Where's Ann?

Not to worry, Our beloved Miss Raggedy Ann is taking a much deserved vacation at an undisclosed spa for a week or two. Hand crafted by an employee over 60 years ago, the two story rag doll has had a facelift and tuck or two over the years.  In preparation of Hixson's 70th Christmas Anniversary coming up, the store is giving Ann the full treatment straight from the Wizard of Oz, with a pat pat here and a pat pat there. She'll be back front and center soon in the merry ol magical land that is Hixson's.

Hixson's is Lakewood's gift store for any occasion. They don't sell stuff, they sell memories.

14125 Detroit Avenue 216.521.9277

Volume 19, Issue 16, Posted 8:38 AM, 08.17.2023