Elect Anthony Mencini For City Council Ward 2

My name is Anthony Mencini and I’ve been campaigning hard to be your next city council representative in Ward 2. I would be honored to receive your vote on or before November 7th, and here's why:

I moved to Lakewood at an early age and graduated from St. Edward High School, only to move back after college because I knew Lakewood was special.  I even found a wholesome community at St. Luke the Evangelist and bought my first house here. 

I know fully in my heart, this is my home—a place filled with unparalleled vibrancy and potential.

I care deeply about Lakewood and I want to give my time and abilities to our community.

The following three focus points will define my career as your representative:

  • The “Hole” or “Pit” where the hospital used to be will be brought back into the conversation and see serious progress toward development. 

  • Local Businesses will be held in higher regard. No more restrictions or hurtful over-scrutinization of conduct. Lakewood’s attractiveness to new firms will rise as a result.

  • Property Tax Relief for homeowners across Lakewood would also be at the top of my list as your next city councilman. I will advocate and spearhead the charge toward tax reform and consult with our representatives in Columbus.

Being a city councilman is not solely about the big ticket issues, however. It’s about the very real problems you experience, which the current city council hasn’t paid much attention to.

I know full well that local government policy affects your daily life more than any other level, so it is my duty to listen and abide by the goals you put before me.

As your councilman, I will have regular meetings—at least quarterly—and provide comprehensive monthly updates regarding Lakewood’s municipal agenda.

I want my neighbors to consider me a vehicle for their needs and wants, not someone who sits above them and wields their given authority without inhibition or behind closed doors. 

Contrary to the status quo, it doesn’t take a lawyer to do this job, just someone who is empathetic to the needs of the people they are serving.

You will get the most out of me in Ward 2. I will work day and night—as I did in writing this letter—to make sure you are informed, your questions answered, and your voice is heard.

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Volume 19, Issue 20, Posted 3:10 PM, 10.18.2023