Tristan Rader For Ohio House District 13

As a lifelong Ohioan, living the last 38 years in Lakewood, I've seen firsthand how the tumultuous politics in Columbus have impacted our daily lives. From the unsettling attempts to undermine our reproductive rights to the blatant corruption exemplified by the First Energy scandal, it's clear we need a change. That's why I firmly believe in Tristan Rader's candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives, District 13.

Tristan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to progressive values. He is dedicated to social welfare and is determined to bring about substantial, positive change. His tenure as a Lakewood Council Member At-Large has been distinguished by more than mere presence; it has been characterized by significant, results-driven actions.

Tristan's commitment to reproductive rights is unwavering. He was instrumental in mobilizing voters to protect these rights in the recent referendum. His stance against the corruption of First Energy isn't limited to words. He actively protested at their headquarters, rallied support to repeal their corrupt legislation, and played a key role in the resignation of the corrupt chair of the Public Utilities Committee of Ohio.

But Tristan's influence isn't limited to single issues. As a Council Member At-Large, he was a driving force behind Lakewood's first Climate Action Plan and its commitment to 100% renewable energy. His foresight in integrating solar panels on city buildings is reducing our carbon footprint while economically benefiting our community.

Tristan is no stranger to statewide issues. Recently, his advocacy helped pass Senate Bill 61, enabling 1.6 million Ohioans in homeowner associations to access solar energy. That is a monumental step toward a sustainable future.

Tristan's dedication to the working class is evident in his push for paid parental leave and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for Lakewood city employees. His efforts to combat gerrymandering and voter suppression, especially in marginalized communities, show his commitment to fair and inclusive democracy.

He has shown unwavering support for the LGBTQAI+ community through his initiatives like designating June as Pride Month and opposing conversion therapy. Furthermore, Tristan's stance on common-sense gun legislation and his fight against corruption exemplify his dedication to making Ohio a safer, more ethical state.

In Tristan Rader, we have a candidate who not only passionately believes in these issues but actively works towards resolving them. His track record shows a pattern of progressive action and a commitment to bettering the lives of everyone in our district.

It's time to send a clear message to the Republicans Legislators in Columbus. We need a future that reflects progress, not regression into a past marred by corruption and narrow-minded policies. Electing Tristan Rader to the Ohio House of Representatives, District 13, is a step towards that brighter future. Let's choose action over words and progress over stagnation. Let's choose Tristan Rader.

Kevin Young

Kevin Young

Kevin Young is Communications Director/Spokesperson for Tristan Rader for Ohio Rep, District 13. He has been a Lakewood resident since 1986.

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Volume 20, Issue 2, Posted 1:15 PM, 01.24.2024