Arctic Igloos At Georgetown

Celebrating moms' night out.

Once recognized as dwellings for those who live way up north, igloos have now appeared elsewhere becoming a trend in outdoor dining. Georgetown restaurant here in Lakewood is one example of where they can be found. According to Mickey Krivosh, the eatery's owner, they were the first in Northeast Ohio to install "Arctic Igloos."

Krivosh's two children, Ryan and Jennifer, proposed the idea about six years ago while he and his wife Patty were in Florida. At first Dad wasn't receptive to the suggestion, but the kids prevailed and he is glad they did. It actually increased business during cold weather as patrons were still able to enjoy a meal on the patio. The igloos are generally put up in October and removed by the end of April. Seasonal decor added for holidays such as Halloween and Valentine's Day contribute to the festive ambiance.

There are four structures at this site and each seats up to eight guests. They are heated so for the most part feeling warm enough should not be a concern. There may be specific reasons to reserve an igloo. Couples have become engaged in one. Others may throw a birthday party or have a "Mom's night out." Otherwise, it's simply an out of the ordinary way to commune with others over good food. For that, plenty of menu options are available at Georgetown. There are appetizers and pizzas, salads and soups, and an eclectic mix of entrees such as pasta, seafood or meat dishes.

If you are interested in booking an igloo, first visit Georgetown's website to view the details and guidelines. For example, there is a non refundable rental fee per igloo, a minimum expenditure per party and a two-hour time frame that is strictly adhered to. Igloos are not available during Happy Hour. You may phone a hostess Monday-Saturday, from 12:00pm-3:00pm at 216/221-3500 if there are further questions. The menu is available for viewing on their site as well.

If the opportunity presents itself, take a peek at Vosh which is adjacent to Georgetown. There you can view its event rooms should one be needed for a future reception, rehearsal dinner, or shower. The full extent of what Vosh offers can be found on the internet as well.

Many factors contribute to why people have dinner outside the home: indulging in cuisine you're not inclined to prepare yourself, celebrating a special occasion, or seeking a form of escape for the evening. The charming patio at Georgetown with its white lights and colorfully lit backdrop provides an enchanting venue to do just that. Being in an igloo elevates the experience further. All this is waiting for you on the corner of Detroit and Riverside.

Even those beyond the Cuyahoga River have been known to savor Georgetown, especially during the summer when the patio is in full swing. We can all use a little magic in our lives now and then. The simple pleasure of enjoying a night out in a unique setting may be all you need to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. Georgetown is located at 18515 Detroit Road; Vosh is at 1414 Riverside Drive. Phone: 216/221-3500.

Adelaide Crnko

Lakewood resident

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Volume 19, Issue 4, Posted 12:20 PM, 02.15.2023