Big Business: Not So Fashionable

Dear Editor,

It is crucial we take action against big businesses in order to preserve our one home: Earth. Fast fashion has dominated the industry and capitalizes on consumer addiction. With devious marketing ploys, companies are able to brainwash citizens into buying countless goods without addressing the detrimental effects. We are faced with this tragedy of the commons where consumers and companies take advantage of shared resources giving rise to a complete lack of control over this human created catastrophe. Just because an item is cheaper and can be accessed effortlessly does not mean it is better. These items are produced with harmful materials that are not made to last, inducing excessive amounts of waste. A continued lack of regulations leads to large corporations exploiting consumers and our environment’s shared resources.

Companies will force the responsibility on you and continually lack the fundamental accountability that they should embody, but their entitlement and disregard for others can only be stopped with government involvement. Now is the time to implore lawmakers to enact policies that promote sustainability rather than overproduction and consumerism. Vote for individuals who care about holding big businesses accountable and prioritize the environment over the economy.


Catherine Hilow

Catherine Hillow is an Undergraduate Student at Lehigh University and a proud resident of Lakewood, Ohio.

Catherine Hilow

Undergraduate Student at Lehigh University and proud Lakewood resident.

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Volume 19, Issue 10, Posted 3:10 PM, 05.17.2023