Block Party Beat

Lincoln Avenue Hosts Wet And Wild Block Party

Lincoln Avenue, north of Franklin, hosted their annual Block Party on Sunday, August 6th. The block has continued the city tradition for decades and this was another great community event bringing neighbors, friends and family together. This year featured a powerful rain storm that started just as the party was finishing.

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Volume 19, Issue 16, Posted 8:38 AM, 08.17.2023

Lakewood Atractting More Good Neighbors Especially In Tough Times

We live on a great street, with great neighbors. And it just keeps getting better. This summer we eagerly awaited the arrival of our new neighbors. Regi and Chris Strauss moved from downtown and joined the block in July. After a warm welcome of many socially distant introductions, it feels like home.

Months have passed and the seasons changed, bringing us to an undeniably different holiday season. In a true act of appreciation and gratitude for their warm welcome, Regi and Chris offered to take Christmas morning porch photos for the families on our street. Sharing her talents as a photographer, Regi used a lens that would allow her to safely photograph everyone from the sidewalk.

Chris played music, Regi shot the photos, the snow fell, and everyone smiled. It was perfect. A perfect gift to conclude 2020. A year like no other, captured in time. A generous and thoughtful gesture that will carry us into a new year, feeling grateful and full of hope.

To contact Regina Strauss Photography go to:

Facebook Page:

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Volume 17, Issue 1, Posted 12:59 PM, 01.06.2021

Views From Overlook Park

Overlook Park Neighborhood Association is proud to announce its 2016 Beautification Award Winners. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing continuous excellence in landscape design and appearance goes to Cheryl and David Jerome on Edgewater Lane. David and Cheryl lovingly and meticulously tend to the yard themselves and each garden bed offers something new and spectacular to the avid gardener and casual visitor alike.
The Special Recognition Award recognizes excellence in either exterior historical preservation or major landscape renovation, or significant projects which result in improved curb appeal which is beneficial to the entire neighborhood. Lori and Mike Petti of Wilbert Rd. are the recipients this year for the addition of this beautiful and inviting back porch and the landscaping surrounding it. It complements the house architecturally and is thoroughly enjoyed by the family. Both landscaping (a work in progress) and porch were designed by another resident of Overlook Park, Julia Artbauer.

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Volume 13, Issue 6, Posted 8:14 PM, 03.21.2017

Starry Night Raises More Than $130,000 To Benefit Diabetes Patients

Recognized as one of the West Side’s biggest and best street parties, Starry Night on Friday, August 1, boasted nearly 550 guests and raised more than $130,000. Net proceeds will directly benefit patients through the Lakewood Hospital Diabetes and Endocrine Center’s Diabetes Assistance Initiative and community education efforts.

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Volume 10, Issue 17, Posted 8:13 AM, 08.21.2014

Brave New Way Fashion Show

Virginia Marti College, WCSB Cleveland 89.3FM and the Five O’clock Lounge presents “Brave New Way” fashion show Saturday May 7 at 7 PM at the 5 O’clock Lounge. Clothing Designers from Virginia Marti College will be presenting spring fashions. WCSB’s Frank Stanek will be announcing the show while DJ D-Rock spins. Some of your favorite WCSB DJ’s will be spinning before, during intermissions, and after the show. WCSB will also have merchandise available. Various local businesses are donating time and effort helping with the show, providing snacks, and selling merchandise. The show is free but we are asking for canned goods, dried foods, and household items such as cleaners for the Cleveland Food Bank. This event is for ages 21 and over only. For more info you can call the 5 O’clock Lounge at 216-521-4906 or you can visit WCSB’s website at Virginia Marti College, WCSB Cleveland, and the 5 O’clock Lounge presents “Brave New Way” fashion show Saturday May 7 at 7 PM at the 5 O’clock Lounge, 11904 Detroit Rd. in Lakewood.

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Volume 7, Issue 8, Posted 8:28 AM, 04.20.2011

From Steeple And Stained Glass To CVS

The site of the Lakewood Lutheran Church holds many cherished memories, especially for a Lakeland resident and her parents. You see, her parents, Louise and Elliot Manke got married in that Church. And so it is when time changes footpaths in the community and residents gather to tend to the memories and ponder the redevelopment from church steeple to pharmacy brick and mortar. So, what will happen to the steeple and the beautiful stained glass and what about the pews? And what about that majestic Old Oak Tree?

Perhaps it was because we were meeting in the Main Library, one of the largest recent redevelopments, and the insurgence of new has become the now. Acceptance that the redevelopment was at hand turned over to concerns of how the redevelopment will impact the neighborhood. Sean McDermott, of Zaremba Group and a resident of Lakewood, presented the site plan. Sean walked through the details of the concept and addressed design and function elements. Like the credits of a movie, there will be no houses removed in construction of the site.

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Volume 7, Issue 7, Posted 10:26 PM, 04.05.2011

Snowmen And More Seen On St. Charles And Onondaga

On Sunday, January 16, the St. Charles-Onondaga Block Club sponsored a snowman building contest for the neighborhood.

The rules, emailed Thursday, January 13,  were simple: create a snow sculpture by 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Ballot voting would determine winners in three categories: Best Traditional, Biggest, and Most Creative.

At 3:30, neighbors gathered on a porch to drink hot chocolate and receive ballots. Approximately 26 neighbors ventured into the cold to see the eight entries. The group walked around the St. Charles-Onondaga neighborhood (between Madison and Franklin) to see what was built.


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Volume 7, Issue 2, Posted 12:35 AM, 01.26.2011

Lakeland Lights Up!

Lakeland Avenue Block Club held its Second Annual Lakeland Lights Celebration this year. Neighbors illuminated and decorated their homes to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year, Kwanza, or just to chase away the winter darkness. Prizes were awarded in the categories of Winter Wonderland, Best Traditional Decoration, Most Humorous, and Honorable Mention. All decorators were also entered into a drawing for participation prizes.

Prizes were generously provided by Lakewood favorites: Aladdin's, Blackbird Baking Company, Forbici Salon, Melt Bar and Grilled, Dewey's Pizza, 56 West, and Sweet Designs. We celebrated together at our Block Club Holiday Party, sponsored by The Merry Arts and Roman Fountain Pizza.

The Lakeland Avenue Block Club is co-chaired by Mara Manke and Carol Mason. Lakeland Lights coordinators are Joan Tropf and Lynnette Guttmann.

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 1:25 PM, 01.13.2010

300 Daffodils Planted on Lakeland Ave.

The Lakeland Avenue Block Club recently completed a street beautification project. Lakeland neighbors planted over 300 mixed daffodil bulbs in their front yards for all to enjoy next spring.

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Volume 5, Issue 22, Posted 8:44 AM, 11.04.2009

There's No Place Like Home on Virginia Avenue

One could almost hear Judy Garland’s voice as this year the residents on Virginia Avenue went Somewhere Over the Rainbow for their 42nd consecutive block party on August 21 and 22. That’s right -- this street has too much fun for just one day! There were plenty of Dorothys, several munchkins, a tin man, a couple of witches, the cutest Glindas and even a few folks from the Emerald City.

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Volume 5, Issue 18, Posted 9:31 PM, 09.23.2009

Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer – Western Style?

If it sounds like a strange way to celebrate, it is! But that was the theme of our annual Arthur Avenue block party held on August 1st. If you have never had a block party on your street, you may want to consider organizing one. We met some brand new neighbors and even convinced some long-time residents to come out and mingle. You can keep it simple, or have lots of fun activities like we do. All you need to do is contact the city and request a permit. They will drop off barricades for your block and they even provide some recycling signs and bags.

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Volume 5, Issue 16, Posted 7:41 AM, 08.12.2009

Lakeland Lights by Joan Tropf

Lakeland Avenue Block Club held its first Lakeland Lights celebration this year. Neighbors illuminated and decorated their homes to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year, Kwanza, or just to chase away the winter darkness.

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 10:16 AM, 01.14.2009

St. Charles/Onondaga Block Bash

As Indian Summer faded, the residents of St. Charles and Onondaga Avenues were blessed with one last burst of great weather for their Annual Block Party. Food, coupled with fun activities for the kids made it a night to remember. There were candy relays, parachute games, and a scarecrow making event. Meanwhile the adults enjoyed fun conversations about the new block watch, new neighbors, careers, and family lives. Neighbors have high expectations for the next gathering.
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Volume 4, Issue 24, Posted 9:16 PM, 11.10.2008

Singin' in the Rain on Northland Ave

Neither rain nor wind nor more rain would keep the folks of Northland Ave. (south of Hilliard) down for their Annual Summer Block Party. This year, the Block kicked off events with the parade of decorated bikes following our street's Grand Marshal (and elder stateswoman) Jane, who has walked this earth for 93 years...
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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 9:05 PM, 08.14.2008