Bike Safety For All


School's letting out for the Summer, as are many bicycles, scooters and baby strollers on the sidewalks.
With a large elderly population, among others using the sidewalks, can you please print City of Lakewood's "Rules of the Road" ?


Lakewood Bicycle Laws 101

  • Every person riding a bicycle upon a street shall follow all laws applicable to the driver of a vehicle.
  • Every person riding a bicycle upon a sidewalk shall be granted all of the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian.
  • No person shall operate a bicycle on a sidewalk at a speed greater than an ordinary walk.
  • Cyclists yield the right of way to any pedestrian and shall give audible signal before passing.
  • Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall ride not more than two abreast in a single lane.
  • Every bicycle from sunset to sunrise shall be equipped with:
    • A white flashing or steady light mounted on the front of the bicycle.
    • A red flashing light and a red reflector on the rear of the bicycle.
    • Every bicycle shall be equipped with an adequate brake when used on a street.
  • Whenever any minor under the age of eighteen years operates a bicycle or motorized bicycle in violation, the bicycle may be seized by any member of the Police Department and impounded.
  • No person under the age of eighteen shall operate a bicycle within the City unless the person is wearing a protective helmet on their head, with the chin strap fastened under the chin.

How does a rider make the pedestrian aware they're approaching? A whistle? A "coming up on your right/left"? A bell? If available, how do bicycle riders use the designated bicycle lane?


Pedestrians in Lakewood using the sidewalks always have the right of way over cyclists! Scooters should not even be on the sidewalk. 

Cyclists passing pedestrians on the sidewalk are required to give a signal be it verbal or a bell. Whistles and sirens are prohibited in Lakewood and in the entire state of Ohio!

A cyclist can ride on the sidewalk unless it’s “congested” with pedestrian traffic. If congested, the cyclist has to walk the bike on the sidewalk.

The bike lanes are available for cyclists to ride their bikes but cyclists have to follow the flow and rules of traffic. I see many cyclists riding the wrong way in the bike lane!

Finally, from sundown to sunrise, cyclists must have an activated white front light and an activated red rear light. You must only have white lights in the front of your bike and red lights in the rear. For instance, if you had lights on your helmet, the front should be white and the rear should be red.

Enjoy your summer by riding safely and legall


Ken Knabe

A senior citizen enjoying the Senior services provided by the City of Lakewood.

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