Enough Already: The World Is Watching As Gaza Is Being Starved

How much longer will the world allow Israel to act with absolute impunity? On countless occasions since the escalating attacks on innocent Palestinian civilians, the Biden Administration has been reported to “warn” Israel, and “pressure” Netanyahu and “push” the IDF to act in accordance with international humanitarian law. It has been six months. Six months of watching massive airstrikes, absolute destruction, depraved military operations and death - so much death in Palestine. Now, we are watching as those that survived the relentless bombings, die of forced starvation because Israel will not allow sufficient aid into Gaza.

It is long past time for the United States to halt the financial, military and political cover we’ve given Israel’s genocidal campaign. Even after the ICJ’s ruling, objections from international humanitarian organizations, and warnings from the Biden Administration, Israel has rejected any calls for restraint and doubled down on their intent to massacre Palestinian civilians. Currently, the IDF is poised to launch an invasion of Rafah, the southernmost point of the Gaza strip where 1.5M forcibly displaced refugees are sheltering. 

To be in lockstep with Netanyahu’s authoritarian regime is unconscionable; to hold Gaza and the world hostage by refusing international ceasefire resolutions is absolutely evil. Not only does the U.S. look incredibly foolish on the world stage, but also utterly hypocritical and breath-takingly callous. 

As a nation, we will face consequences for aiding and abetting a genocide. Whether it’s Trump in November, or a geopolitical conflict in the near future or judgment day when we meet our proverbial maker, America needs to take accountability and course correct or else this will be the beginning of the end of our role as a leader of the free world. No short-term foreign policy goals are worth that. 

Laura Beans Sika

I am a professional writer, storyteller and content creator with a background in publishing. I've spent more than 13 years working at publications, PR firms and marketing agencies in Northeast Ohio. My work has appeared in  Ohio Magazine, EcoWatch, Organic Spa Magazine, YES! Magazine, The Establishment and others. I graduated with a degree in English—Creative Writing from Ohio University in 2010. My passions lie in social justice and environmental conservation.

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Volume 20, Issue 7, Posted 4:24 PM, 04.03.2024