Mayor's Corner: Updated Parking Lot In Lakewood Park Achieves Multiple Goals

With summer in full swing and the Fourth of July upon us, Lakewood’s most heavily used public asset – Lakewood Park – continues to experience a high volume of use. Whether it is the Solstice Steps, the Kids Cove playground, our new pickleball courts, Foster Pool, or simply strolling the beautiful park campus, Lakewood Park continues to offer a multitude of opportunities for the people of Lakewood to enjoy the seasons. With the high demand for park access, last year the City took on a project to update the main parking lot at Lakewood Park to achieve multiple goals – from increasing capacity on the existing footprint to enhancing access, walkability, and safety to ensuring better lighting and more environmentally friendly elements were incorporated in the project.

Planning for the parking lot project began prior to last year, and the main elements of construction began in 2023 after the park’s busy season to ensure access continued throughout. A main goal of the project was to realign and restripe the exiting spaces on site to increase capacity while avoiding having to drastically expand the paved area in the park. We feel we have achieved this by expanding the number of spaces by 34 on the exiting footprint.

While we were increasing the number of spaces, we used the opportunity to address stormwater runoff from the site. This was achieved by adding water retention design elements that significantly reduce the amount of storm water that pours off the lot and into our storm sewers. This is a great example of layering multiple goals into one project – we helped increase parking lot capacity while addressing elements of the City’s ongoing Integrated Wet Weather Improvement Plan (IWWIP).

Another environmentally friendly element added through this project was the burying of several power lines that previously traversed the parking lot while also updating nearby lighting to LED. Again, this achieved multiple goals – including some from our Climate Action Plan – by helping to increase visibility at night, reducing overall electricity usage, and eliminating unsightly power lines in our beautiful park.

Finally, the overall traffic patterns and pedestrian access points in the lot have been updated. The flow of vehicles through the lot has been updated to address some long-term concerns with how vehicles funneled through the parking lot. We also have added more surrounding pedestrian connections to and through the parking lot. This will be especially helpful to increase walkability, provide access for disabled persons, and increase overall safety in and around the lot, including by slowing traffic.

Our teams from the Planning & Development Department and the Public Works Department once again did a fantastic job on this project. They took what could have been a very basic parking lot resurfacing project and instead came up with changes that significantly enhance the park’s functionality, allow for a more user-friendly experience, and advance the City’s environmental goals.

Summer in Lakewood continues to be a wonderful time. I hope to see you all tomorrow along the parade route and at our annual Fourth of July extravaganza at Lakewood Park as we celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Volume 20, Issue 13, Posted 8:59 PM, 07.02.2024