The Lakewood Hospital Site

Massing Study by Dan Cuffaro

The site of the former Lakewood Hospital is an amazing opportunity that deserves a world class development.

Imagine that the centerpiece of the site is a pedestrian walkway, that gently slopes downhill from south to north. This treelined walkway would be surrounded by townhouses varying in size and cost. At the south end of the walk would be a small park that invites residents of the surround neighborhoods to stroll through the site. The northwest end would have a plaza that connects 'The Walk' to Detroit Avenue & Belle, and by extension to Lakewood Park.

The northwest plaza would be surrounded by larger mixed-use commercial properties (cafe/restaurant below, offices above) and perhaps live/work apartments. As the buildings extend south, they would be smaller scale to match the surrounding neighborhoods. The site would be carefully intersected by one way streets with reserved street parking, and former hospital basement would become a foundation of below grade parking (given that it is already excavated, parking would essentially be on the ground level).

The facades facing the surrounding neighborhoods would have a residential feel, while those along Detroit would be larger scale and more grand.

Imagine high quality materials, beautiful landscapeing and people-scale structures carefully placed to take advantage of sunlight and shade.

This would be a legacy enjoyed by residents for generations.

Dan Cuffaro

I am a husband, father, designer and educator, who has lived in Lakewood for over 20 years.

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Volume 20, Issue 9, Posted 2:53 PM, 05.08.2024