Starr Gazer: July

ARIES: The Sun is shining on Ram’s Mountain of home & family, the Ram can spread the word in a heartbeat, throw an impromptu party. Lady Jupiter is gracing your neighborhood with Luck, enjoy!

TAURUS: The Bull just hit the jackpot, it’s time to come out of that Bullpen & celebrate, share the wealth with your siblings, & spread it throughout your community, be generous.

GEMINI: Lady Luck is sitting pretty in the Twin’s sense of self. It’s time to double up & share the greenbacks with the less fortunate. What you give out comes back ten-fold!

CANCER: Jupiter is spreading some good luck behind the scenes this month for the Crab. However, it’s your month to shine birthday girl/guy. Soak up the Sunshine & smile for the camera.

LEO: The Sun is working behind the scenes in the Lion/Lioness Jungle this month. However, Lady Luck is lighting up your house of friends like the 4 th of July. Mingle.

VIRGO: If you’ve been thinking about finding some work to bring in extra cash, there’s no place like your friendship circle. Get thee to the neighborhood events & ask around.

LIBRA: The Sun is shining on Libra’s house of Career, while Lady Luck is lighting up your 9th house of foreign affairs. Do I hear a trip overseas in the works? Say “Si."

SCORPIO: The Scorpion is all about transformation, this month extra moola may come from outside resources. The Sun is lighting up your house of foreign affairs, buy a ticket.

SAGITTARIUS: Aim that bow & arrow straight to the heart of a significant other this month Centaur. The Lucky stars are headed in that direction, transformation firstthough!

CAPRICORN: Jupiter is shining on the Goat’s 6 th house of health. Enjoy the upswing! Meanwhile Lady Jupiter is putting the spotlight on your business/romantic relationships. Yahoo!

AQUARIUS:  The Sun is shining on the unconventional Aquarian’s fitness routine. Who said working out has to be boring? Lady Jupiter is making a visit to the house of romance.

PISCES: The Fish has all the luck in the world this month right at home in the pond. However, the Sun is working overtime to set the sky ablaze with its romantic sunsets. Solstice steps perhaps?

Eva Starr, the local astrologer, has been studying the moon & stars since she could read. You can reach Starr at

Volume 20, Issue 13, Posted 8:59 PM, 07.02.2024