Vote Anthony Mencini for Lakewood City Council Ward 2

This column is meant to inform and inspire you to vote for Anthony Mencini for city council, representing Ward 2.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Anthony over the last several months. He is a young man who cares deeply for Lakewood and believes that he can have a positive impact on our city. 

I don’t live in Ward 2, but Lakewood is a small town in some respects, so what happens in one ward can affect the entire city.

He has been a Lakewood resident for 10 years, graduated from St Ed’s in 2016, and is a St Luke’s parishioner. 

Anthony is full of enthusiasm and youthful energy. He is independent minded and would be ideal for introducing more intellectual diversity to Lakewood’s Council.

He strives for a personal connection with those in Ward 2 above all, but his single most important issue is to expedite development of the empty Lakewood Hospital plot, which has been undeveloped for years since the hospital was demolished.

I spent years volunteering at the hospital for the benefit of our community and would like to see that plot be used for our benefit once again.  But, alas, the barren lot serves no one other than to remind us of what we once had—a functioning hospital that was easily accessible to all Lakewood residents.  

Anthony happens to be business friendly which coincides perfectly as he will encourage big firms to fill the empty space, while also adding higher paying and stable jobs to our city. 

Anthony is prioritizing the big ticket issues, but he will put even more emphasis on your localized problems in your neighborhood.

This is where I believe Anthony will excel.

He will strive to make what’s happening on council easier to understand through quarterly gatherings and monthly emails to those who would like to be more involved in our community. 

His phone number and email address are available on his website:, and he responds within 48 hours of being contacted.

This path we’ve been on for years has not benefited our lovely little town. It’s time for a change in direction.

Please vote for Anthony Mencini.

Constance Mansell

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Volume 19, Issue 20, Posted 3:13 PM, 10.18.2023