S.O.S. - Save Our Seniors: Support Property Tax Reform

A couple of issues ago, Tristan Rader wrote an article describing some of the duties and responsibilities of our state legislators. He listed quite a few responsibilities including climate change, worker’s rights, marijuana legislation etc. However, he failed to mention that our state representatives have direct control over our real estate property taxes in Ohio.

Even though we pay our property taxes to Cuyahoga County, the methods and formulas for those taxes are controlled by our elected officials in Columbus. Very few politicians want to discuss lowering our property taxes for one main reason. In most counties, 65-75% of our property tax goes to fund public schools. Most politicians are deathly afraid to upset the school teachers unions who are huge supporters and contributors to their campaigns.

The sad reality is that every three years our home evaluations increase and the public schools receive an automatic increase in funding that has not be voted on by the taxpayers. Because of this taxing formula, seniors are being driven out of their homes. Property values are going through the roof and while it may be a windfall for those individuals selling their homes, it is an incredible burden to the rest of us. Many of us seniors want to stay in the homes where we raised our families and  have resided for many years. The increase of value in our homes will not be realized until we sell. In the meantime, the pressure from rising costs in food, fuel and medical care combined with high property taxes is devastating.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT! - Citizens for Property Tax Reform is attempting to rally seniors in Cuyahoga County to put pressure on our politicians to make changes in the property tax structure.

In Phase 1, we are asking for immediate relief for seniors by putting a freeze on current property taxes for everyone 65 years or older and increasing the eligibility for the Homestead Exemption. Phase 2 will be a total restructure of the property tax system for all Ohio homeowners. Seniors, together we can be a highly persuasive political lobby in the fight for property tax reform in Ohio.

Please check out our web site @ reformpropertytax.com

Feel free to contact me by email at kd44107@yahoo.com for more info.

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Volume 20, Issue 12, Posted 1:36 AM, 06.19.2024