A Big Thank You To Lakewood From Supplies4Success

Here we are celebrating the end of another school year – which of course includes celebrating the generosity of our Lakewood community.

For the past decade Supplies4Success has run a summertime city-wide school supply drive supporting our K-12 grad students. There are several collection methods: local businesses and churches act as collection sites where people can drop off items throughout the summer, H2O campers recycle gently use items, and you can even donate funds directly for purchasing and leave the shopping to us!

Once items have been collected, a group of volunteers get together to sort, count, and box up the supplies for delivery in time for the start of school. Items are available at every building, and there are no financial requirements for students to access these supplies.

The committee wanted to report some exciting numbers from last summer's collection. In 2023 we collected over 16,000 items to create supply closets in each of our schools. This number includes 5,000+ pencils, 2,500+ pens, 1,400+ folders, and so much more. If you want to know more about the impact of these stocked supply closets in each building, take it from our teachers: "Harrison Elementary School embraces diversity and inclusion and strives to create a warm and supportive environment for all our students including many new immigrants and refugees. Students can "shop" for backpacks, lunch bags, and other needed supplies. Equipping new Harrison students in need with school supplies fosters a sense of belonging, promotes academic engagement, and alleviates a financial burden on their families. We are so grateful for the donations. Recently we welcomed a new student to Harrison, and he was able to pick out a brand-new Spiderman backpack. His eyes widened in excitement like he couldn't believe it was real!"-- Tiffany Hickey & Jeannette Sgambellone. We hear stories like this each year from all of our buildings. We hope to take the pressure off of families and teachers to make sure students have the needed supplies to succeed academically.

We will be starting our summer 2024 collected after the 4th of July. If anyone is interested in working with us, here are some ways to participate: manage a collection site, pass out flyers, or volunteer on our sorting day. We will report service hours if requested. Please email us at lwkdschoolsupplies@gmail.com to be connected with a member of the committee.

We look forward to another successful summer of collecting! Supplies4Success is a 501(c)3 under The Lakewood Foundation.

Karen Lee is the Supplies4Success Chair. She has been a Lakewood resident since 1999.

Karen Lee

Supplies4Success, Chair

Lakewood resident since 1999

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Volume 20, Issue 12, Posted 1:36 AM, 06.19.2024