Mayor's Corner: Help For Our Beautiful Homes

Our city is fortunate to be filled with thousands of beautiful historic homes. These houses have stood the test of time and add to Lakewood’s charm, but as we all know, century homes also demand special care to ensure they are well-maintained and meet modern needs. The people of Lakewood take great pride in the character and quality of our historic homes, and our team at City Hall often hears from homeowners who are looking for help finding ways to keep their properties in top shape.

The City of Lakewood is committed to helping residents who need access to expertise and resources to repair and improve their historic homes. With this in mind, the City will once again partner with the Cleveland Restoration Society to provide access to the Heritage Home Program. Beginning in March, owners of Lakewood homes built over 50 years ago or more will be able to access professional guidance and low-cost, below-market-rate financing through this valuable program.

For those interested in access to insights, guidance, and expertise, the Heritage Home Program provides free, impartial, and independent technical assistance and advice for home repair and maintenance projects. The Cleveland Restoration Society is a nonprofit that does not sell any products or services to homeowners who take advantage of this program. It also does not charge any fees for using these technical services.

There is a broad range of technical assistance you can tap into through the Heritage Home Program. Examples include: site visits to your home to assess projects and provide feedback; advice on repair, remodeling, and maintenance as well as compatible additions; help finding contractors and evaluating contractor estimates; impartial product and service reviews; and color consultations for exterior painting and historic color palettes.

For those whose main need is access to affordable funds for home improvement projects, the Heritage Home Programalso offers low-interest home equity loans. At fixed-rates as low as 2%, these loans are typically well below market rate, especially given current interest rates being offered these days. The Home Heritage loans are made by local banks and the funds can be used to pay for both interior and exterior improvements.

In March, the Cleveland Restoration Society and the City of Lakewood Planning Department will be hosting multiple meetings to talk more about how you can take advantage of this program. There will be an in-person meeting on March 7th at the Lakewood Library main branch at 15425 Detroit Ave, and a virtual only meeting with held via Zoom on March 27th. Both meetings start at 6pm. You can contact the Restoration Society directly at 216-426-3116 to register for the meetings and ask questions or visit the program website for more information:

I encourage anyone interested in improving and maintaining their historic Lakewood home to take a look at using the Heritage Home Program. It can be a fantastic tool to connect to expertise and affordable funds that can help in making your vision for any home improvement projects a reality.

Volume 20, Issue 3, Posted 12:29 PM, 02.07.2024