Facility Task Force Update

Dear Lakewood Families:

The Lakewood City School District is fortunate to have a long history of support and partnership with our families and community in supporting our mission of developing responsible citizens, who are critical and creative thinkers, committed to life-long learning, invested in a diverse society, and prepared for technological and global opportunities. The community support has included the building of excellent educational and athletic facilities for our students’ and community members’ growth and development. 

As educational leaders, we have a responsibility to care for, protect, and maintain our facilities and buildings. Additionally, we have the responsibility to periodically review the use of them and the role they play in helping us achieve our mission in ways that are financially responsible, sustainable, and provide the greatest opportunities for our students’ growth. 

In February, the District began working with the architectural firm GPD Group to conduct a facilities study in order to assess the current use of our facilities and explore opportunities to maximize our resources. This study includes the establishment of a Facility Study Task Force to provide feedback and develop recommendations for facility improvements. The task force, composed of staff members, administrators, parents, city officials and community members, has been meeting regularly with GPD to understand existing building conditions and use and review educational programming needs and enrollment projections. This process includes an examination of possible options for how we may use or repurpose our existing facilities in order to effectively and efficiently serve our students now and in the future. 

As the work of the committee is shared, you may hear of various options for our facilities under consideration. Please know that at this point in time, any options being considered are just that - options. Over the coming months, there will be opportunities to understand and provide feedback on any options that are seriously being considered before any final decisions are made. 

The District is hopeful that the outcomes of the study will provide valuable information and recommendations that can help guide the District in planning for the future use of our facilities. The facility study and work of the Facility Study Task Force will continue into the summer and next school year. No changes as a result of the work are expected before the 2024-25 school year. 

As we move through this study and future facility decisions, we will remain committed to continuing our partnership with the staff and community, engaging interested stakeholders, and providing excellent educational opportunities for all our students and the citizens of Lakewood.

Thank you,
Lakewood City Schools

Volume 19, Issue 11, Posted 3:10 PM, 05.17.2023