The History of Lakewood: East Rockport

Kudos to Lakewood High School History Club Co-President Leah Campbell for her fascinating, informative and well-researched presentation on the History of East Rockport Lakewood. Leah, with great poise and presence, took her appreciative Lakewood Library audience on a journey though our history from the fruit farms, to the street car era to today. She explored the old Elks Field, Birdtown, the first schools, the origin of street names, the oil well boom and so much more. Special thanks to the multigenerational audience—their informative comments and questions elevated the discourse and drew out so much interesting information.

We live in a very special place, bracketed by Lake Erie, Rocky River and the mother city (and I-90 but that's a topic for another day!) But no listing of our core strengths--century homes, sublime location, neighborhood schools, diverse population, a magic that is Lakewood Park—can capture the heartbeat of East Rockport. The whole is greater than the sum of our parts, and in the end a walk down Grace or Clarence likely captures it best. Long Live Lakewood.

Volume 19, Issue 19, Posted 11:59 AM, 10.04.2023