older homes.

Join us at the University of Akron, Lakewood Campus on Saturday, June 15 at 10:30 am. This event is free and open to the public. Free parking will also be available in the rear lot. 

Details on the full series are available at:

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Volume 9, Issue 12, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.13.2013

Lakewood Park Bandstand To Get Fresh New Look

A landmark of the city's most prominent park is getting a makeover, courtesy of Lakewood-based Neubert Painting. In what is sure to be an exciting display of civic pride, 60-plus volunteers from Neubert Painting will scrape, sand, and paint new life into the Bandstand at the historic and beautiful Lakewood Park. The Bandstand was selected by Neubert Painting as the recipient of its 2012 annual Charity Paint Giveaway. The event was rained out, however, and will take place this June 27.

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Volume 9, Issue 12, Posted 11:51 AM, 06.13.2013