Are Lakewood Parks Open?

By all appearances, the park is open. There are kids running around. There are adults walking the paths. There are cars and bicycles.

This was the scene on Easter Sunday. One problem: the restrooms were locked. Not such a big problem for people who came by car. They can drive home and use the bathroom. But a potential problem for those who walk to the park.

People with overactive bladders and similar afflictions are out of luck. Some will avoid going to the park that their tax dollars are paying for.

Is a park really open if the restrooms are closed?

Jeff Fritz enjoys exercise, politics, economics, writing jokes and songs ane reading non-fiction.

Jeff Fritz

Enjoy exercise, politics, economics, writing jokes and songs, reading non-fiction.

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Volume 19, Issue 10, Posted 3:10 PM, 05.17.2023