New Qua Wine Shop On Madison Is Now Open!

Qua Wine Shop 15729 Madison Avenue

Qua Wine Shop is now open! Qua is a health conscious, community focused wine shop. With the goal of providing transparent and honest wine selections to new and experienced wine enthusiasts all the while giving back to the community. The shop highlights a local artist and a small business monthly, in addition to monthly wine education. At Qua Wine Shop, we are redefining connectivity through genuine experience.

Qua brings weekly wine tastings on Thursdays 5:30-7:30 pm & Saturdays 1-5 pm to Madison Avenue. Come by and see us! We have a wide variety of grapes that are compatible with strict diets/lifestyles. Qua brings a selection of wine that is organic, vegan, and biodynamic to Southwest Lakewood. The Shop focuses on supporting small businesses and small producers.

Qua Wine Shop is a quintessential addition to the Lakewood scene. Nestled on the Southeast corner of Madison and Carabel, Qua is redefining connectivity through honest unique wines of the highest quality, education, and artistic events. Qua creates your favorite place of solstice not too far from home through wine, education, and creativity. The Qua experience is completely unparalleled, as wine mingles with art and education. Qua caters to those who are enthusiastically adventurous, health conscious, and value transparency. Come experience the authentic Quality of being present.

Join us for our Meet The Artist Series starting July 6th during our Quality Saturday Tasting 1-5 pm. at 15729 Madison Avenue. Follow us on Instagram @quawineshop and Facebook Qua Wine Shop, or join our email list at for more information/upcoming events. 216-633-4169

Tara Hollins

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