Hooray For Hollywood, Part 10

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  • Production trucks from Hadaad's fill the old Steve Barry lot.

  • Even the port-a-potties have a film theme.

  • They spent three days shooting on Arthur and at Lakewood Dental Group. Packing up here on Arthur.

  • Steve Zahn
    (93 films, 1-time director, 4-time producer)
    photo courtesy of IMDB

    Especially "That Thing You Do" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

  • Samra Weaving
    (40 films, 2-time Producer, and 1 time director)
    photo courtesy of IMDB

  • Randall Park
    (173 films, 8-time director, 4-time writer.)
    photo courtesy of IMDB

  • Kevin Costner, "Draft Day"

  • Jennifer Garner, "Draft Day"

  • "With this Ring"
    Final wedding scene being filmed at Stinchcomb.

  • "With This Ring" being filmed on Detroit Ave, at Vosh.

  • Lakewood legend, Mickey Krivosh stops to talk to "With This Ring" star, Regina Hall.

  • From the film, "The Long Goodbye" in The Shore Restaurant.

  • Ross Deli the night they were filming "Beautiful Garden."

  • Inside that night during a break.

  • Cleveland's Russo brothers filmed "Marvel's Avengers" in Cleveland.

  • Expolsions on East 9th.

  • "Fast and Furious 8: The Fate of the Furious" filmed on the streets of Cleveland.

  • "Fast and Furious 8: The Fate of the Furious" one of the most outrageous scenes on adventure films happened here, "Let it rain cars..."

  • ex-Lakewoodite Mary Coleman watching the filming of Marvel's "Winter Soldier" from her office window. What I was seeing through the camera lens.

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