Colin Teets Update

Colin Update 11/7/08

Colin got pulled out of school today for PT. Sarah was working with him today and she had to rearrange the schedule. But, PT was interesting. She strapped Colin into a “spider cage” to help him stand. And he did sort of look like he was caught in a spider’s web! She helped him work his quad muscles by doing squats. He tried marching but that was too hard.
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Volume 4, Issue 23, Posted 11:26 AM, 11.08.2008

Colin Update 11/17/08

At the end of PT today, Colin walked from the large therapy gym to his room in the Rehab Pavilion with Naomi only holding onto the canvas strap fastened around his chest. That’s a pretty long walk – his farthest yet. Then of course Naomi had to retrieve his wheelchair, but I’m sure she feels it was worth it. I taught a science lesson to Colin and some of the older students here at the hospital today. For my graduate course, Earth and Space Science for the Middle School Teacher, I have to involve students in an inquiry lesson.
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Volume 0, Issue 0, Posted 10:48 PM, 11.17.2008

Colin Update 11/16/08

and away. Wow! Thank you Joe, and please give our thanks to the coach at Ignatius.The Bantams and the ‘97s coincidentally were playing at the same time - lucky for us. Paul rolled Colin back and forth between the two ice rinks to watch Brendan play and Colin’s team play. Both were exciting games to watch. Brendan’s team won 4 to 2, and Colin’s team tied in the last period, 1 to 1.After the game Colin was treated to a real surprise by his team. He was presented with a USA Hockey Jersey signed by Mike Eruzioni from the Miracle Team of the 1980 Olympics. It reads, “Colin, Always believe – All my best, Mike Eruzioni 80/Gold”. What a priceless memento.
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Colin Update 11/15/08

NO VISITATION SUNDAY 11/16/08, SEE UPDATE & SCHEDULE BELOW. J All of Colin’s therapies were scheduled early today. No sleeping in for Colin this weekend!During PT today he practiced walking up and down stairs to get ready for his trip home tomorrow. He needs assistance, of course, so I attended PT and was trained to help him. Colin is so determined to do things that he makes it easy to help him. I am so proud of him.For OT his right arm was suspended in the spider cage to eliminate the effects of gravity so he could hold his arm out at shoulder height and bend at the elbow to bring his hand in to touch his face. This motion was done repetitively. I did not see it. But, Cari, his therapist today, said he did well.Many of the therapists that work here at the Main Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital also work at the Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital Satellite in Westlake where Megan goes for her OT. We are familiar with many of them because of that prior relationship.
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Colin Update 11/14/08


Now that Colin doesn’t have to take Dilantin at 7:00 am, we don’t have an alarm clock. We woke up a little late this morning and had to do a little rushing. Not to worry, Colin still got his shower, and managed to eat breakfast, he just had to move at a rapid pace. I’m sure the nurses would have woken him eventually, but with me here they tend to leave things to me.

PT was first today and we had to practice getting Colin in and out of the van. I help him stand. Then he steps onto a small stool and turns his back to the van with my guidance. Next, he sits on the seat. Finally, he pivots his legs into the van with a little help from me. After buckling the seatbelt he is good to go. To get out of the van the process is obviously reversed. Naomi showed us how easy it is to fold his new collapsible wheelchair. So the day pass is as good as ours. For the sake of purpose (justification and paperwork) they will be writing a couple goals for Colin to achieve from this trip and we well assess the outcome on Monday.

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Colin Teets Update 10/18/08

Colin had a rough Saturday night into early Sunday morning. He was battling some gastrointestinal issues. It must be the steak and potatoes they are serving himJ

Colin has made some great strides. Today he got to sit in a wheelchair. Dawn and I rolled him through the halls of the hospital showing him where he has been the last week. He especially enjoyed the waiting room with the great view of the skyline of Cleveland. The nurse said that he did wonderful and that sitting up for longer periods of time will help his lungs..

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