LHS Finishes First On Academic Challenge

Today, we finally found out (the students kept the secret) that the Lakewood High School Academic Challenge Team finished first in their appearance on Channel 5's, outscoring Elyria Catholic and Medina Highland. Kudos to Ellie Clark, Sam Thomas and Owen Rumsey for both their fine performance and all the practice hours they logged—it clearly paid off. (All three of them are intellectually curious and solid citizenss of LHS—great ambassadors for our school).
Advisors Ms. Alten and Ms. Sabin are dedicated teachers that give a lot to our school, and are instrumental in the success of this club.

A healthy, vibrant academic/social school ecosystem relies on students and teachers like this, who do the extra things to add energy, purpose and opportunity to our institution. In my opinion, no school exceeds LHS in the breadth of curricular and co-curricular opportunities. (I'm sure my view will be even stronger after I see "Anastasia" tonight). What a privileges it is to work with students and teachers like Ellie, Sam, Owen, Ms. Alten and Ms. Sabin. Long Live Lakewood

Volume 19, Issue 6, Posted 12:10 PM, 03.15.2023