East Palestine - Can It Happen Here?

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  • "The Place To Be..." Proud of their community, homes, schools parks...

  • The fire station, which is on the tracks and only 2-3 football fields away from the accident. The entire town is only a mile wide maybe.

  • While water, food and clothes are handed out in the church, the clean-up continues in one of the many streams in the city.

  • The town is riddled with canals and streams, all are now polluted. This one travels by the homes and the high school.

  • Throughout town people giving out water. Most have run out by 3pm.

  • A typical East Palestine home. Built next to, then over a stream. This was used for waterwheels in the 1800s

  • On the left you can see the pollutant.

  • The site of the accident.

  • When they mention air testing they are referring to these devices in bags throughout the city. Most were closed or had small openings on the bottom.

  • The 7' streams have a 2" hoses bringing water in. A 55 gallon drum, with a diaper. It runs through that then back into the stream. I was assured they are changed regularly.

  • Another shot showing how canals run through the town. This leads to main street and the park. Yes it is polluted.

  • This shows the evacuation zone dropped onto a map of Lakewood. Westerly wind, which is normal, accident happening at the tressle perhaps the roughest set of track by Clifton Park.

  • This is with a more of a north westerly with the accident in the center of town.

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