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Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery Celebrates 25 Years

Join our neighbors, Dr. Diamantis and his staff for an Anniversary Celebration Open House 2 pm-6 pm, May 31st and a Ribbon Cutting with Mayor George at 3pm.

• First 50 attendees receive a FREE gift.
• First 50 attendees receive a balloon with a PRIZE inside.
• Save 25% on all products and services (that are scheduled).*
• Vendors with products displayed for a chance to WIN a basket of products.
• Heavy Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.
*now through June 2nd, 2023

Dr. Diamantis and his father shared a vision of running a family business in Lakewood, a community that they believed in for the same values as they share “family.” The family’s entrepreneurial journey began with the Silver Quill, a restaurant that served the community of Lakewood for over 3 decades. Dr. Diamantis’s father hoped that his son would eventually own his business in the same community. Thus, the family purchased the current building 45 years ago, which was once occupied by Stephen Babin of Babin Furriers. The upstairs space was in poor condition, and Dr. Diamantis renovated it into six elegant offices, now occupied by professional and nonprofit businesses.

After completing his education at Case Western Reserve for undergraduate, Dental and Medical School, Dr. Diamantis followed his father’s footsteps and started his own business in 1998. He started with only one nurse and one receptionist who are still with him, 25 years later and he calls them his family.

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Volume 19, Issue 10, Posted 3:10 PM, 05.17.2023

Lakewood's The Quilting Bee Highlighted In Google's Annual Economic Impact Report For Ohio

Lakewood's The Quilting Bee is highlighted in Google’s thirteenth annual Economic Impact Report - a report that showcases how businesses, publishers, and nonprofits across the United States are using Google search and advertising tools to connect with the people and communities they serve. This year, small businesses generated $13.91 billion in economic activity in Ohio. By using Google products, businesses increased their online presence and were able to continue connecting with customers in 2022.

As owner of The Quilting Bee I can say that after using Google’s tools and services we saw significant results. The Google Business Profile increases our store’s visibility and directs visitors to our website. Many customers also use the call feature to reach the shop. To get product photos onto our Business Profile and on Search and Maps, we use Pointy, a tool that scans each product’s UPC code and uploads a photo. This enables local shoppers to see what’s available, and we can see what people are searching for and adjust keywords accordingly. And with support from Google Ads, our sales are growing by an average of 46 percent annually.

CEO, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai had this to say:"People and businesses across the US are using technology to build resilience and make their communities and economies stronger. We’re proud that Google’s products and platforms are a part of that, providing more than $700 billion in economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, creators, and developers in 2022. Google only succeeds when others do, and we’ll continue to build the tools and technologies that help grow the economic pie, and create more opportunities for everyone.” 

The Quilting Bee offers quality quilting fabrics, patterns, notions, custom/memory quilts and long-arm quilting services. You can visit us at 15709 Detroit, or online at

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Volume 19, Issue 9, Posted 12:21 PM, 05.03.2023

Studio West 117 Grand Opening

Studio West 117 had its grand opening last weekend at the Fieldhouse, Lakewood's newest most progressive development catering to businesses and services for the LGBTQ+ community. Thousands turned out to see phase one unveiled: A housing complex and entertainment venue, sports gymnasium, three restaurants (Muze Gastropub, Trellis, and Eat Me Pizzeria), a gorgeous rooftop patio, a state of the art teaching / demonstrating kitchen, courtyard and so much more.

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Volume 18, Issue 22, Posted 9:11 PM, 11.12.2022

Barbara's Bests

The best thing about Lakewood? Its people. Over time, I’ll highlight some of the men and women who make our city unique.

You may have seen Beth Keenan behind the counter at Nature’s Oasis, a coffee shop, café, gift shop and market she describes as a “connector space where people can hang out and enjoy Lakewood.” The city, as she sees it, is "a melting pot of cultures and humanity," and the average Lakewoodite is kind. As general manager, she looks for that trait when interviewing prospective employees – “I hire people that are good people, and if they have experience that's a plus.”

Kindness, of course, is not unique to citizens working at Nature’s Oasis. This became particularly obvious when Covid hit, and the restaurant Salt, for example, provided dinners for people in the service industry who were temporarily unemployed. The coffee shop and restaurant The Root began helping the community by becoming part of a project called Community Fridge, which enables people to donate or pick up food as needed.

Unsurprisingly, since Lakewood has a distinct artsy, boho vibe, half of Nature Oasis’s staff are musicians or artists. Beth herself is an artist, as is her mom, with whom she’s collaborated for 25 years, focusing on home decor and working in all kinds of media: wood, glass, metal, ceramic and polymer. The two have a store called Functini. It's located in one of seven small metal-roofed huts in a new space called City Goods, located on Detroit and W. 28th Street.

Lakewood inspires her work, some of which can be found at Nature’s Oasis, such as the detailed wood burning map of the city which hangs in the newly-expanded second room. That it’s the largest piece of art hanging in the shop is fitting. “I have a love affair with Lakewood,” Beth says.

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Volume 18, Issue 21, Posted 1:41 PM, 11.02.2022

Uptown Lakewood's Trick Or Treat

Join us for live music, games, prizes, and of course treats at Uptown Lakewood's Business Alliance Trick or Treat on Tuesday, October 25th between 5:30 and 7:00 PM. Look for the orange balloons outside the participating businesses on Madison Avenue between Warren Road and Hilliard.  

So happy to bring this event back to Madison for a hauntingly good, fun, family time. Thank you to all the businesses taking part in the festivities. Stop in to meet old friends and make new ones. Costumes are encouraged. See you there!

Carabel Beauty Salon & Store
Carol Lynn's Salon Plus
Dollar Bank 
Holistic Lakewood
Black Sheep 216 
Book Brothers
Cuyahoga Collective's Charlie's Creations And More 
Highland Toughbacks
New Moon
Ryco Sports
Showcase Resale Shop
Taste Of Europe 
Urban Bulk foods
The Blue Cafe

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Volume 18, Issue 20, Posted 11:56 AM, 10.19.2022

TAEB/LO Most Distinguished Tree Contest 2022- SUCCESS!

Year 1, it’s a wrap.

It started with members of Lakewood’s Tree Advisory and Education Board, TAEB, giving a call asking for an idea to raise awareness of Lakewood's tree canopy. The LO as is so often the case said “sure, let’s do it.” After all Lakewood for decades was known as “The City of Trees” with massive Oaks and Silver Maples towering over a canopy that lined every street with shade. If Lakewood was known for something it was trees and front porches. After all in Lakewood, we all have trees, while only 1% of us can legally touch the lake.

So the ideas were hatched at a meeting off all of those interested, tallest, best trimmed, most exotic. Over the course of a couple meetings, ideas were thrown out for discussion then thrown out. The GOAL: Make Lakewoodites aware of our trees and the TAEB. How could we include everyone-- since including everyone is a hallmark of a LO contest and giveaway.

Then it hit us like a wave. “Most Distinguished Tree in Lakewood.” instantly it put the contest in reach of nearly everyone, at least everyone with a tree. "Distinguished" as an adjective allows for a little room for what each person thinks it means. Webster’s says: “successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect.” Okay, but how about the rest? We offered prizes for people to nominate and vote on the trees they believed fit the bill as well. So everyone in the city had three ways to win.

Was it successful? Overwhelmingly! Not only did we receive a large entry for this first contest, but the the trees ranged in height from 12’ to 40’, and all could lay claim to being distinguished.

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Volume 18, Issue 17, Posted 12:39 PM, 08.18.2022

Now Open: Decent Shape Strength + Wellness Studio

A long vacant storefront across from St. Edward’s High School is buzzing with life once again.

That storefront belongs to Decent Shape Strength + Wellness Studio, which opened its doors in December. The 1,000-square foot space offers personal/semi-private training, yoga classes, and unique health & wellness workshops. 

“We deliver expert instruction in a fun, intimate environment,” says owner Brandon Hall, an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. “It’s been great partnering with other local wellness entrepreneurs to bring unique experiences to the space. It’s our goal to help Lakewood become a healthier, happier community.”

Hall specializes in programs that prioritize functional strength and athleticism. A typical training day may feature Trap Bar Deadlifts, Band-Assisted Push-Ups, and unique core exercises like a Bodysaw or Deadbug. Every client’s progress is recorded for each workout, which helps them gain the ability and confidence to lift heavier weights and perform more challenging exercise variations. 


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Volume 18, Issue 6, Posted 12:27 PM, 03.02.2022

New Ownership Of Belle Barber Shop

It was April of 2012, I woke up and decided to change my life and for that I knew I needed help. Growing up on the lower Westside of Cleveland I was raised by a single mother along with my older sister and brother. My family was deeply affected by poverty which made even attending school a struggle. I knew I wanted more for my life so I had to finish school. I needed tutoring and I knew exactly where to go, the May Dugan Multi-Service Center which prides itself in helping others. Five short months later I completed my schooling, and actually had my graduation ceremony at Lakewood Park with the help of some amazing people, Sue, Bruce, Keith, Leo and Brenda to name a few. I spent the next year and a half volunteering at the Center while waiting for the application process for Barber College.

In February of 2014 I started my barbering journey at Allstate Barber College in Ohio City. 1800 hours down, and over a thousand services later I earned my Barbering diploma. I will forever be grateful for the mentorship I received throughout that time. I thank them for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. 

In August of 2015 I started here at Belle Barber Shop on Detroit and Belle Ave. We have been operating and servicing this community since 1917. It’s been the most eye opening journey. I have met so many incredible people from all walks of life while working here in Lakewood. Being able to converse with new people daily and find out about their lives is a special part of being a barber. 


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Volume 18, Issue 4, Posted 8:36 AM, 02.16.2022

New Year, New Salon!

Lake House Salon and Spa, LLC located on the first floor inside the Lake House Condominium in beautiful Lakewood, Ohio offers a safe and comfortable environment to relax in while getting pampered with beauty services. 

I saw the opportunity to reopen the salon on November 20, 2021 after it was closed in March, 2020 by the previous owner due to the pandemic. It is my intent to provide our clientele with the same warm and cozy comforts of being at home with a great view of Lake Erie. Lake House Salon and Spa, LLC provides comprehensive hair and nail services that range from hair coloring, cuts, and styles, to manicures, and pedicures. I am proud of our highly qualified stylist and nail technicians who offer services using the best up to date techniques and products on your hair and nails, because our mission is to make you smile.  

I currently employ one hair stylist and two nail technicians. I am lucky to have Cherie who is a hair stylist with over 14 years of experience and prides herself on being dedicated and precise. She enjoys her craft and loves to make her clients beautiful. Cherie specializes in making damaged hair healthy again. She is proficient in all the latest coloring techniques, cuts, updo’s, and braiding styles.


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Volume 18, Issue 2, Posted 1:56 PM, 01.19.2022

Blame The Chain

Beauty products are not showing up after they are ordered. Distributors of the products keep telling us "keep reordering." High gas prices, shipping from where they are made, then shipping from the beauty supply house, makes for higher prices. Things that took a week or two now take 5 weeks or more, or they are not delivered at all. 

When we asked our sales reps they told us that the companies are not getting the ingrediants that they need to even make their products, that explains a bit of this new  problem. So sometimes if the ingrediants are offered by another company just switch for now untill the desired products return is an option.

In the past we made sure we placed fairly large orders to keep the shipping prices per item lower and passed that on to our customers. Now that large orders come in a small box, we know the price is raised because we didn't get the products we ordered.

It is lucky that we ordered in August, we received many holiday items that we would not be seeing now. 

At our salon Carabel Beauty Salon & Store, we try to get the quality beauty products and accessories at good prices and hope that all of these problems end which, after over 50 years in business, we have never seen before.

Bonnie Fencl has owned a salon since 1969 and was licensed as a cosmetologist in 1964. 

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021

Long-Time Dream Fulfilled With Opening Of The Blue Cafe

Circumstances had to be just right for Lakewood’s newest coffee shop, The Blue Cafe (15715 Madison Ave.), to open up. It had to be “the right time.” The right space needed to become available. The right people needed to sign on. And Karen needed to give Paul her phone number. 

Jump back to West Lafayette, Indiana, 1992. Paul just had an incredible night dancing with Karen to Morrissey’s cover of “That’s Entertainment,” originally by The Jam, at a dance club not far from Purdue University’s campus. He’d love to see her again, but Karen isn’t having it. He can’t help but keep trying, ‘til finally one of her friends relents and gives up Karen’s sacred digits. She agrees to one date at a coffee shop. She orders a blackberry tea, and it’s brought out to her on a tray with a single flower, slipped to the barista in advance by Paul. 

The next day, Karen skips all her classes. She can’t help it. She just wants to keep hanging with Paul. 

This version of how the Beegans met wasn’t the most likely. By all accounts, they should have met much earlier, when Karen attended a house party that Paul’s band was performing at, or during one of Paul’s shifts at one of Karen’s favorite campus coffee spots: The Blue Cafe. 


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Volume 17, Issue 19, Posted 5:16 PM, 10.06.2021

Beyond Juicery + Eatery Opens

Beyond Juicery + Eatery, a rising leader in the healthy fast-casual food industry, announced the opening of its seventh Ohio location in Lakewood. Set to open on August 12, the restaurant is located at 15008 Detroit Avenue.

To commemorate the opening, the Lakewood Beyond Juicery + Eatery will host a smoothie social and ribbon cutting event, which will feature free menu items for the community on Thursday, August 19 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. along with a grand opening event on Saturday, August 21 where free 12 oz. Total Energy (strawberry banana) smoothies will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“It has truly been incredible to see the enthusiasm and positive responses coming from communities across Ohio as we’ve strived to make Beyond Juicery + Eatery a health-focused staple throughout the Greater Cleveland area,” said Prada Masada, operations manager for the Ohio locations. “With fresh food options in such strong demand, I’m confident that Beyond’s rejuvenating vibe will align beautifully with locals in Lakewood, and that this is exactly the kind of restaurant the community has been craving. We are very much looking forward to expanding the brand’s rapidly growing footprint in Ohio even further in the months ahead.”


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Volume 17, Issue 17, Posted 9:20 AM, 08.19.2021

Thou Shall Not Steal

Is Shop Lifting A Crime? Yes!

I couldn’t help but notice last week that a recent debate in Lakewood has been over whether or not shop lifting is a crime. Or is it a form of teens striking out against society?

I would say yes it is a crime, and possibly striking out against society but someone needs to tell them it is wrong and to teach a lesson.

“Back in my day…” starts off one reasoning, and for this example I will use myself. I was about 8 years old when a ballon from a local store my mom and I were at ended up in my pocket. When I got home and filled it up, Mom asked where I got it. I told her the man at the store gave it to me. Well, it was a small five-and-dime, so Mom called and was quickly assured that no member of the store had given me a ballon

I did not know she had made the call and the next thing I heard from Mom was, “Well, let’s go back and talk to them, I am not sure you should take things from strangers." By the time we were walking in the store, I was in tears and confessing. Still she had me talk with the manager who for over 2 hours was telling me it was wrong, then picking up the phone to call the police. It was pure torture. If this had been 2021 instead of 1961, my Mother would have sued the store owner for mental abuse.


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Volume 17, Issue 16, Posted 1:00 PM, 08.04.2021

Welcome CeramWorks Studio To The Neighborhood!

A new small business has opened in Lakewood, CeramWorks Studio, located at 17303 Detroit Avenue. CeramWorks Studio is a painting studio that offers a wide variety of ceramic pieces and canvas images to paint, as well as a large private room to rent for parties and events. 

CeramWorks Studio is a community space that provides a fun and creative environment for people of all ages, to create art, long lasting memories, and gifts for all. Designed to be an accessible and welcoming space, the studio offers ceramics and canvas kits for a fun and easy going painting experience. Guests can choose from a wide range of pre-made ceramic objects including mugs, bowls, pet dishes, piggy banks, and figurines, as well as over 100 paintable designs printed on canvas. CeramWorks Studio will also have special items available for the holiday seasons, including Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter.

Our studio is a family-owned business started by me, my husband Julian and my sister Elizabeth Chang. Elizabeth and I grew up in Lakewood where our parents owned a small business. I spearheaded the concept because I have always found joy in painting. CeramWorks Studio is dedicated in loving memory of our late mother who shared her love of painting and community. The floor plan is designed to accommodate private parties and the studio's walls exhibit a rotating selection of works by local artists and entrepreneurs. 


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Volume 17, Issue 16, Posted 1:00 PM, 08.04.2021

What Is CouCou Sentiment?

You may have driven by or walked past a mysterious and quaint shop located on Detroit at the West End of Lakewood called CouCou Sentiment and wondered, “what the heck is a CouCou?!” 

The word coucou, pronounced koo koo, is informal French for “hello” or “hey, there.”

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Volume 17, Issue 14, Posted 2:16 PM, 07.21.2021

First Federal Lakewood Shows School Spirit

On June 24, First Federal Lakewood announced the introduction of their new School Spirit Debit Cards featuring Lakewood and Olmsted Falls designs. These cards allow First Federal Lakewood and its customers to support the schools in these communities through a nominal annual fee of $10, half of which is donated back to the school district. Additionally, each time a user swipes their debit card, $0.01 will be donated to the school district featured on the card.

“Finding new and innovative ways to support the schools in our communities is an ongoing area of focus for First Federal Lakewood. It has long been a goal of ours to incorporate school spirit cards into our offerings, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to give our customers the ability to show their pride while giving back to their district every time they make a purchase!” said Kurt Raicevich, Senior Vice President, Chief Retail Officer of First Federal Lakewood.

All First Federal Lakewood checking account customers are eligible to select a School Spirit Debit Card at any time. Currently, designs are only available for Lakewood City Schools and Olmsted Falls Schools, but First Federal Lakewood is looking forward to adding more districts in the coming months. The Lakewood design, which can be purchased at the Lakewood branch, features the Lakewood City Schools logo along with a monochromatic background in shades of purple with a kaleidoscope effect. The Olmsted Falls design, which can be purchased at the Olmsted Township branch, features the Bulldog logo and the blue and yellow colors.


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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 3:01 PM, 07.07.2021

Lakewood Public Library Awarded 2021 Cox Charities Grant

On June 17, 2021 Cox Communications recognized numerous non-profit organizations across the company’s Northeast footprint as part of the annual Cox Charities Day event. Cox Charities, the company’s charitable giving initiative, supports afterschool and summer learning programs focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning and social well-being programs. Over $105,000 in grants were awarded to local community partner organizations.

The 2021 Cox Charities Community Grants recipient in Ohio is the Lakewood Public Library, which will use its grant to help bridge the technology gap by providing kids ages 8-18 the opportunity to learn how to code. This program will prepare them for the jobs of the future by encouraging innovation and instilling life-skills like problem solving and creative thinking.

Recipients were selected by a group of elected officials, community partners and business leaders for providing quality after-school and summer learning programs with a focus on STEAM learning and a proven track record of creating innovative programs for Ohio’s youth.

The range of summer projects proposed from local organizations were as innovative as they were compassionate. For instance, one organization is using their grant to produce videos to increase sustainability awareness, while another will construct a completely off-the-grid tiny home built from a recycled 40’ x 8’ storage container.

“As our communities return to normalcy, it is exciting to celebrate the impact of STEAM programs by rewarding students with much-needed funding to bring their projects to life,” said Dan O’Malley, president, Lakewood City Council. “With support from Cox Charities, organizations like Lakewood Public Library will be in a position to help kids develop visions into realities that change the world for the better.”


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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 3:01 PM, 07.07.2021

Carl Lishing Receives 2021 Best Of Cleveland Award

Carl Lishing of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in Lakewood has been selected for the 2021 Best of Cleveland Award in the Insurance category by the Cleveland Award Program.

Each year, the Cleveland Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Cleveland area a great place to live, work and play.

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Volume 17, Issue 13, Posted 1:56 PM, 06.16.2021

Lakewood Business Owner Graduates From Tri-C’s Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Rachel Waggoner of Ebb & Flow Counseling in Lakewood took a step toward greater business success by completing the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).

Waggoner is one of 26 small-business operators in the program’s latest graduating class. She spent three months at Tri-C studying a specialized business and management curriculum for entrepreneurs.

Previous graduates have seen their business outperform the broader economy while exceeding national and local averages in revenue growth and job creation.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a charitable initiative to unlock the growth and job creation potential of small businesses across the United States by providing them with greater access to business education, financial capital and support services.

10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) launched at Tri-C in Cleveland in May 2012. The alumni list for the College’s program now exceeds 700, with graduating business leaders representing a variety of industries.

Waggoner founded Ebb & Flow in 2017 to provide counseling and wellness services to the community through a holistic, progressive and caring model. It offers a variety of programs at locations in Lakewood and Cleveland.

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Volume 16, Issue 24, Posted 12:59 PM, 01.06.2021

Revisiting Your Budget During A Crisis

Revisiting Your Budget During a Crisis

Many Americans found themselves in the throes of the COVID-19 crisis before they fully understood what was going on. For many, news of the virus was distant and remote, something that was happening in China and Europe. Until it wasn’t. Once COVID-19 reached our shores, actions had to be swift and immediate. Our world changed in a matter of weeks. We quickly went from working in crowded office spaces, dining out frequently and enjoying abundant entertainment options, to sheltering in place, exhausting every streaming service, and becoming intimately familiar with food delivery services we had only vaguely heard of before.

And our budgets took the most substantial hit of all as 30 million people (and counting) lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis. A prolonged absence of income means that it is time to revisit your budget and make substantial changes to your spending to deal with the possibility of renewed COVID-19 shutdowns across the country.

Assess Your Income

If you are still employed, that is terrific news. Many of your friends, family, and neighbors may not be so fortunate. Even if your income has not taken a hit due to pandemic-related cutbacks, almost everyone needs to make some adjustments related to income. Of course, you cannot begin to make the right changes until you have adequately assessed your income situation.


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Volume 16, Issue 22, Posted 11:35 AM, 11.18.2020

Back To Work And School - At Home

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home including our children when school is back in session.  A shortened commute!  No trips to the gas station!  Pants optional! Those are some of the benefits…. However achy necks, shoulders and low backs are some of the consequences of setting up at home especially if using our laptops all day long.  If adults and children are sharing a workspace in the home, chances are that there are people of different sizes using the same chair and desk.  One set up does not fit all however with a few adjustments it just might be able to!

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Volume 16, Issue 17, Posted 4:54 PM, 09.02.2020

LakewoodAlive, City of Lakewood To Host “Small Business Rent Relief Program Information Session” Webinar On August 20

LakewoodAlive and the City of Lakewood will host a free webinar presentation – entitled Small Business Rent Relief Program Information Session – on Thursday, August 20, from 10 to 11 a.m. focused on offering guidance and answering questions regarding the City’s newly-released rent relief program that seeks to assist members of Lakewood’s small business community.

The City of Lakewood is utilizing approximately $450,000 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to stabilize and fortify small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Relief Program provides emergency assistance to income-eligible Lakewood businesses with five or fewer employees that have experienced a reduction in revenue as a result of the current public health emergency.

Members of Lakewood’s small business community are invited to register by visiting and participate in this webinar in order to learn about this program, gain insight into how to complete the application and interact in a Q&A session. Space for attending this webinar is limited, and those interested in participating are urged to register ahead of time.  A recording of this presentation will be shared at a later date.


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Volume 16, Issue 16, Posted 3:41 PM, 08.19.2020

Sweet Designs Chocolatier In Lakewood Offers Window Shopping Option

“We are excited to launch Sweet Designs Window Shopping with the installation of our full menu in our storefront windows, says Ines Rehner, founder and owner.“ In addition to our online shipping and curbside pickup, we can now serve customers at a safe distance, right from our front door. You simply make your selections outside, and we will prepare them and bring them right to you.”

“While we’re aware of Ohio’s small business reopening dates per Governor DeWine, we have decided to take a more conservative approach,” adds Rehner.

In addition to this new service, Rehner says Sweet Designs will treat customers with free (individually packaged) samples for all walk-up and curbside pick-up orders and will strive to give customers the Sweet Designs experience they have come to know and love.

“For over 25 years, we have been delighted to serve our customers and meet all of their chocolate needs, Rehner adds. “In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, our mission has not changed.”

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Volume 16, Issue 10, Posted 8:02 PM, 05.19.2020

Go Buddha Meals Come Home To Lakewood

If you had to launch a new business from Lakewood just ahead of a pandemic and general shutdown, you could do much worse than plant-based meal delivery.

Go Buddha Meals has fed people—and employed people—even as unemployment has soared. Husband and wife team Joshua Ingraham and Emily Christescu say they’re encouraged by their experience so far, but it’s certainly not what they anticipated or planned for. Ingraham says that supply chains have been disrupted, and Christescu adds that promoting a new food business without meeting people in person or offering samples poses obvious challenges. “It’s still nerve-wracking,” she says.

People finding Go Buddha, and placing orders anyway, may have to do with the importance of accessibility to the original concept.

Ingraham says his work as a chef and dietary manager often revealed gaps, particularly while working with the Cleveland Clinic. Patients asking for healthy diet suggestions, after a health crisis, demonstrated one gap; the limited options in a “food desert” near the Clinic main campus was another.

Concern to bridge gaps and make healthy meals more accessible defined Go Buddha’s model in multiple ways. The startup prepares meals, and delivers them; the minimum order is a single bowl, at $10, no membership or subscription required.

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Volume 16, Issue 10, Posted 1:11 PM, 05.06.2020

Cox Communications Extends Coronavirus Response Offer For Connect2Compete With Free Service For Students Until July 15 Nationwide

Recognizing that students will remain home to finish out the school year, Cox has extended free Connect2Compete service, the company’s low-cost internet offer for families with a K-12 student at home until July 15. Remote service support is also extended to ensure ease of implementation while students continue to learn at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Customers that sign up between March 13 and May 15 are eligible for this offer and will receive free service until July 15. 

“Distance learning is critical during this time and Cox wants to ensure digital equity so that all kids have the ability to learn and advance from home,” said Pat Esser, president and chief executive officer of Cox Communications. “By extending Connect2Compete to July 15, we keep kids connected to their studies through the end of the school year, and account for additional virtual learning that may be required into the summer.” 

Cox temporarily doubled download speeds for its Connect2Compete customers from 25 to 50 Mbps in mid-March.This increase will also continue through July 15. 


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Volume 16, Issue 9, Posted 1:11 PM, 05.06.2020

Sherrod Brown Visits Lakewood

Senator Sherrod Brown recently visited the Bookshop in Lakewood to sign copies of his book, "Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America." More than 100 people attended the event, with the line to meet the senator stretching out the door at one point.

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Comfort Dental Providing Free Care For All December 23rd

All Ohio Comfort Dental locations will be hosting their 36th annual Care Day Monday, December 23, 2019, offering free dental care to those in need.

All fifteen Ohio Comfort Dental offices will be open on December 23 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Cleveland area patients can visit Comfort Dental in Lakewood located at 17500 Madison Avenue.   

“Every year we take time out to give back to the community and encourage people to check in on their oral health,” said Dr. Dave Wise, owner of Comfort Dental in Lakewood. “There is no better time than the holidays to provide free dental care."  

Beginning in Colorado in 1984, Comfort Dental has offered free dental care on Christmas Eve Day. Care Day was started as a way of improving accessibility to dental care to those in most need. On Care Day, all services are free to anyone. Patients are helped on a first-come, first-served basis receiving a variety of basic dental care from cleanings to extractions. More serious dental problems are handled on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the individual dentist. Nationally, approximately 300 Comfort Dental dentists and 1,300 staff members donate their time on Care Day.



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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Book Brothers Bookshop – A New Local Bookstore Now Open In Lakewood!

That is correct -- Lakewood has a new independent bookstore that is now open for business! “Book Brothers Bookshop” is nestled neatly among other favorite local destination right on Madison Ave., just west of Warren road. This unique little shop aims to be counted amid Lakewood’s growing scene of successful, independently owned businesses.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

A Bridge From The Past To The Future

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, New Years are all spectacular end of the year celebrations that bring family and friends together. Good, or merely interesting, it is this time of year when traditions are shared, taught, learned and passed on from generation to generation. Here in Lakewood we have an establishment that not only signals everything good about the holidays, it also provides an amazing bridge from one generation to the next. All can be made better this season with a simple visit to Mr. Christmas, aka, Mr. Holiday, Bill Hixson, at the one and only Hixson’s Barn. A northern Ohio tradition for over XXXX years!

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 4:40 PM, 11.20.2019

Carabel's Kitty Cat Contest

An exciting fall season is here and we want to reach out to new and regular customers. How? By offering some free prizes.

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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 5:59 PM, 10.02.2019

KB Confections Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary With An Ice Cream Birthday Bash!

KB Confections announced it’s celebrating 7 years in business with an Ice Cream Birthday Bash, Saturday, July 27th at their bakery in Lakewood, OH.

KB Confections began as a childhood dream of owner Karen Bosworth. After years of making wedding cakes out of her house, in 2012, Karen and family opened the doors to their bakery located inside the old Winterich’s Florists Greenhouse across from St. Edward High School.

“KB Confections is a young girl’s dream turned into a reality. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine going from the kitchen in my home to owning a successful full service bakery in the town I raised my family in.” said Karen.

Since then, KB has become known for the quality of their product and their friendly family atmosphere.

“We really like to focus on two things. Great tasting sweets and our customers,” said Karen. “If it doesn’t taste great, it’ll never leave the shop. We owe it to our customers. They are like family to us and they’ve invited us to be a part of their special occasions. It’s really means a lot to us.”

Some of their standouts include their renowned macarons, custom cakes and cookies, cassata cake (available at local landmark, Angelo’s Pizza), and their banana pudding.

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Volume 15, Issue 14, Posted 7:18 PM, 07.17.2019

Lady Liberty Gives Out Tattoos

On the morning of the 4th of July parade, dressed up as Lady Liberty, she will be handing out temporary tattoos with the Liberty Bell design. Pick out where you will want to wear them, clean that spot really well. Have some water ready remove the plastic off the design, place face down on skin, wet very well, press until design transfers on to your skin. Celebrate our country's freedom!

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Volume 15, Issue 13, Posted 6:32 PM, 07.03.2019

Let It Shine!

All 4 You Cleaning Services relocated to 14050 Madison Ave in Lakewood in August of 2018. A motivating factor in this decision was the city of Lakewood’s support of foster youth. By the city designating May as Foster Care Month it reflects the support it has of foster care youth.

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Volume 15, Issue 8, Posted 12:14 PM, 04.17.2019

Lakewoodite's Brewing For Good Again

Lakewood's own Ean Fakan, is a homebrewer and an intervention specialist, an educator of children with special needs, for over a decade. Since starting to homebrew seven years ago in a kitchen on Lakeland Avenue, he has expanded his craft to beers, wines, ciders and meads. Once a hobby, Ean's Brews moved from stovetop pots to electric brew kettles and stainless-steel conical fermenters. That's how he won a competition at Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company, which earned Fakan the title of HomeBros Cleveland brew club, Brewer of the Year for 2018!

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Volume 15, Issue 1, Posted 5:06 PM, 01.08.2019

Buckley King Welcomes Attorney And Lakewood Resident David L. Moore

The law firm Buckley King is pleased to announce that attorney and Lakewood resident DAVID L. MOORE has joined its Cleveland office. David is a transactional attorney advising emerging businesses, privately held companies and non-profit organizations. His experience includes commercial financing, real estate and corporate matters. He began his career at Moore Yourkvitch & Dibo, a law firm he started after law school, where he worked extensively with banks and financial institutions, private foundations, charities, and information-technology and energy companies.

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Volume 14, Issue 23, Posted 2:28 PM, 12.04.2018

Lakewood’s New Chaos Coordinator

There’s a new business in town that exists for one main reason: to reduce your stress. Lakewoodite Ashley Ciresi is a luxury productivity consultant, offering her services to help organize life’s “stuff” so that her customers can have more time to do what matters most to them.  

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Volume 14, Issue 22, Posted 4:01 PM, 11.20.2018

Lakewood Is Saying Goodbye To One Of Its Oldest Merchants, Cerny Shoes

CERNY SHOES has been a fixture in downtown Lakewood for years. In fact, Don and Marlene Cerny are third generation owners of the Men’s and Women’s shoe store.

Since 1903, the Cerny family has serviced the footwear needs of customers on both the East and West side of Cleveland. Cerny Shoes is the last remaining store of Zak Brothers Shoes, an eleven store chain which was in business during the early 1900’s. William P. Cerny was the president of Zak Brothers Shoes at the time. When the Great Depression hit, one store of the eleven remained, which is Cerny Shoes today.

Don’s parents, Robert and LaVerne, bought the store from Bill Cerny when Don was a child. They supported a family of six children for many years and retired in the mid 80’s. Don and Marlene have owned the store since then.

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Volume 14, Issue 20, Posted 2:25 PM, 10.16.2018

Keeping Up With Jamie Garrett

Jamie Garrett is a server at Deagan’s Kitchen, an expecting mother, and an aspiring forensics student.

The fact that she’s missing most of one arm is a fact of life, but it doesn’t define her identity.

Even if you pass time at Deagan’s, you may not notice unless Garrett serves your table. From further away she’s difficult to distinguish from other staff. Bustling back and forth with plates and drinks, she keeps up with colleagues despite physical difference.

Someone else could carry more at once, all else being equal, and Garrett asks for help with things occasionally. But for practical purposes, she manages perfectly well.

Sometimes “they forget that I have one arm,” she says of her coworkers.

The reality is more apparent for Garrett. Long practice has not made carrying groceries into the house easier, for example. She drives without problems, but manual-transmission cars are out of the question.

But this is essentially a reality she has always known. A quirk of fetal positioning meant that her left arm never fully developed. She’s been learning to do things with just one hand since infancy, from tying her shoes to playing sports to playing an instrument.

Around third grade, Garrett briefly tried a prosthetic but it seemed alien to her. “I hated it,” she recalls.

School classmates didn’t always practice respect and understanding, but Garrett found good friends and refused to be left out of extracurricular activities. Growing up in Parma, she played fast-pitch softball as catcher, and learned the trumpet. By 16 she was working as hostess at an Outback Steakhouse, and she has worked in the service industry since.

Waiting tables was not a leap that she planned on, however. After graduating high school she moved to Lakewood, and went to work at Angelo’s Pizza answering the phone. In the second year at Angelo’s, though, a day came when someone had to pitch in, and “I thought I might as well try.”

“I figured it would be difficult at first,” Garrett says, but it went well enough that eventually she spent more time attending tables than phones. Based on the experience, she applied successfully to be a server at Melt Bar & Grilled, and most recently at Deagan’s.

Garrett says she works 50 or sometimes 60 hours per week, now, and feels very appreciated by coworkers and regular customers. “I love my Deagan’s family,” she says.

Higher education remains on her mind as an eventual goal. Garrett says she’s interested in criminal justice, possibly forensics. In the meantime, she’s also contemplating a move back to Lakewood—from Fairview Park where she currently lives—and impending parenthood.

Despite a lifetime finding ways to do things with only one complete arm, Garrett expects real challenges from an infant. Though she hasn’t regarded herself as part of a disabled community, generally, in this instance she is looking to others’ examples for reassurance. “I’ve seen people succeed at this,” she says.

As long as it’s possible, Jamie Garrett is up for the challenge.

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Volume 14, Issue 18, Posted 10:34 AM, 09.18.2018

Connect2Compete Helps Students And Families Skip The “Summer Slide”

Ohio families can avoid the reduction in student achievement caused by summer vacation by accessing a low-cost internet service offered through Cox Communications known as Connect2Compete (C2C). In addition, Cox also announced the expansion of the Cox Digital Academy to include free Spanish-language resources designed to broaden opportunities for the Hispanic population through technology. 

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Volume 14, Issue 15, Posted 1:35 PM, 08.07.2018

Kidzenia - A New Childcare And Learning Center In Lakewood!

The city of Lakewood is a wonderful and rich community that is composed of people from all walks of life. In recent years we have seen many additions and improvements to our beautiful city, helping to making Lakewood an attractive place in Northeast Ohio for people to live and small local businesses to thrive. KIDZENIA is a new childcare and learning center that aims to become an integral part of the community by helping to meet the many needs of Lakewood’s diverse families. 

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Volume 14, Issue 12, Posted 4:18 PM, 06.19.2018

Lakewood Native Creates Software Development Career Pathways For Busy Locals!

Computer coding skills can open doors to a challenging and lucrative career in the ever-growing software development industry. But traditional coding bootcamps are often not a viable option for people with a full-time job or family responsibilities – a demographic that often includes women and minorities. That’s why I developed an innovative solution. The new “hybrid” bootcamp, named FlexCode™, offers a mix of online and in-person classes for greater flexibility, lower expenses, and a more effective learning model.

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Volume 14, Issue 12, Posted 4:18 PM, 06.19.2018

Cox Business Signs On As 2018 Sponsor Of StartUp Lakewood

In what promises to be an exciting year for StartUp Lakewood, Cox Business has signed on as an official sponsor of the 2018 program. With numerous startups among its local client base and a vibrant entrepreneurial community in its backyard, supporting StartUp Lakewood was a natural fit for a company like Cox Business.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 3:06 PM, 05.15.2018

Tim’s Automotive, A New Auto Repair Shop In Lakewood

When Barry Buick closed after nearly 65 years in business, auto technician Tim Skettle was out of a job. Skettle started at Barry in 1984 and was quite content to stay until retirement. Over the years he considered going out on his own but he liked where he worked and the cost of opening a full service repair shop seemed out of reach. The sudden closure of Barry Buick forced him to make a decision.

Many auto dealers were eager to hire an automotive technician with 33 years of experience who is ASE certified in mechanical and electrical service so Skettle was not concerned about finding a job. However, the more he thought about it the more he liked the idea of being his own boss and being in control of his own life.


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Volume 14, Issue 9, Posted 12:39 PM, 05.01.2018

Waterbury Coach House Expected To Re-Open May 1st After Extensive Remodeling

When the Waterbury Coach House at 13333 Madison Avenue in Lakewood holds their grand reopening--projected for May 1 after extensive remodeling-- customers will be treated to an expanded menu of American and ethic home cooking (including the restaurant’s signature garlic soup), a wide selection of trendy cocktails, live music, and the ever-popular trivia.  

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Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 3:27 PM, 04.17.2018

Lakewood Dairy Queen Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The City of Lakewood has many businesses that have been around for extended periods of time and are staples in our great city. Lakewood Dairy Queen opened in 1978 and is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this April!

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Volume 14, Issue 6, Posted 7:14 PM, 03.20.2018

Buddhist Center Now Open

Songsten Gampo Buddhist Center of Cleveland has opened this past weekend in Lakewood. Here at Songsten Gampo, we provide opportunities for all, Buddhist or not, to discover the importance of wisdom and compassion in everyday life through meditation, classes, and more.

Our resident teacher, Buddhist nun, Ani Palmo Rybicki, is one of the most highly trained instructors in the country and has been teaching in the Greater Cleveland area for the past 12 years. 

"While we provide a home for Buddhists, we are open to those of any faith and to those of no faith at all,” says Ani Palmo. “We offer the tools to transform the mind and heart. However people choose to use them is up to the individual."

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Volume 14, Issue 4, Posted 12:12 PM, 02.20.2018

The Bookshop In Lakewood Is Moving! Celebrate With 20% OFF Everything!

Well, it has been a fantastic 3½ years in this, our first location! I REALLY was not sure we would weather the storm of our first year. We opened with a $5,000 loan and starter stock pulled from my personal book collection, and have managed to keep rolling our sales back into making slow improvements for the shop. The surrounding neighborhood has been wonderful to us, and I hope they find us again as we shift seven blocks East down Madison. Our last day open in this location will be Saturday 1/27, and we are running a SALE until we close. EVERYTHING in the shop is 20% OFF, and while there are no guarantees, I will consider offers made on collectable titles. The shop weighs about 5 TONS, and I would really like to see some of these shelves empty out before I have to box and transfer them.

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Volume 14, Issue 2, Posted 9:51 PM, 01.23.2018

Comfort Dental Welcoming Patients In Lakewood

Dr. Kevin Marshall has opened the new Comfort Dental office in Lakewood. America’s largest dental franchise company, Comfort Dental’s mission is to expand access to care by making it affordable and convenient.
Conveniently located at 17500 Madison Avenue, Dr. Marshall is now accepting new patients and can be reached at 216-302-2401. Walk-ins are welcomed.
“Comfort Dental has been a pioneer in supporting local, dentist-owned offices that provide affordable care to all types of patients,” said Dr. Marshall. “Like most dentists, we treat patients with private insurance. Unlike most dentists, we treat Medicaid and uninsured patients as well."
New patients are just $19 including exam and x-rays (payment due at time of service). Generally, Comfort Dental’s fees are 25% - 30% less when compared with other dentists.  

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Volume 14, Issue 2, Posted 9:51 PM, 01.23.2018

Lakewood's New Sweet Shop

Welcome to the newest sweet shop in Lakewood...Sweet Amelia's.  Lovingly named after, and inspired by, the owners Grandmother, Amelia Dodaro. As spirited entrepreneur and business woman, she opened a grocery/meat market in Central Cleveland that also offered homemade bakery and candy.

At Sweet Amelia's, you will find a warm and charming atmosphere filled with homemade pastries, handmade chocolates, nostalgic candy and specialty gifts. Solstice Roasters, a premium coffee roaster based out of Downtown Cleveland, provides the shops delicious coffee. Hot tea and homemade cocoa are also served. As such, the mornings will be a great time to stop in for a hot beverage and breakfast pastry as will the afternoons with a selection of unique bakery treats.

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Volume 13, Issue 23, Posted 10:05 PM, 12.05.2017

Second Insomnia Cookies Opens In Lakewood

Lakewood just got a whole lot sweeter! Insomnia Cookies, known for its warm, delicious cookies has opened its doors to the public. We are excited to announce that we will now be open and serving warm cookies until 3 AM every day.

Insomnia’s cookies are delivered warm out of the oven and straight to the customer’s door. Popular cookie flavors include Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the S’mores Deluxe. Insomnia Cookies also serves and delivers two sizes of cookie cakes and a brownie with the option to add toppings such as cookie dough and sprinkles. The requisite pint of cold milk can also be added to any order.

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Volume 13, Issue 23, Posted 10:05 PM, 12.05.2017