Junior Fire Chief Jayden Fleming's Winning Essay

Cooking fires was one of the top reasons for home fires. Kitchen fires can be avoided if you make sure to follow a few simple rules. One rule may be to check your fire alarm twice a year.

Kitchen fires are fires that happen while cooking. Cooking fires can happen because maybe you accidentally left a flammable item on or near a stove and it caught on fire. Another possibility that can start a kitchen fire could be you left oil on the pan and you left it for too long and it starts a kitchen fire. Also remember to never put water on an OIL fire or it will spread more, instead smother it with the lid of a pan.

You can prevent a kitchen fire by making sure that you don't leave the stove on if you're not cooking because if you do you may start a kitchen fire and have some very burnt food! You should also make sure that you don't leave anything like paper towels, napkins, cardboard or really anything near the stove. Also if you have loose clothing don't reach over it, if you do your clothes will catch fire. If that does happen make sure to stop, drop and roll.

If there is ever a fire, always tell an adult and make sure to ALWAYS call 911 and get out of the house immediately. Also make sure that you always have the latest two ways to get out of the house and room. It's also important to make a safe place to meet up outside and you should always practice fire safety at least two times or more a year.

The main reason for this essay is to teach you how a kitchen fire starts and how to prevent it from happening so that it can save your house from catching fire. So i hope that you learned how to prevent fires from happening.

Volume 19, Issue 20, Posted 3:10 PM, 10.18.2023