District Boasts 47 Scholastic Art Award Honors

Gold Key winner Sadie Gregg's artwrok

Congratulations to the 30 Lakewood High School and the West Shore Career-Tech Media Art & Design students whose artwork has been honored in the Regional Scholastic Art Exhibition competition. The artists earned 47 awards collectively, including six Gold Keys, the highest honor given. Gold Key winners move on to be judged at the national level of the 98-year-old competition. 

Lakewood and West Shore students were well-represented at the Silver Key and Honorable Mention levels as well. Our students won 22 Silver Keys and 19 Honorable Mentions.  

The Cleveland Institute of Art hosts the regional competition that recognizes creative achievement in 7-12 grade students in Northeast Ohio. The young artists and writers compete for cash prizes, medals, and scholarship awards. A panel of local professional artists, art educators, writers, and writing educators jury the exhibit and select the awarded pieces from nearly 3,000 entries.

All gold and silver award-winning pieces will be on display at the Cleveland Institute of Art Jan.14-Feb. 3.

Congratulations to all the winners and their teachers, Gray Cooper, Dayna Hansen, Anne McQuay and Arline Olear. 

Gold Key: (approximately 7-10% of entries)

Sophia Boyer  – Photography
Elma Coralic – Photography
Carolina DeJesus – Photography (West Shore)
Sadie Gregg - Photography
Grace Hildebrandt - Printmaking
Hadeal Mohesen - Photography (West Shore) 

Silver Key: (approximately 10-15% of entries)

Muriel Bourn (2) - Design; Photography (West Shore)
Reagan Bratko – Digital Art (West Shore)
Rosemary Cronin –Drawing & Illustration
Willow Detmar – Drawing & Illustration
Turner Gilliland - Photography
Lillian Kovach – Photography
Maggie Lane - Drawing & Illustration
Olivia Long – Photography (West Shore)
Amalija Marich (2) – Drawing & Illustration (2)
Aaron Markham (2) - Film & Animation; Photography (West Shore)
Cecilia Miller - Painting
Clare Morrissey - Drawing & Illustration
Helen Roche - Drawing & Illustration
Bee Rohrs (2) – Film & Animation (West Shore); Photography
Benjamen Sorby - Design (West Shore & FSO)
Mia Szymczyk - Digital Art (West Shore)
Lila Wright (2) - Drawing & Illustration; Painting

Honorable Mention:

Muriel Bourn –  Film & Animation (West Shore)
Sophia Boyer (2)  – Photography
Reagan Bratko – Digital Art (West Shore)
Elma Coralic - Photography
Rosemary Cronin -  Drawing & Illustration
Carolina DeJesus – Drawing & Illustration
Olivia Diemert - Drawing & Illustration
Grace Hildebrandt – Drawing & Illustration
Alexandra Hodson – Drawing & Illustration
Emaline King – Drawing & Illustration
Lydia Kress - Film & Animation
Maggie Lane – Printmaking
Aaron Markham – Digital Art (West Shore)
Anna Maurer – Drawing & Illustration
Kai McFarland – Drawing & Illustration
Bee Rohrs - Photography
Mia Szymczyk - Digital Art (West Shore)
Scarlett Wankowski - Printmaking 

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