Local Legend Foundation And GV Arts & Design Inspire Young Minds At Legends In Training Program: Paint With The Pros

George III and Greg Vlosich of GV Arts + Design

Harrison Elementary School, January 26, 2024

In a heartwarming collaboration, the Local Legend Foundation and GV Arts & Design recently hosted an extraordinary program at Harrison Elementary School. The Legends in Training (L.I.T) program, which took place on January 26, 2024, was a remarkable day of artistic exploration, collaboration, and invaluable life lessons for over 30 enthusiastic 5th graders.

Founded with a mission to inspire the next generation of legends by connecting them with public figures through sports, mentorship programs, and community events. The Local Legend Foundation has been making a positive impact since its inception in 2023. Established by a passionate Lakewood native, the foundation's commitment to fostering creativity and personal development aligns seamlessly with its founder's roots. More information about the foundation's initiatives and projects can be found on their website:www.locallegendfoundation.org.

What made the Legends in Training program at Harrison Elementary School particularly special was the personal connection between the foundation's founder Shaun Crawford and the school. Mr. Crawford’s mother Sabrina Crawford none other than the principal of Harrison Elementary, adding a deeply personal touch to the event. This familial tie underscored the foundation's dedication to making a meaningful impact on the local community, especially in places of personal significance.

Partnering with GV Arts & Design brought the program a wealth of artistic expertise. The artists from GV Arts & Design shared their knowledge of various art forms and imparted valuable life skills. The collaboration aimed to demonstrate that art is a form of self-expression and a medium through which essential life skills such as communication, collaboration, and maintaining a growth mindset can be cultivated.

Students were immersed in various art activities throughout the program, encouraging them to explore different mediums and techniques. From vibrant, colorful pictures to Incorporating discussions on life skills further enriched the program, offering students a holistic learning experience. These conversations centered around effective communication, the significance of collaboration, and the power of embracing a growth mindset. The goal was to equip these young minds with tools that extend beyond the art room, nurturing skills that will serve them well in various aspects of their lives.

The day ended on a heartwarming note with a generous meal from Barrio, a local restaurant known for its community involvement. The students were physically and creatively nourished as they embarked on a day filled with artistic expression and skill-building.

The Local Legend Foundation extends its gratitude to GV Arts & Design, Barrio, and all the dedicated individuals who contributed to the success of this event. Through initiatives like Legends in Training, the foundation continues to sow the seeds of creativity and empowerment, nurturing the legends of tomorrow within the hearts and minds of the young participants at Harrison Elementary School and beyond.

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