Lakewood Photographer Unleashes Pooch Playoffs National Competition and Fundraiser

Photo by Stephen Mitchell Brown

I am the owner of Stephen Mitchell Brown Photography, and have always loved pets. So when the opportunity to help Brady’s K9 Fund presented itself, I jumped on it.

A group of photographers and I got together and decided to host a competition to find Northeast Ohio’s Ulti-Mutt Cute Dog as a way to help out Brady’s K9 Fund.

When Iwas researching what charity I wanted to partner with, I came across Brady’s K9 Fund and was so moved by their story and mission, I knew right away they were the ones I wanted to work with.

Brady's K9 Fund protects the K9s who protect our communities throughout the United States. We believe these working dogs deserve to be protected by a ballistic vest for their entire shift, just like their human partners, so they can come home safe together. Funds raised will benefit K9s right here in Ohio.

The bracket style competition is unleashed in March with up to 32 pooches competing for exciting prizes from local pet-friendly sponsors like Luca’s Barkery, Inn the Doghouse, Milo & Me, Pet’s General Store and Geiger’s just to name a few. Each week, the dogs will face off in an online vote. Each week’s winner advances with the goal to be voted the Ulti-Mutt Cute Dog of Northeast Ohio! The winner will move on to a national competition.

I will photograph the pooches for a  $99 donation to Brady’s K9 Fund during the month of February. The $99 donation includes an acrylic keychain featuring your pup and a s’Wag bag of treats from our sponsors.

Call 216-273-3000 to schedule your session or visit for more information.

It’s funny. Our pets are such important members of our families yet most of us don’t think to have a professional photo taken of them. The Pooch Playoffs gives everyone a fun way to get a portrait of their pet made by a professional who knows how to photograph pets, while also supporting Brady’s K9 Fund.


Stephen Brown

Local Photographer and Theatre Artist

Volume 19, Issue 4, Posted 12:20 PM, 02.15.2023