Join Us April 11 For LWC Women Honoring Women 2024 Spring Fundraiser: Thrift-Store Fashion Show Sustainable Style!

The Lakewood Women’s Club (LWC) Annual Spring Fundraiser -- Women Honoring Women will be held, once again, at Vosh/Georgetown on April 11th at 6pm serving appetizers and drinks with the cost of admission. This event helps fund our scholarship program that each year awards a female Lakewood resident who is pursuing a higher education. This year our scholarship will be in honor of the late Patty Ryan, past President  & CEO of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. The evening will be a celebration designed to recognize the wonderful accomplishments of Lakewood women in business, non-profits, policies, schools and all walks of Lakewood life! 

The Thrift Store Fashion Show will showcase models focused on reusing and recycling previously owned clothing. Today thrifting is more than just an affordable practice; it's a form of self-expression. With a wide range of one-of-a-kind items, you are able to find unique pieces that reflect your own style. I speak from personal experience and have been enjoying the hunt for spectacular items for more than 30+ years! 

We look forward to seeing you soon! Please purchase your tickets today and join us!

A heartfelt thank you to these participating stores:

Tia Winfield, Co-Owner - Value World (Lakewood)

"We are honored to contribute to the Lakewood Women's Club annual fundraiser, 'Women Honoring Women,' particularly with this year's theme of a Thrift Store Fashion Show.  It's a joy to unite with fellow Lakewood women business owners and community leaders in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our local women while also supporting the dreams of future generations through scholarships. We are thrilled that this year's runway will showcase an array of thrifted treasures, not only adding a unique flair to the event but also symbolizing a commitment to sustainability and fostering opportunities for women within our local community."  

Emily Butler, Lakewood Luxury Consignment (Lakewood)

From an in-person interview with Torey Worron, LWC President and Co-Chair of WHW.

Torey: Tell us how you started your store and what your passion is and how this all came together?

Emily: So I started my store in Scranton Pennsylvania in 2011 and it was because I like to shop and I don't want to pay retail. All the thrift stores and consignment shops sold things back then that I felt like younger generations could not shop there or it was stuff that they really didn't want so that led to getting things that I thought people would want more and were less easy to find on the higher end of fashion. 

Torey: Where do you go to find your accessories and clothes for your customer?

Emily: People bring them to me, mostly local people, also out of state, I have people shipping things because I had a shop for 4 years or 5 years before I moved here. 

Torey: So do you do a lot online or is it all personal where people come into the store and you help them put their outfits together?

Emily: People come into the store and some people contact me on my phone through texting. So I do a lot of business over my phone.

Torey: How long have you been here? 

Emily: I've been here since 2016.

Torey: Has Lakewood been a friendly environment for you as a women business owner and running the store?

Emily: I love Lakewood. 

Torey: So you have gotten the support that you needed?

Emily: Yes, I live in Lakewood and Lakewood has been perfect.

Bethany Ehrman, Assistant Director - Common Threads (Fairview)

“Our organization operates as a Social enterprise under Building Hope in The City (BHITC) and established our first retail thrift store in Fairview Park in 2016.  Additionally, they support our Hope Center in Cleveland, which provides assistance to refugees and immigrants. I am looking forward to collaborating on this event!”

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Nancy Patterson is the Women Honoring Women Co-Chairperson for The Lakewood Women's Club.

Nancy Patterson

Nancy Patterson, Women Honoring Women Co-Chairperson for The Lakewood Women's Club. 

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