Lakewood Antique Mall, An Adventure In Shopping

Fashion accessories from another decade.

Whenever a new year begins, someone says, "Out with the old, in with the new."  Here in early 2024, how about a twist on that.  "In with the new, even though it may be old." Confused? One place this contradiction can make sense is the Lakewood Antique Mall. If you are looking for that which is simply new to you, give it a try.

For approximately 20 years, it has inconspicuously occupied the north side of Detroit Avenue in the western part of the city. But, once inside you are immediately confronted with plenty to see. It has what you might expect from an antique mall: furniture, jewelry and collectables. Yet, not all items are antiques, and it would be an understatement to say there is a little bit of everything. One of a kind items are what makes it especially captivating.

For example, a selection of unique butter dishes might have made even Julia Child swoon. There are glass options, another is a ceramic cottage! Perched in a different location is an attractive black metal container painted with yellow flowers. Unexpectedly, its tag reads "coal miner's lunchbox."  A handbag with cherries on it may trigger memories from the 1950's. However, aside from some fashion accessories, don't expect many articles of clothing. And, even though December festivities are behind us, holiday decor is scattered thoughout this site that also contains books and wall art.

It requires focus to fully appreciate the inventory. Don't keep your gaze at eye level only. Look up, look down and all around. Be aware there is also a lower level with multiple rooms. There you might find anything from tools to glass dishware. As half a dozen saws extend from a wall, to the left is a framed poster from a decades old Bette Midler movie. There are bikes too. Give yourself time to examine each display. Every time you revisit you'll notice something you hadn't before.

Where does it all come from? Owner Joanna Klymiuk revealed that years ago she basically started collecting, and it grew into a business which she shares with her husband, Wayne. They go to estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores or may buy off someone wanting to let go of a possession. Joanna stated, you "see things that haven't been seen elsewhere." She also just doesn't like throwing anything away.

This is in tune with the recent trend of buying from resale shops in order to preserve the environment. Recycling can extend to household items as well. Something doesn't have to go into a landfill or resources don't have to be wasted to reproduce something that already exists, especially if it can still be used or enjoyed. You might just as easily find a kitchen essential (mixing bowl set) here as you would at a big box store. "Shop secondhand first" might even become a new way of approaching your next purchase.

Remember the old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Why not give a piece another life while adding charm from a previous era to your decor. That focal point you're looking for could be waiting here for you. If it speaks to you, that's what's important.  Also of importance, you are supporting local entrepreneurs which contributes to the personality and strength of our community.  

Young people, primarily in their 20's, make up a large portion of their customer base. One woman said she comes in when she likes to treat herself. "I always leave with something, never know what it's going to be." That day a round box topped with a tree frog (which she is partial to) was what she chose.

"Lakewood Antique Mall celebrates the thrill of the hunt" is taken directly from their website. So, consider it a retail adventure and stop in. It is our good fortune to have a place like this within our own backyard.

Lakewood Antique Mall is located at 16928 Detroit Avenue (near intersection of Detroit & Bonnieview.)

Phone:  216/221-7650

Adelaide Crnko is a Lakewood resident.

Adelaide Crnko

Lakewood resident.

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