Hello Lakewood

Do you sleep on one side or the other? Do you fall down with precision or messy implications? Do you walk about with a hat or a scarf? Is there a way to know that you are here? (That last bit was, honestly, a typo?)

I have been around the world, is a way to introduce a sentence. But, one does live and duration amounts. So-- do you crave salt or sugar? Do you have a problem with your carpet with having to vacuum it? Do you fall down and get up with precision or does something else occur? Is there a way to know someone is here for you? (Not a typo.)

I once went climbing down a cliff with no ropes-- quite brave, yes. But, if one is not dead they get to type. So…do you, when asked, consider what you should say? Do you curse your vacuum for pleasure when you have to exchange nozzles for a particular amount of dust when you know this is just average? Do you wish that when you were young that people had not said-- things happen this way?

I have not been around the world-- not even close. I have been to Denver-- they have mountains at the western outskirts. You have to keep living until you don’t-- it shouldn’t be annoying but then there are questions. Do you have a moment when you want to leave the house you live within and the street is never a consideration of loss? Do you, when you sink in messy implications, involve everyone or just one, two? Do you eat? (That last bit was, clearly, a rather not question-- which has its value?)

I once went to a mountain and told it-- look, you’re up there: okay. Later, after climbing it-- it told me it was not happy with the cheese, the cheese, it was something about the cheese. I had brought some cheese.

Do you have a friend? Do you have a collar on your shirt? Do you walk? Do you think that if you can get to a final understanding of things you’ll win? (You will have facts, of course.) Is there a groundswell you know that actually involves the ground?

I don’t want to go around the world. And, I’d rather not say why.

Steven Piekutoski is a citizen living in Bird Town.

Steven Piekutoski

A citizen living in Bird Town!

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Volume 19, Issue 5, Posted 8:21 PM, 03.01.2023