Trish Hendy For School Board

Hi--my name is Trish Hendy. I am running for the open seat on the Lakewood Board of Education. After serving the district for 33 years—mostly as manager of our Civic Auditorium—I believe I have a unique perspective to bring to our board. I am asking for your support. My campaign goals are summed up in 2 words. Kids First.  

My Priorities are as follows: 

  • Maintain the broad and extensive curricular and extracurricular offerings that are the strength of the Lakewood City Schools  

  • Work with the LTA—via the collective bargaining process—to lengthen the elementary school day (currently the shortest in Cuyahoga County) by 30-45 minutes to allow more time for student to fill deficiencies caused by COVID isolations and reverse cuts—with creative solutions--made to music and physical education 

  • Communicate consistently and openly with the community, especially when significant facilities/curricular changes are being considered 

  • To celebrate and build upon the many strengths of our district and community 

  • To create a policy that reflects the importance of a Human Resource Department that is empowered to seek the highest quality candidates not only locally but globally.  

My Background 

I was born in Lakewood and attended Taft, Emerson and Lakewood High School (’82). I am grateful to incredible Lakewood educators for their guidance and encouragement.  After working for Huntington playhouse and Sideline Designs, I returned to LHS, first as assistant manager of the Lakewood Civic Auditorium, then as Manager. While working for the Lakewood City Schools, I returned to college at Cleveland State University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in religious studies in 2006.  

 As a 33-year (now retired) employee. I have experienced first-hand the tremendous commitment to our children by our educators, secretaries, maintenance, custodial staff and administrators. I have worked side by side with the people who are directly responsible for the education and well-being of our children. I understand the ins and outs of the Lakewood City Schools from the perspective of a student and an employee.   

Lakewood is a unique, creative and accepting community—I love being a part of it, am grateful that this is my home, and have always wanted to give back. I co-founded the Lakewood Project and have served on the Ohio Board of Education Committee for Arts and Innovative thinking. I was the assistant Barnstormers director for 22 years and have trained hundreds of students to work in the world of performing arts. During my tenure with Barnstormers, I wrote with a group of creative students and directed a play about AIDS in 1993 called the “Rusty Tricycle” that won national acclaim from The Bravo Cable Channel. In addition during my time with Barnstormers, we produced a number of shows addressing socially difficult topics head on. 

 I had the great honor to work with the young adults and teens support group at the time called The Gay and Lesbian Centre. I met struggling high school students who only wished for acceptance at a time when some faced shunning and even family abandonment.  

 I have lived in Lakewood for more than 50 plus years and still live in my family home with my partner and our three golden retrievers.  

 I would like to continue to serve my hometown as a member of the Lakewood Board of Education and I respectfully ask for your vote.  

Trish Hendy

LHS graduate, 1977. Teach History and Psychology at LHS

Volume 19, Issue 16, Posted 8:38 AM, 08.17.2023