Cultivate Yoga Opens In Lakewood - Nonprofit Yoga For ALL!

Cultivate Yoga is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to remove the financial barriers that can prevent people from accessing a quality yoga practice. They do this by offering what they call "GIFT-BASED YOGA" at their brick and mortar studio locations in Avon and, as of 1/2/2023, at their new location in Lakewood.  

Located at 18615 Detroit Extension Suite 207 in the West End/Georgetown neighborhood, Cultivate Yoga Lakewood provides all of their offerings for free out into the community for anyone who needs them to be. What they ask in return, and the underlying premise for GIFT-BASED YOGA is that the recipient of this gift of yoga recognizes that there is a responsibility to reciprocate the gift back out into the community in any way they choose - to elevate us all towards a common place of compassion, love and acceptance for all.  

Giving back could be a financial donation to the Cultivate organization or volunteering with another organization or picking up litter on the way home from class to clean up the neighborhood - the method for giving back is at the sole discretion of the client. 

Cultivate is sustained completely by the generosity of its community members - those students that have the ability to donate to the organization financially and choose to do so.  

The choice to offer yoga for free is at the core of the Cultivate Yoga organization and they do so in order to open this ancient practice of self-empowerment and self-care to as many people as possible around our community.  

Cultivate believes that providing loving space for individuals to explore and evolve themselves is of the utmost importance to a healthy and thriving community overall.

All classes at both locations (Lakewood and Avon) can be booked on their website: 

Evan Scharfeld is a resident of (and lover of all things) Lakewood since 2008 and founder of Cultivate Yoga (Lakewood & Avon locations).

Evan Scharfeld

Resident of (and lover of all things) Lakewood since 2008 and founder of Cultivate Yoga (Lakewood & Avon locations)

Volume 19, Issue 2, Posted 12:31 PM, 01.18.2023