Lakewood Law Can Eliminate County Plastic Bag Ban Here

Tell Lakewood City Council and Mayor Megan George to opt out of the foolish and counter-productive extremist plastic bag ban that Cuyahoga County Council arrogantly imposed as a law county-wide. Cleveland, Brooklyn, Strongsville, North Olmsted and Independence wisely opted out. Call me at 216-221-0228 to get organized.

Prohibiting merchants from giving customers a free plastic bag to put their purchase in is stupid. Using paper bags destroys trees, thereby worsening global warming. Paper bags leak and cannot be sealed, for garbage, dog poop, etc... That forces us to buy plastic bags which are expensive and thicker plastic, putting more plastic in the environment. Plastic bags can be recycled into various products.

Lakewood is not polluted with plastic bags. Tote bags become dirty and unsanitary. This un-American bag ban takes away our freedom and is dictatorial big government. Councilpersons and mayors who allow this oppressive bag ban should be replaced. This Lakewood bag ban is a reason to shop in Cleveland, not Lakewood.

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Volume 19, Issue 5, Posted 8:21 PM, 03.01.2023