City Hall Observed

City Council met on Monday, June 17th after meetings of the Finance Committee and the Committee of the Whole.

Angela Byington was introduced to the Committee of the Whole where they were able to ask questions before recommending her to the full council to confirm her as Mayor George’s selection for new Director of Planning & Development. She was later confirmed and sworn in at the council meeting.

Byington expressed excitement about working in a more “urban” community than Perkins, Ohio where she had been employed previously. She described Lakewood as “Vibrant, unique and progressive." She addressed the fact that Lakewood has combined the Planning and Development roles which is not how the majority of cities are organized. She has held a similar position elsewhere and has previous experience in Sandusky and Lorain as well.

The Finance Committee meeting was 9 minutes long.

The highlight of the evening was during the council meeting when Councilman Baker’s “Complete Streets” legislation was introduced. It is co-sponsored by multiple members of council and was vocally supported by six members of the community. The proposed ordinance would create a public forum for any and all changes made to roads, sidewalks, bike lanes and other infrastructure.

Mayor George spoke sharply and passionately about how the city employs many trained professionals in these areas and that they should be entrusted with these decisions. Councilpeople Schachner and Baker responded by stating that they do not believe the current wording of the ordinance hampers the administration’s ability to make recommendations and decisions.

I thought the Committee of the Whole might address the vacant lot at the corner of Belle and Detroit but I guess that would fall to the Committee of the Hole.

There were about 15 members of the community in attendance.

Ted Babcock is a local photographer.

Theodore Babcock

Local Man/Photographer

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