Alumni For Hendy

Dear Lakewood Community,

As a collective of Lakewood City School graduates, retired and current teachers, parents of former students, and staff both near and far, we have been disheartened to hear of the changes implemented in the elementary school day schedule resulting in drastic reductions to both music (60%) and physical education (50%) class times.
The addition of instruction in STEM and digital literacy is well-intentioned and we can appreciate that it seeks to meet the advancing needs of today’s world. Still, we know that it is possible for the integration of these subjects to be carried out in a way that does not impair student experience and engagement. We believe that Trish Hendy is the best candidate for the Lakewood City Schools Board of Education. In our personal interactions with Trish, we have come to know her as hard-working,
caring, and honest. Consistent with our Lakewood tradition, Trish Hendy values art and music education, and we support the changes she has proposed to restore music, art, and PE offerings in the district. We know that, if elected, Trish will be a tireless advocate for the students of Lakewood Schools, just as she was during our time at LHS. Trish Hendy supported and believed in all of us when we were Lakewood students; we hope that she is given the opportunity to share her passion for Lakewood and Lakewood’s students as a member of the Board of Education. Vote Trish Hendy for Lakewood Board of Education.

Greg Culley LHS Class of 2010
D. Sweeny (former board of education member), Dr. C. Greanoff ‘77, M. Hildebrandt ‘68 (retired 27 years in LKWD), Dr. B. Hankins (34 years), G. & J. Wondrak (retired 26 years and 15 years respectively), M. Wightman (retired), J. Tabaj (33 years, retired), T. (Coyne) Andreani ‘82, P. & H. Hilty ‘72, M. Lisi (‘91-’97, retired), T. & T. Selby (retired 23 years and 30 years respectively), L.(Welty) Mueller '81, M.Mueller ‘07, B. Mueller-Calvitti ‘09, L. (Mast) Girman ‘73, Dr. C. IaculloNygaard ‘01, K.Smith ‘99, C. Lavelle ‘98, C. Woodard ‘98, K Tee ‘93, C. Scealf ‘99, M Vondrak ‘97, K. Bindel ‘00, Z. Schroll ‘06, M. Tabor ‘00, C. Studer ‘98, K. Bindel ‘98, B. Connor ‘99, T.Peckens ‘97, J. Robinson ‘98, G. Culley ‘10, M. Trnavsky-Carnovale ‘98, N. Palmieri ‘98, J. Christensen ‘97, E. Brett ‘98, J. Fleming Wroblewski ‘94, K. Smith ‘06, J. Browning 98, N. Pearce ‘91, C. Holmes ‘91, R. Lowe ‘97, C. Crawford ‘91, M. Fox ‘94, A. Wasielewski ‘05, N. Cleary ‘97, B. Craven ‘08, K. Maclean ‘93, D. Tardivo 06, J. Wilks ‘95, K. Hurst ‘06, B Novotny ‘97, B Novotny ‘98, G. Browning ‘76, S. Petrone ‘19, R.Kosmowski ‘98, M. Spooner ‘98, M. Kiley ‘98, M. Mays ‘98, K. Van Stratton Banda ‘97, J Youngs ‘98, A. De Sorgo ‘88, K. Eubanks ‘97, G. Ott ‘97, N. Bocchicchio ‘98, M. Wurstner ‘96, S. Wroten ‘03, A Bartos ‘22, A. Perez ‘09, G. Blackburn, A. Stevenson ‘04, E. Jackson ‘10, K.Tuleta ‘07, T. Hollander ‘07, B. Wroten ‘04, M. Horn ‘13, V. Hamm ‘07, A. Neidert ‘10, S. Stewart ‘07, J. Kless Sharma ‘08, A. Hinshaw ‘06, G. Gilbert ‘06, M. Davis ‘20, P. Eberl ‘74, D. & L (Holchin) Lutsock ‘91 and ‘90, S. Holchin ‘96

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Volume 19, Issue 20, Posted 3:10 PM, 10.18.2023