New Non-Profit Club Aims To Revitalize Lakewood Football

The Ranger Nation Football Club (RNFC), a newly established non-profit organization, is set to revolutionize youth football in Lakewood. With a mission to foster growth and development from the ground up, RNFC aims to create a supportive and inclusive community that emphasizes leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

The RNFC is dedicated to enhancing the football experience for players at all levels. By providing state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional training opportunities, and spirited Lakewood Purple and Gold gear, the organization hopes to cultivate a strong football identity that extends beyond the field.

"Our mission is to build a winning program that not only improves the experience for our players but also nurtures future leaders and strengthens the bonds within our community," said Mike Bentley, President of RNFC. "A strong youth football program is essential for assisting Coach Polevacik in building a successful high school program. A vibrant football community, as we had in the past, unites Lakewood and instills a sense of pride and belonging."

The RNFC’s first major initiative is a fundraiser to purchase professional-grade jerseys for the 5th and 6th-grade football teams. According to Bentley, a well-designed uniform not only instills pride but also fosters team spirit and unity among young players.

Lakewood High School Football Coach Mike Polevacik echoes Bentley's sentiments. He believes a comprehensive strategy that supports athletes from youth through high school is vital for sustained success.

"A comprehensive strategy means all our coaches use the same playbook terminology and techniques, ensuring consistency and safety in the way the game is played," Polevacik stated. "By focusing on development at every level, we ensure our athletes receive consistent training and support. I'm grateful to Mike Bentley, the RNFC team, and the district administration for their support. We are all dedicated to reigniting the passion Lakewood has towards football, and this
is a major step in that direction."

The RNFC invites the Lakewood community to join their mission by becoming members.

Membership benefits include exclusive access to information, special events, and Lakewood Football merchandise.

For more information, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages at @rangernationfc

Jim Maday

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 20, Issue 13, Posted 8:59 PM, 07.02.2024