The YMCA’s “Thanks For Giving” Campaign

As an organization with the mission of serving the local community, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland is committed to giving back this Thanksgiving season. The “Thanks for Giving” campaign is aimed at gathering hygiene products to help those who are homeless.

For the entire month of November, the Lakewood Family YMCA is offering a no-joiner fee promotion to people who donate hygiene products upon their registration for a Y membership.

One of the hardest things to deal with when one doesn’t have a home is keeping up with their personal hygiene. Without regular access to a shower, a bath, a sink, or even basic toiletries, hygiene can easily fall by the wayside. And this problem goes deeper than just how someone smells or feels. Not having proper access to hygienic products can lead to illnesses and diseases that will make life even more difficult.

Some of the hygiene products the YMCA is collecting are:
    •    Shampoo and conditioner
    •    Toothpaste and toothbrushes
    •    Hairbrushes
    •    Soap
    •    Lotions
    •    Feminine hygiene products

The Lakewood Family YMCA is located at 16915 Detroit Avenue.

Volume 18, Issue 22, Posted 1:51 PM, 11.16.2022