Mayor's Corner

Our team at City Hall aggressively and persistently seeks out resources from federal, state, regional, and county sources to support public projects, capital needs, and programs. By doing this, our goal is to ensure that Lakewood consistently secures our fair share of public dollars for our city. Lakewood often seems like a quiet small town because you get to know your neighbors and can walk to meet all your daily needs. Because of that, we can forget that our city is actually our state’s most densely populated, with the 16th most residents in Ohio. Given this, Lakewood is justified in seeking a meaningful share of public dollars beyond our municipal taxes.

Through the creative efforts of our Directors and their departmental staff, we have had significant success recently. That includes securing dollars for projects big and small and from all levels of government. These can be larger projects like getting the County Public Works Department to prioritize millions of federal dollars and oversee the resurfacing of Hilliard Boulevard in 2023. Or they can be smaller but still highly impactful efforts like successfully advocating to NOACA to provide $120,000 toward the cost of a new transportation van for our Division of Aging that will connect seniors in need to key services. Other recent examples are working with County Councilman Dale Miller to secure $1.5 million in ARPA funds and obtaining grants from the Ohio EPA to our combined Refuse and Recycling Center and upcoming Animal Shelter on Berea Road as well as $75,000 in combined grants from ODNR and Cuyahoga County for tree planting. This is just a sample of the millions in outside government dollars Lakewood was able to secure or implement last year.

We at City Hall are laser focused on this effort to obtain outside dollars to augment your local tax dollars. This involves getting input from you as taxpayers on public priorities, as well as a vigilant effort of our staff and leadership to stay informed of opportunities. But it also involves proactively reaching out and keeping an open dialogue with our public representatives, building strong relationships with them, and directly communicating to them your public priorities and needs, as well as the rationale for additional dollars to come to Lakewood. It’s important work that the City of Lakewood team enjoys doing on your behalf.

As an example, the City of Lakewood is excited to host Congresswoman Shontel Brown this week at City Hall for a “Constituent Coffee” discussion with residents. It’s another opportunity for the people of Lakewood to meet their elected officials, ask them questions, and share their priorities for public policy and public dollars. A number of residents have signed up and sent in questions for discussion. I’m grateful to Congresswoman Brown for her efforts to have an open dialogue with Lakewood and her role as a key partner as we work to keep Lakewood on the radar in Washington among other places.  

Volume 20, Issue 4, Posted 1:44 PM, 02.21.2024