Sixth Grader's Resilience Leads To Dream Come True

The last few years as a student at Harrison Elementary, Mia Santiago - now at sixth grader at Garfield Middle School - faced coping with two devastating family member losses for her and her family. Despite the two tragedies, Mia excelled at school and was a model student who demonstrated empathy and compassion with her peers. She was also active participant in school activities such as the basketball team.
Harrison's Family Resource Coordinator Adrienne Parker shared all this information in a nomination for the Believe in Dreams program, which honors students who show resilience and personal growth in the face of adversity by fulfilling their dreams. Last Friday, Believe in Dreams representatives presented Mia with a bike, Cedar Point gift certificates and a lifetime membership to Rosetta Stone (one of Mia's dreams was to learn a foreign language - great growth mindset!) We are so proud of Mia, who is one #ResilientRanger!

Volume 19, Issue 17, Posted 3:28 PM, 09.06.2023