City Hall Observed

City Council met on Monday, July 1st after a meeting of the Finance Committee.

The beginning of a new month and quarter saw a handful of routine agenda items about moving money around.

This meeting saw the retirement of Finance Director Peter Rancatore who has served the city since March of 2024. Congratulations to Dir. Rancatore on a career of dedicated public service including 7 years in the Ohio Army National Guard. Each member of council except one who was absent and Mayor George thanked the director for his service.

The Civil Service Commission gave a presentation suggesting pay raises for the Mayor and City Council members. This was deferred to the Committee of the Whole for further discussion.

A resident and homeowner on Bunts Rd. gave an impassioned statement encouraging the city to dutifully consider all factors and implications as they move through the phases of the proposed Bunts Rd. rehabilitation. She was concerned with public safety, environmental impacts, sustainability, maintenance and impact on homeowners in the affected area. This resident did not believe that proper due diligence had been done by the city before the announcement of plans. Council President Sarah Kepple replied that there is typically not a response to public statements but that members of the administration or council may respond to her.

Members of council addressed the present public directly 3 times. It was the first time I can remember since I began regularly attending these meetings in January that multiple representatives paused the proceeding to “Break the fourth wall” and narrate the goings on for the public. The community was well represented at this council meeting with at least 7 in attendance.

The next opportunity to see your elected officials in action is on July 15th at 7:30 at the City Hall Auditorium. 12650 Detroit.

Theodore Babcock is a local photographer.

Theodore Babcock

Local Man/Photographer

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