On The Eclipse

Finally an event that was shared by all (who were situated near it), free of charge, and attended by every kind of human being regardless of age, gender, color, nationality, ability, religion, clothing, whatever! All were welcome.

I didn’t hear of any protests at this event, at least no anti-eclipse ones. This in itself is a cause for celebration. Apparently we often angry peoples can, when there is a cosmic event, put aside all reference to politics and divisiveness. 

Even those who think science is a conspiracy game didn’t question whether the event would happen. They accepted the science which accurately predicted the timing of the eclipse.

Will the majesty, wonder and spirituality of the total solar eclipse soon be eclipsed by a return to our rancorous dealings with one another?

We,  just specks in the universe, should figure out how to live in peace with one another. That is why we are here.

Jean Brinich is a retired family nurse practitioner, returned to Lakewood in 2015 after a 46 year absence.

jean brinich

Retired family nurse practitioner, returned to Lakewood in 2015 after 46 year absence.

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Volume 20, Issue 8, Posted 1:24 PM, 04.17.2024