East Palestine Observed: One Year Later

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  • "Where you want to be."

  • These signs are everywhere.

  • As are signs like this. The city is fighting a brave uphill fight. I would hope "the government" would help them all more.

  • The house where I spoke with the family, now empty. The polluted river runs under it.

  • Testing, always, but how and when concern the residents.

  • You can see the strange cloudiness.

  • Here you can see the ameba-like solvents floating.
    The video CLICK HERE

  • Here you can see the ameba-like solvents floating.
    The video CLICK HERE

  • More testing...

  • ...and more signs.

  • It is a brave fight.

  • Letting everything grow over the creek so as to keep people back, and the creek unseen.

  • Republican Headquarters for sale. One year after Trump left.

  • But this sign is all over town.

  • This is the new anchor DowntowN, the EPA Office. The rest is for sale.

  • A place to talk...

  • ... which is also for sale.

  • Gather what you like from this photo. It wasn't the message, but close.

  • Abandoned home -- "Buy Ur Dyoxyn"

  • "We R Sick"

  • Abandoned toys out back.

  • This is the wetlands at the east end of the spil. Half of it is in Pennsylvania.

  • While it is the law, it seems odd that the sign is at the start of the clean-up.

  • Irony, "Leake Oil" is out of business right now.

  • Clean up center

  • The nearly 3/4 mile clean up zone. You cannot get to it.

  • On one side are hundreds of semis and thousands of large containers holding contaminated earth.

  • Five football fields of clean up, one year after the spill.

  • The two, 2 million gallon cisterns, where water is trucked in.

  • Cowboy who cares, here to talk and hug.

  • We have met the enemy and they are us.

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