The Lakewood Observer is published as a community building project. It is written and edited by members of the community on a volunteer basis, and is supported by community-minded advertisers.

Your advertising supports your own business or organization, but it does much more.

It enables important dialogue, and encourages transparency in public policy and decision-making.

Your advertising helps the very community where you do business to become better, stronger and more desirable – all of which is good for business too.

The Lakewood Observer publishes every other week, with a circulation of 10,000. It is distributed through more than 200 locations throughout Lakewood. It's also available online in two formats.

The Lakewood Observer is part of the Observer Media Project, a loosely connected group of publications in Greater Cleveland that operate cooperatively while focusing on service to their own communities. More information is available in the Observer Media Project brochure.

Serve two good purposes by advertising: Reach the people likely to be your most frequent customers, and support the community's well-being at the same time. 

2023-2024 Marketing Kits

Advertising contact:

  • Debra O'Bryan
  • Phone: 216-339-2531
  • Office: 216-407.6818

As a convenience, we offer advertising design services for an additional fee. 

Ads not formatted according to specifications contained the Rate/Spec sheets may result in poor reproduction quality. The Lakewood Observer is not responsible for ads that are not formatted to these specifications. The design and production team cannot alter PDF files; they are placed "as is."

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