New Lakewood Group Focuses On Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In an effort to strengthen neighborly ties and better the quality of everyday life in our city, the Lakewood Neighbors Helping Neighbors group was born!

This new Facebook group serves as a quick, easy and informal way to request and provide assistance to others in our community in any capacity they wish. In the spirit of the Facebook “Buy Nothing” groups, we want to focus on the exchange of services instead of goods. Residents are encouraged to openly ask for help with tasks including (but not limited to): taking out trash, shoveling snow, house cleaning, yard work, picking up groceries, minor home repairs and any other reasonable things they can think of!

The Neighbors page seeks to bypass the red tape, scheduling constraints and other formalities of volunteering through an agency which often impedes the timeliness and quality of the service provided. Our hope is to build a strong, city-wide network of participants that feel an occasional need for assistance and those looking for an avenue to showcase their abilities whilst giving back to their community. Our aim is to facilitate connections across barriers of age and socioeconomic status by placing special emphasis on care for our elderly, disabled and financially disadvantaged neighbors.

So often, I meet others who have a strong desire to get involved in their community but simply don’t know how. We encourage any resident of Lakewood to visit the link below to join and invite others that share in our strong commitment to this city and its residents!

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Volume 20, Issue 2, Posted 1:15 PM, 01.24.2024