Lakewood Health Care

Mayor Summers and City Council Need to Act Like Responsible Landlords

Here is where we are on the hospital situation:

  1. The Cleveland Clinic (CCF) is in breach of the Definitive Agreement (DA) and has committed tortious acts that have caused damage to Lakewood’s assets
  2. Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) is in breach of its Lease with City.
  3. LHA trustees, including the 3 City’s ex-officio trustees (Summers, Madigan and Bullock) have breached their fiduciary duties by failing to adhere to the charitable mission of LHA and failing to competently oversee CCF.
  4. CCF and LHA want out of their obligations under the Lease and DA.
  5. Under the circumstances, the City as the Landlord has both the right and the duty to seek alternative tenants to operate a hospital and/or buyers for its buildings and equipment.
  6. Mayor Summers and City Council have failed to:

    a. Demand that LHA and CCF comply with the relevant agreements and restore services and patient volumes taken away by CCF. b. Seek alternative tenants in a professional manner and failed to conduct any professional or public bidding of its assets, i.e. they have made no effort whatsoever to maximize the value of the assets or advertise the hospital for lease or sale. 

  1. No rationale Landlord would let the “volunteer” trustees of the defaulting tenant and the defaulting CCF control the search for a new tenant and/or the liquidation and sale of the City’s assets. To make matters worse, the defaulting volunteer trustees are led by Tom Gable who is also a CCF trustee—this just makes no sense.
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Volume 11, Issue 25, Posted 2:24 PM, 12.08.2015

Study Indicates That Loss Of Emergency Department Will Lead to Greater Death And Debility For Lakewoodites

In the hospital debate, it is critical for Lakewoodites to understand the difference between a real hospital emergency department (ED), and any other kind of facility, whether it is described as "Urgent Care" or an "Emergency Room."

There is no debate that Mayor Summers, the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) and the Cleveland Clinic (CCF) propose to close Lakewood Hospital’s Emergency Department and end hospital services in Lakewood.

In 2014, the University of California San Francisco (UCFS) published results of the first analysis of its kind, in which scientific research showed “that emergency department closures can have a ripple effect on patient outcomes at nearby hospitals…In a study of more than 16 million emergency admissions to California hospitals between 1999 and 2010, researchers found that patients who were admitted to facilities located in the vicinity of an emergency department (ED) that had recently closed experienced 5 percent higher odds of dying than patients admitted to hospitals that were not near a recently closed ED.”

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Volume 11, Issue 22, Posted 5:38 PM, 10.27.2015

Is There Hope For People With Mental Illness?

The challenges that people with mental health issues face are numerous, even in a world where available treaments are most largely successful. The various mental health symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.) and their secondary effects (difficulty working, disrupted social life, etc.) are quite a lot to bear. But the mentally ill also face stigma, fear and a general lack of understanding from the general population. These obstacles often result in reluctance to seek treatment and in self-stigma, internalizing the discrimination of others. These serve as barriers to individuals achieving personal goals and feeling good about themselves overall.

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Volume 11, Issue 21, Posted 4:17 PM, 10.13.2015

Court Filing Raises Issues Of Criminal Deception by CCF

On September 18, 2015, the Plaintiffs in the taxpayer lawsuit filed an Emergency Motion to Compel Discovery (the “Motion”) against the Cleveland Clinic (CCF) and the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) claiming that both entities are withholding critical and relevant evidence. The evidence concerns past and ongoing removal of medical service lines and personnel from Lakewood Hospital—actions that the Plaintiffs say have caused and will potentially cause severe damage to the viability of the hospital.

The Plaintiffs are asking the judge to order CCF and LHA to produce, among other things: (1) all strategic plans for Lakewood and Fairview Hospitals, (2) the current and pending plans for removing, diminishing and decanting any medical services lines from Lakewood Hospital; and (3) Ann Huston, Head of CCF’s Strategic Department for a deposition; and (4) LHA meeting minutes including minutes of committee meetings headed by Mayor Summers.

The Plaintiffs want this additional evidence that they say will “pinpoint the decision-making timetable and process to close and decant Lakewood Hospital.” The Motion references a criminal statute containing the legal definition “deception.”  On September 21, 2015, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke publically about the facts set forth in the Motion and suggested that he may call for a grand jury investigation. It appears from the facts known so far that if the additional evidence shows that CCF was planning to close Lakewood Hospital at the same time CCF made representations and promises to City Council in 2010 that Lakewood Hospital was viable and sustainable in the long term, it may be a crime.   

  1. The Criminal Law—Securing Writings By Deception.

Ohio Revised Code Section 2913.43 sets forth the crime of “Securing Writings by Deception”: “no person, by deception, shall cause another to execute any writing that disposes of or encumbers property...”  Under that criminal law, "Deception" means knowingly deceiving another or causing another to be deceived by any false or misleading representation, by withholding information, by preventing another from acquiring information, or by any other conduct, act, or omission that creates, confirms, or perpetuates a false impression in another, including a false impression as to law, value, state of mind, or other objective or subjective fact.”

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Volume 11, Issue 21, Posted 12:08 PM, 09.29.2015

City's Rights Will Be Determined By the Court

Lakewood’s Law Director, Kevin Butler, published a letter to the Citizens of Lakewood including his interpretation of legal documents to provide citizens with “relevant information needed to assess the future of Lakewood Hospital.”   

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Volume 11, Issue 20, Posted 5:29 PM, 09.15.2015

Court Filing And Documents Reveal 2012 Cleveland Clinic Plan To “Decant” Lakewood Hospital And Avoid Legal Agreements

Court filings made in the taxpayer lawsuit on July 31, 2015 revealed new documents verifying the Cleveland Clinic’s longstanding plans to close Lakewood Hospital and benefit Fairview Hospital. 

In the Court filings, the plaintiff taxpayers claim that “CCF (Cleveland Clinic Foundation), without the knowledge or approval of the City, engaged in a secret plan to siphon valuable medical services and equipment so as to cripple the viability of the hospital. According to CCF’s own 2012 Master Plan that was commissioned in 2011, a covert scheme was created to “Decant” Lakewood Hospital.

The “Decanting Plan” specified that medical services, equipment, and employees would gradually be transferred from Lakewood Hospital to Fairview Hospital (and other CCF wholly-owned hospitals) in preparation for the closure and razing of Lakewood Hospital as an inpatient, acute care, and medical/surgical hospital. 

What is further troubling about this conduct is that the Lakewood Hospital Foundation and CCF continued to solicit, campaign, and raise funds from the public for the support of Lakewood Hospital. These donors were never alerted or advised that their intended contributions for the support of Lakewood Hospital would never be a reality as the hospital would soon cease to exist.

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Volume 11, Issue 17, Posted 5:56 PM, 08.04.2015

Large Crowd Celebrates Medicare, Rallies For Lakewood Hospital

Over 200 people gathered at Lakewood Park on July 30th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medicare, and to rally in support of saving Lakewood Hospital. The birthday event was one of many organized around the nation by National Nurses United. There were over 40 events in 29 states. Lakewood was selected as the host for the Northern Ohio event as a way to demonstrate opposition to the planned closing of Lakewood Hospital.

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Volume 11, Issue 17, Posted 5:56 PM, 08.04.2015

LHA Trustees Need To Do Their Job

The Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) Board of Trustees has the job of overseeing the Cleveland Clinic (CCF) as managers of Lakewood Hospital for the citizens of Lakewood.

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Volume 11, Issue 15, Posted 4:37 PM, 07.21.2015

The Distinction Between Lakewood's Hospital Charities

In the hospital debate, it is important to distinguish between the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) and the Lakewood Hospital Foundation (LHF). Both are charitable organizations under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. However, LHA is also a "public" charity under 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code while LHF is a "private" charity.

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Volume 11, Issue 15, Posted 4:37 PM, 07.21.2015

Hospital, Recreation & Land Development Interests Conflict

Over 400 documents posted on and others recently uncovered, reveal that as early as August, 2013, Mayor Summers, Council President Madigan and Councilman Bullock, [who were all part of the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) “Select Committee,”] considered plans for a Family Health Campus at the hospital site along Detroit Ave with other developments behind it. 

By October 2103, the lead option considered was to “take down” Lakewood Hospital in favor of a “Family Heath Campus” with “potential development of additional health and wellness facilities or other attractive economic development elements.”   

The plans were so far along that in November, 2013, Tom Gable, LHA’s chairman told one member of City Council that LHA and the Clinic would be at City Council in January, 2014 to propose an FHC to replace the hospital.


Public records reveal that in December, 2013, Summers and Madigan supported a proposal to create a Recreation Task Force. Shortly after that, on February 18, 2014, at a Lakewood Board of Education meeting, Summers discussed a recreation center being built on the Lakewood Hospital site. By April, 2014, Summers and City Council made appointments to the Recreation Task Force. 

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Volume 11, Issue 14, Posted 3:05 PM, 07.07.2015

O'Neill Healthcare - Lakewood Awards Two Scholarships

This year O'Neill Heathcare - Lakewood had the privilege of awarding two scholarships to local high school students. The 2015 O'Neill Healthcare - Lakewood Long Term Scholarship recipients were: Amber Petras from St Joseph Academy and Laurel Roelle from Lakewood High. The O'Neill Healthcare Long Term Care Scholarship awards $500 to a graduating senior who is pursuing a nursing career as an RN or LPN.

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Volume 11, Issue 14, Posted 3:05 PM, 07.07.2015

Let The Light Shine On Lakewood Hospital

For nearly two years City Hall kept the people of Lakewood in the dark regarding a plan to close and tear down our Lakewood Hospital.

After a series of private meetings, the Mayor delivered the deal in a black box to the Lakewood community on January 15, 2015, by way of a "Letter of Intent" crafted to serve corporate interests, not the interests of the people. The deal prohibited City Hall from negotiating with any others regarding the "future of healthcare in Lakewood." The deal sought to limit public input.

Although that Letter of Intent has expired, the Mayor continues to move forward in darkness to finalize his agreement to turn the lights off at Lakewood Hospital.

A rein of secrecy continues to surround the discussions pertaining to the Mayor's framing of the "future of healthcare in Lakewood."

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Volume 11, Issue 14, Posted 4:33 PM, 06.23.2015

Make A Bright Future For Lakewood Hospital; MetroHealth Is Only A Hurdle

Just over a year ago MetroHealth Medical Center presented a solid plan for the operation of Lakewood Hospital as an inpatient medical facility well into the future. The Step Two Committee of the Lakewood Hospital Association, chaired by the Mayor, pushed that proposal aside while they negotiated with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation a deal to close and tear down our hospital.
This past week MetroHealth sent a letter to City Hall confirming that, since the time its proposal was submitted, MetroHealth has developed strategies for the physical transformation of their health system and an inpatient facility in Lakewood is not currently part of that strategy.
The MetroHealth decision, resulting from City Hall's mishandling of the future of healthcare in Lakewood, is not the sounding of a death knell for Lakewood Hospital. As noted by prior contributors to the Observer, in particular Dr. Terrence Kilroy, there is a medical need for Lakewood Hospital and should the hospital close, there will be too few inpatient medical beds to meet the needs of Cleveland's/Cuyahoga County's west side.
Moreover, as enacted by Lakewood Ordinance, there still exist agreements between the City, the Lakewood Hospital Association and the Cleveland Clinic to continue operating Lakewood Hospital until the end of 2026. The Lakewood Hospital Association and the Cleveland Clinic continue to be obligated to make capital improvements to the facility and to establish "Centers of Excellence" at Lakewood Hospital. The Clinic is in control of patient utilization and revenues at Lakewood Hospital. The spickets must be turned back on. The ordinance and agreements must be enforced.
Most importantly, as we proceed down the road to 2026, City Hall, with all due diligence, must protect our asset and begin a responsible and transparent community dialogue about the future of healthcare in Lakewood. It is imperative to conduct a comprehensive community health assessment, fairly engage all healthcare systems, independent physicians and hospital employees. With such collaboration, other communities have been successful in saving their hospitals.

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Volume 11, Issue 14, Posted 4:33 PM, 06.23.2015

Letter To The Editor: Lakewood Hospital

With Michael Skindell's filing of petitions to run for Mayor of Lakewood, the issue of closing Lakewood Hospital becomes more than deciding about the future of health care in Lakewood. It becomes an issue of determining the future well-being of the City of Lakewood.

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Volume 11, Issue 13, Posted 4:18 PM, 06.23.2015

Hospital Future Grows Brighter

Since the last issue of the Observer, the likelihood of Lakewood Hospital remaining open long into the future has become a brighter reality:

  1. Attorney DeVito filed a taxpayer lawsuit including claims of fraud and conspiracy. At the first pretrial Judge John P. O’Donnell signaled that the complaint is being taken very seriously. Unless the $400 million claim against Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) and the Cleveland Clinic is resolved, the hospital assets cannot be sold, transferred or demolished. Without compromise, resolution could take years. Fortunately, Mr. DeVito is a seasoned negotiator who can now negotiate on behalf of the citizens of Lakewood if the Clinic, LHA and Mayor Summers come to terms with reality.
  2. A staunch supporter for Lakewood Hospital staying open, Senator Mike Skindell, announced his candidacy to become Lakewood Mayor.
  3. The Letter of Intent to demolish Lakewood Hospital expired on May 31st ---However, on the evening of June 4, the LHA trustees were asked to consider changes to the LOI that might not guaranty the new foundation money. So the Clinic was trying to hold the LHA accountable for self-inflicted financial losses caused by the Clinic’s mismanagement and the premature announcement of the hospital closing. At the June 8th City Council Committee of the Whole, Law Director Kevin Butler announced that the LHA had voted to not extend or modify the LOI but the City still wanted to play a role in the future of healthcare in Lakewood. Butler said that there was a possibility of a new definitive agreement by the LHA and the Clinic to be presented soon, though the January 15th closing announcement has not been withdrawn.
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Volume 11, Issue 13, Posted 5:55 PM, 06.09.2015

One Physician's View Of The Lakewood Hospital Debate

We are facing the most important health care decision in the history of the City of Lakewood. The proposal to close or keep Lakewood Hospital and surrender its assets to the Cleveland Clinic (CCF) will profoundly affect all current and future residents of our city. Lakewood’s dilemma, as an inner ring suburb, is ground zero for the national debate regarding our government’s responsibility to provide health care to its most vulnerable citizens. Lakewood Hospital is the main focus of our health care assets and is the ultimate health safety net for our community. If the hospital is removed, how do we guarantee the care of our citizens in an increasingly monetized health care delivery system? Currently, the disparity in life expectancy between the populations living on our eastern border is 10 years shorter than the life expectancy in the suburbs to our west. The most common cause of personal bankruptcy is an individual’s own cost of health care. An increasingly aged population will reach their senior years with an increasing burden of chronic disease and declining financial reserves. 

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:10 PM, 04.14.2015

Has The Lakewood Hospital Association Failed Its Mandate?

Listening to statements made by the Lakewood Hospital Association (LHA) trustees and their third-party consultant Subsidium since the January announcement that the LHA and the Cleveland Clinic are pursuing a plan that would see Lakewood Hospital effectively shuttered and demolished in favor of a Family Health Center (FHC), one gets the impression that 1) the current challenges in health care delivery were not known prior to this year, 2) that the Cleveland Clinic's designs for West Cleveland were equally unknown, 3) the City of Lakewood will retain full control of the assets, and 4) that the Board is taking every measure to be transparent.  

However, the facts tell a different story-- one that casts doubt on whether the LHA, a private not-for-profit formed in 1987 at the behest of the citizens of Lakewood, and tasked with providing the citizens of Lakewood access to high-quality, local health care, has fulfilled its mandate.

1) Health care trends today were known in 1996--  According to archives from the Lakewood Public Library, in February 1996 LHA trustees were considering a merger with Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights and the now defunct Fairview Health System (which consisted of Fairview and Lutheran Hospitals) in an effort to remain competitive in a quickly consolidating health care market.

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 4:47 PM, 02.17.2015

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: What You Need To Know About This Common Disease

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in the United States. Commonly, people with AMD experience blurred central vision but sometimes they have distortion or a spot in their vision. In some, the disease progresses very slowly over decades, but in others it may progress rapidly and cause central vision loss. The condition by itself does not usually cause complete blindness, and a person’s peripheral vision (“side vision”) is not usually affected. Early AMD may not cause any symptoms, and some people may not realize they have the condition. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk of vision loss, so it is important to have your eyes examined regularly.

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Volume 11, Issue 4, Posted 4:49 PM, 02.17.2015

Natural Wellness For Women: Lakewood Prenatal And Fertility Massage

Women in all stages of life have a new resource this year for their alternative health needs. As a Liscensed Massage Therapist (LMT) I recently joined the team at Norris Family Chiropractic, providing therapeutic massage for natural fertility support and for the childbearing year and beyond.

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Volume 10, Issue 25, Posted 5:13 PM, 12.09.2014

O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood Welcomes New Administrator

Ben Davies has joined the team at O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood as the Administrator. Ben has assumed David O’Neill’s role as David oversees the completion and opening of O’Neill Healthcare Fairview Park. David, when asked about the transition said “While I am sad to leave O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood, I am excited and know Ben is a great leader not only for our residents, but for all of Lakewood.”

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Volume 10, Issue 22, Posted 5:40 PM, 10.28.2014

Clinical Trial For Alzheimer’s Disease Underway At Lakewood Hospital

New technology aims to improve brain function for Alzheimer’s patients

People aged 60 to 90 who are diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from something as simple as sitting in a chair – a state-of-the-art chair, that is.

Clinical trials for the new chair therapy began last fall at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. This non-invasive therapeutic system uses cognitive training and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to targeted areas of the brain. The trial was expanded to Lakewood Hospital in early 2014.

“While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, we are always looking for treatments to improve cognitive function for patients,” says Babak Tousi, MD, a geriatrician with special interest in neurodegenerative diseases. He is the principal investigator of the clinical trial at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at Lakewood Hospital (formerly the SeniorCare Assessment Center). “Until the introduction of this device, medication was the only approved option for treatment,” Dr. Tousi says. “The pilot trials suggest that this treatment may help provide patients with nine months of better brain function even after the treatment.”

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Volume 10, Issue 20, Posted 2:16 PM, 09.30.2014

Welsh Home Hosts National Convention

This year marks the 97th Anniversary of the Annual Women’s Welsh Clubs of America National Convention. The Welsh Home will be host to all Welsh Clubs in the U.S. on June 18. The facility staff will showcase the pride and joy of goodness and the caring culture of the organization. We invite the residents of Rocky River, Lakewood, Bay Village, Fairview Park, Westlake, North Olmsted, and surrounding communities to experience the culture of the Welsh traditions on June 18 from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Appetizers and refreshments will be served on the front porch overlooking the pond.

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Volume 10, Issue 12, Posted 6:28 PM, 06.10.2014

MS Treatment Now Available At Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute At Lakewood Hospital

It is especially important for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to find care they can trust in a convenient location since it is a condition that people live with for many years. Lakewood Hospital is pleased to announce that specialists from Cleveland Clinic’s Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Research have expanded their services to the hospital. The goal is to better serve patients who live or work on Cleveland’s West Side.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 2:32 PM, 04.15.2014

Diabetes Alert Day: Do You Know Your Numbers?

1 in 4 people has pre-diabetes, a condition that puts you at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There are no clear symptoms of pre-diabetes, so, you may have it and not even know. The first and most important step is to know your numbers - studies show that treatment with modest lifestyle changes can often return blood sugar levels to normal and lower the risk for developing diabetes by at least 58%. JoinLakewoodHospital and the American Diabetes Association for Diabetes Alert! Day on Wednesday, March 26th to receive a free blood sugar, total cholesterol and simple diabetes risk assessment plus foot, eye and body max index (BMI) screenings.

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 5:07 PM, 03.18.2014

My Experience With The Affordable Care Act

I’ve been meaning to write something about my mostly positive first-hand experience with “Obamacare” for awhile because I think it’s important to have as many individual first-hand narratives about the Affordable Care Act out there as possible in order to counteract the deliberate disinformation campaign coming from those who oppose the law in every way no matter what.

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Volume 10, Issue 5, Posted 8:46 PM, 03.04.2014

Neighborhood Family Practice To Expand Service Area

Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP), a federally qualified non-profit community health center currently serving patients from three office locations on Cleveland’s near west side, was recently awarded a federal grant that is part of the Affordable Care Act. 

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Volume 9, Issue 25, Posted 2:41 PM, 12.11.2013

Giving Back on "Giving Tuesday"

Lakewood Hospital Foundation trustees kicked off “Giving Tuesday” by making financial donations to the foundation in support of Lakewood Hospital.

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Volume 9, Issue 25, Posted 2:41 PM, 12.11.2013

North Coast Health Ministry Expands Hours To Evenings And Weekends

North Coast Health Ministry has expanded its clinic hours to add two or three nights per week and Saturday mornings for patient visits. 

These expanded hours are in addition to care offered to the low-income uninsured five days per week from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The evening schedule varies each week. All visits are by appointment only. The clinic is located at 16110 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio.

“It’s a fact that most people who are low-income and uninsured hold down jobs that often don’t offer much flexibility,” says NCHM Executive Director Lee Elmore. “Getting to the doctor during business hours is often difficult for them. Our expanded hours will help more individuals in need access our health care services.” 

To schedule an appointment or to become a patient, call 216-228-7878 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For income eligibility guidelines, go to:

NCHM’s extended hours are made possible through a grant from the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation.

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Volume 9, Issue 21, Posted 8:54 PM, 10.15.2013

Lakewood Senior Health Campus Awards Long Term Care Scholorship

Lakewood Senior Health Campus is pleased to announce Ilene Halder as the 2013 recipient of their annual Long Term Care Scholarship. Ilene graduated this year from West Shore Career-Tech in Lakewood and is enrolled in Lorain County Community College’s Nursing School. Ilene came highly recommended by her instructor Jacqueline Smith, RN, MSN as she “demonstrates a strong desire to serve patients along with a diligent and compassionate demeanor.” On July 10th David O’Neill, Administrator at Lakewood Senior Health Campus, presented Ilene and her instructor Jacqueline Smith with the scholarship check. The scholarship was founded in 2006 to support caring and dedicated students exploring careers in Long Term Care.

Lakewood Senior Health Campus is comprised of a 135 skilled nursing unit, 54 unit Assisted Living, and 61 Independent Senior Apartments. The O’Neill family owns and operates this facility as well as Bradley Bay Health Center in Bay Village, Wellington Place in North Olmsted, and Center Ridge Health Campus in North Ridgeville.

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Volume 9, Issue 15, Posted 10:03 PM, 07.24.2013

Compeer Program Listed In National Registry Of Evidence Based Programs

The Compeer Program at Far West Center has been creating friendships, promoting mental health and wellness, and changing lives since 1989. Compeer serves to empower individuals in their paths to recovery from mental illness. In Compeer, trained community volunteers are matched, one to one, with same gender adults committed to mental wellness treatment services that assist them in managing symptoms. Compeer volunteers offer friendship and encourage socialization in order to decrease the isolation that too often accompanies mental illness. 

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Volume 9, Issue 15, Posted 10:38 PM, 07.24.2013

MedWorks And North Coast Health Ministry Partner For Free One-Day Medical Clinic To Focus On Primary Care

MedWorks will partner with North Coast Health Ministry to host a one-day primary care clinic on Saturday, June 8, 2013 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The clinic will take place at North Coast Health Ministry, 16110 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107. Appointments can be made by calling the MedWorks Appointment Line at 216-201-9325. Walk–in patients will also be accepted between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The clinic will feature about 30 health care professionals and lay volunteers who will provide a broad range of primary care services. Services will include physical exams, wellness checks, lab tests and a small pharmacy. Each patient will also have the opportunity to meet with a social worker to help schedule follow-up appointments through North Coast Health Ministry and other providers for which they qualify. All services will be provided free of charge.

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Volume 9, Issue 10, Posted 10:52 PM, 05.14.2013

Annual Diabetes Symposium Presented By Lakewood Hospital

Control Your Destiny! If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or want to lower your risk for diabetes, you don't want to miss this event!

Wednesday, November 14 | 4:30 - 8:30 p.m.
LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility, Westlake

Event Agenda

4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Registration & Exhibits

5:30 p.m. Dinner presentation by Michael Roizen, MD; Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer & best-selling author on how life choices impacthealth more than heredity.

6:45 - 7:30 p.m. Choose from 1 of 2 topics
A. Insulin Pumps & Continuous Glucose Monitors B. Beverages & Blood Sugars

7:45 - 8:30 p.m. Choose from 1 of 2 topics A. Exercise & Insulin B. Exercise & Other Diabetes Medicines

Cost $10. Registration is required. Co-sponsored by Lakewood Hospital and the American Diabetes Association. To register, call 1.877.234.FITT (3488).

Questions? Contact Gina Gavlak at 216.529.5312 or

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Volume 8, Issue 20, Posted 8:58 PM, 10.02.2012

Medical Expert At Forum: New Law Expands Access, Controls Cost For Health Care

The topic of the nation’s new health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known more popularly as “Obamacare,” brought community members from across Lakewood to the Lakewood Public Library recently to discuss the issue’s impact at the local level. The topic of health care reform has been contentious and highly politicized, particularly following the decision by the Supreme Court upholding the law. The event, which was sponsored by locally headquartered Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) and Lakewood Ward 2 councilmember Tom Bullock, sought to provide Lakewood residents with information and provide a forum for discussion.

Dr. Arthur Lavin, a longtime Cleveland-area pediatrician, presented information on the history of efforts to reform the health care system at the federal level, an undertaking that has spanned some one hundred years and has involved presidents of all political persuasions. The most recent and most successful attempt at reform, the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Lavin noted, came about in recognition of the need to improve care, limit the financial risk of getting sick, and establish norms of quality because, “after all, lives and livelihoods are at stake.”

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Volume 8, Issue 18, Posted 9:58 PM, 09.05.2012

Fourth Annual Meal That Heals At Players To Benefit North Coast Health Ministry

The Meal that Heals, a dining benefit for North Coast Health Ministry, the West Side’s free clinic for the low-income uninsured, will be held on Monday, July 9, 2012, at Players on Madison from 5 to 9 p.m.

The evening’s menu features a soup/salad course with a choice of tomato bell pepper bisque, mista salad or Caesar salad and the following entrée selections: penne al vodka with shrimp and sundried tomatoes; Jamaican jerk chicken with black beans and rice, tropical fruit salsa and pineapple vinaigrette; cornmeal-dusted Norwegian salmon with orange, fennel, haricot vert, brown basmati and citrus-pommery vinaigrette; grilled hanger steak and mashed potatoes, baby arugula, roasted tomatoes and artichokes with balsamic syrup. For dessert, diners can choose betweentriple chocolate tart, crème brûlée, or lemon and mascarpone tart with raspberries.

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Volume 8, Issue 13, Posted 11:38 PM, 06.26.2012

Kool-Aid for $1,000 A Glass For Cool-Aid

I was driving down a sidestreet in Lakewood, Ohio this afternoon and as I looked to the right I saw a young man sitting at a card table selling "Cool-Aid." I smiled as I drove past, and then realized that it was not a child, but a young man, well, a man, and the sign read, "Cool-Aid, $1,000.00 a glass, second glass FREE!" Whaaaat? I had to stop and turn around. As I drove by a second time, I looked around. it was your typical nice Lakewood street, people out working in the yard, walking down the street, no gawkers or anything out of the ordinary, and the sign did read: "Cool-Aid, $1,000.00 a glass, second glass FREE!" So I pulled over and parked, and walked down a couple houses and up to the stand.

"I have to believe it is pretty damn good Cool-Aid sir," I said. The young man assured me that it was was damn tasty Cool-Aid. I said, "Is it really worth $1,000 a glass?" and he smiled and assured me it was not only worth the $1,000 a glass, but that he had to sell it for that price. When I asked why, he explained how he had gotten sick, and was unable to work and that his hospital bills were stacking up, and that he could no longer sit idly by without doing something. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a bartender at Light Bistro, in Ohio City. Small world-- Light Bistro is a favorite of mine. He mentioned he had been unable to work because of illness and an emergency operation, and that he was not the kind of person to just walk away. So while his mother was gone, and his father slept, he got out the cardboard, the markers, the 4 cups of sugar and a pack of Kool-Aid and went into business.

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Volume 8, Issue 11, Posted 9:01 AM, 05.19.2012

North Coast Health Ministry Call For Volunteers: Patient Prescription Assistance

In 2011, North Coast Health Ministry (NCHM) dispensed $3.9 million worth of prescription medication at no charge to its patients. NCHM, a faith-based free clinic located in Lakewood, provides prescription assistance as well as primary care, specialty referrals and behavioral health counseling to the low-income uninsured in Western Greater Cleveland.

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Volume 8, Issue 8, Posted 9:41 PM, 04.17.2012

Fairview And Lakewood Hospital Receives Outstanding Achievement Award For Integrated Network Cancer Program

As one of only two networks honored by American College of Surgeons' Commisson on Cancer Fairview/Lakewood Hospital Integrated Network Cancer Program is proud to have received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the AmericanCollegeof Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer.

The Cleveland Clinic cancer programs at Fairview and Lakewood hospitals are fully integrated into the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute, which is the No. 9-ranked cancer program in the nation and the highest rated cancer program in Ohio, according to U.S.News and World Report.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 9:57 PM, 04.03.2012

North Coast Health Ministry Attains Outstanding Achievement Recognition For High Blood Pressure Care

North Coast Health Ministry (NCHM), a free clinic serving the low-income uninsured on Greater Cleveland’s West Side, has attained recognition by Better Health Greater Cleveland for outstanding achievement in high blood pressure care and control. The results were published in the Better Health Greater Cleveland Winter 2012 Community Health Checkup.

“We have long said it is our goal to provide care to our patients that is on par in quality with that provided to anyone of greater economic means or regardless of insurance status,” says NCHM Executive Director, Lee Elmore. “This demonstrates that the quality of care we are providing for our patients with hypertension is not only on par – it is of the highest quality in the region.”

Eighty percent of North Coast Health Ministry’s patients have chronic diseases, with hypertension being among the most prevalent. 


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Volume 8, Issue 4, Posted 10:02 PM, 02.21.2012

MetroExpressCare Now Open In West Park

The last thing you want to do is wait in line or wait for an appointment when you are having a health issue that needs immediate attention. West-siders now have a new, convenient option in MetroExpressCare.

MetroExpressCare is an urgent care center that is now open at the MetroHealth West Park Health Center, 3838 W. 150th Street, Cleveland, just off of I-71. Medical staff is available from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays to care for adults and children.


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Volume 8, Issue 3, Posted 9:45 PM, 02.07.2012

Dr. Esselstyn And Wife, Ann, Teach Heart Disease Reversal At Live Well Lakewood Event

On November 19, 2011, Dr. Caldwell “Es” Esselstyn, Jr. shared his research and experience with a capacity crowd of nearly 400 people at Lakewood Baptist Church on how to prevent and reverse heart disease with diet alone. Dr. Esselstyn, retired after a 35-year distinguished career as a surgeon and researcher at The Cleveland Clinic, has completed 20 years of compelling research on reversing heart disease. According to Dr. Esselstyn, heart disease is a “toothless, paper tiger.”  Even patients with severe, advanced coronary artery disease can reverse their disease with diet alone, and even make themselves “heart attack proof.”

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Volume 7, Issue 25, Posted 11:52 PM, 12.13.2011

North Coast Health Ministry Expands Hours To Monday Evenings

North Coast Health Ministry (NCHM), a free clinic serving the low-income uninsured in western Greater Cleveland, has begun offering primary care clinics on Monday evenings at its Lakewood location. The Monday evening clinic is being offered in addition to primary care clinics held during daytime hours Monday through Friday

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Volume 7, Issue 23, Posted 4:43 PM, 11.15.2011

How To Become A Patient At North Coast Health Ministry

Did you know North Coast Health Ministry provides free health care, preventive care, chronic disease management, medical tests, behavioral/mental health counseling, prescription assistance and so much more right here in Lakewood?

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Volume 7, Issue 23, Posted 4:43 PM, 11.15.2011

North Coast Health Ministry Offers Benefit Bank Counseling

North Coast Health Ministry (NCHM), a free clinic serving the low-income uninsured of Greater Cleveland, is now offering assistance to members of the community wishing to apply for public assistance programs through The Ohio Benefit Bank™. Individuals interested in learning about programs they may be eligible for are guided through an online application process by a trained Benefit Bank counselor. These programs can provide resources to individuals who may be having a hard time making ends meet, and include food and nutrition, health care, energy and child care assistance.

“It is our job as a free clinic to help our patients get access to all forms of assistance for which they are eligible,” says NCHM Executive Director Lee Elmore. “If someone is eligible for Medicaid, for instance, it’s our responsibility to assist them with their application so that they can get the benefits to which they are entitled. Our Ohio Benefit Bank counselors can help them through the process and, in many cases, help them access a range of other supports that positively impact their health, such as food, prescription, and utility assistance.”

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Volume 7, Issue 21, Posted 7:12 PM, 10.19.2011

Happenings At Lakewood Senior Health Campus Assisted And Independent Living And Around Our Community!

Last month we celebrated one of our very special resident's 101 birthday Irene Kinny! Irene celebrated her special day with a party and surrounded by friends and staff. Irene has been a resident at our assisted living since 2009. Irene is always seen smiling and sporting her positive attitude. Irene has a lot of Faith which is evident when you are around her. Her light does shine on every-one she meets! Our National Assisted Living Week started on September 11th and what a way to kick-off our week then to attend the memorial at the Lakewood Fire House to remember those heroes who risked their lives for us and the victims of this tragic day!

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Volume 7, Issue 20, Posted 9:51 AM, 10.05.2011

Rear-Facing Safety Seats Save Lives

Children’s car safety seats should face the rear of vehicles for longer than experts originally suggested. The American Association of Pediatricians recommends that all infants should ride in rear-facing seats, starting with their first ride home from the hospital until they are two years old, or until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their safety seat’s manufacturer. 

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Volume 7, Issue 16, Posted 1:16 PM, 08.09.2011

Natural Medicine Clinic A Natural Fit For Lakewood

It’s no surprise to the residents of Lakewood that we are a health-conscious town. We have yoga studios, massotherapy clinics, chiropractic offices, reiki masters, a holistic pet supply store, cafés dishing up local organic fare, not one but two thriving seasonal farmers’ markets, and a landmark independent grocery store specializing in all things organic, vegan, and gluten-free. We like our health with a holistic flavor and our businesses reflect that. So, when Dr. Katherine Caputo, a naturopathic physician, moved to the Cleveland area last fall, she knew right away that Lakewood would be the best community in which to open up her private practice, Great Lakes Natural Medicine.

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Volume 7, Issue 14, Posted 8:25 AM, 07.13.2011