Strong Odor Emanating From Rocky Rive

This past week the City of Lakewood became aware of a sick, pungent odor that was most noticeable on the west side of the city. This odor had been emanating from a historic oil well along Hilliard Boulevard in Rocky River that was punctured dur- ing construction work. The

Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was in the process of fixing the issue, but said that it would take several days to complete.

The "Newburg" oil has a strong odor and smells similar to the mercaptan additive that gives natural gas its smell. We have been informed that the odor, despite its unpleasantness,

does not cause any health issues. Residents have been advised that the smell outside is not cause for alarm. If, however, you smell a gas odor inside your house (e.g., your basement) during this time, be sure to call 911 as you normally would, and the fire department will come

check for a natural gas leak.

Volume 20, Issue 7, Posted 4:24 PM, 04.03.2024