Fallon Kilbane McNally For Common Pleas Judge

My daughter Fallon with her husband Gabriel Fernandes Bezerra and Lizzie.

Our families and communities often define us. I am a proud graduate of St. Augustine Academy. A lot has changed since then, but the Lakewood community remains a vibrant and happy place to live. The first house my husband and I lived in was on Elbur Avenue. I will always feel a connection to the city and cherish the warm friendships that I made in Lakewood.

My daughter, Fallon Kilbane McNally, is running for Judge for Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. After graduating from Georgetown University, Fallon began her career as a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic working in Neurology. She was, and still is, passionate about nursing but later decided to go back to school after being on jury duty. She worked many night and weekend shifts as a registered nurse to put herself through law school at Case Western Reserve University.

Upon graduating from Case Western School of Law, Fallon became a Judicial Staff Attorney to Judge Brian J. Corrigan where she handled his civil docket. She gained valuable experience in civil law and continued her work as a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic as needed. Like many health care workers, Fallon picked up extra shifts as a nurse to help with staffing shortages during Covid while working full time as a lawyer.

Fallon now works as a criminal trial attorney.  My daughter combines both her legal and clinical nursing skills on a daily basis when handling cases on the Court’s mental health docket. She works hard on these cases knowing that the mental health docket assists defendants with resources but also protects the community by decreasing rates of recidivism amongst offenders.

My daughter has a direct impact on people’s lives as a lawyer while working on cases in the Court’s mental health docket and as a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. Fallon Kilbane McNally would be a wonderful judge for Cuyahoga County given her legal and medical experience handling the Court’s mental health docket.

Volume 20, Issue 5, Posted 3:51 PM, 03.06.2024