Lakewood Clock Repair

Do you have a treasured clock in need of professional attention?

Look no farther than Lakewood Clock Repair. Located in the Lakewood Uptown neighborhood you will find Lakewood Clock Repair, at 15725 Madison Avenue.  The shop was quietly opened this past January by longtime Lakewood resident, Alan Rue. Along Alan’s side you will also find Andrew Bracken, who joined Lakewood Clock Repair this past month. The duo bring 50 years of combined clock repair experience to the Lakewood/Cleveland area.

As you look in the storefront window, you will see a number of clocks on prominent display. Each clock comes with its own story.

Inside, visitors find a well-equipped workshop with various dedicated work stations. The bright yellow and orange walls not only show the owner's personality; they also brighten the shop, while showcasing the various clocks that are in for repair. The pool table green flooring provides a comfortable yet professional feel. The color was very specifically chosen to ensure any errant part that may find its way to the floor is quickly and easily found.

Beyond the visual experience, Lakewood Clock Repair is also an auditory experience. The passage of time is counted by the ticking of various clocks in the shop for repair.  Then, at regular intervals, the ticking sounds are interrupted by the announcement of the current time. The announcment is always changing with various combinations of striking, gonging, dinging, and melodies. The most imersive experience is at the top of the hour.

The shop does keep regular hours on Tue, Wed, Thur, from 9am-11:30am & 12:30pm-4pm. To accommodate patrons with a typical 9-5 work schedule, Lakewood Clock Repair will schedule after-hours appointments.

Lakewood Clock Repair has the skill to service most modern and antique clocks.  Bring your clock by for an evaluation.  If you need a floor/Grandfather clock serviced, call or stop by to schedule an in-home appointment.

While many repair shops avoid/turn away “torsion clocks,” Lakewood Clock Repair will assess and repair 400-day, 1000-day, Anniversary, and Jeager-LeCoultre™ Atmos Clocks.

While the business name is “Lakewood Clock Repair,” the shop also services some pocket watches, replaces watch batteries, and adjusts watchbands.

For additional information stop by the shop, visit, or call 216-421-4201.

Yoshitaka Anchi is the Graphic Designer for Lakewood Clock Repair.

Yoshitaka Anchi

Yoshitaka Anchi is the Graphic Designer for Lakewood Clock Repair

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